How to Write a Great Research Paper

An eye-opening talk... Professor Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research, gives a guest lecture on writing. Seven simple suggestions: don't wait - write, identify your key idea, tell a story, nail your contributions, put related work at the end, put your readers first, listen to your readers. Abstract of the talk Professor Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research, gives a guest lecture on writing. Seven simple suggestions: don't wait - write, identify your key idea, tell a story, nail your contributions, put related work at the end, put your readers first, listen to your readers. Prof. Peyton Jones' lecture contained a lot of question and answer sessions with the audience. These have been removed from this video, cutting the original 50 minute lecture down to 30 minutes.

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Great talk! everyone who writes a research paper should watch it!
Wtf dude? 90 % of the text is Comic-Sans and 10 % Times New Roman, a hate both fonts! It's just.... NO! Why not just using Calibri / Verdana / Helvetica / Arial??? This is good content though!
Very good break down. Basically a paper needs to grow and be planned and treated with respect.
Write anything you want, but please! don't use Comic Sans to do it. Not if you want to look friendly, but specially not if you want to look serious... I'm sorry I just couldn't watch the video :D thanks anyway
This is the most useful presentation about academic writing I have seen so far.
Dear Professor Simon, I am spending nights thinking how to start writing my first paper. I am at a loss. But, watching his video has helped me a lot. Thanks a lot. I will not waste any more time and just start to write. Write, write and write...
Very nice and productve
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Awesome!Great work Prof Jones
Very good explanation Sir
This video presentation is very attractive and guide you to write research very easily
This video is very helpful. Thanks.
This will help you in your medical research
2:45 - not very fair on researchers.
Many thanks to you Simon (and to the dear brother who shared the link with me). Very valuable advice and full of inspiring energy. I've been procrastinating for ages... Now,I will start. Thank you again!
Excellent tips. Thank you!
Really hepfull, extremely helpfull
Excellent Coool
The teacher was quite funny i don't know how the students weren't laughing lol. Helpful video!
Thank you very much! It's a great guidance..
I wish I had a mentor like him...!
How to add your PICOT in the correct format for your final draft?
Wonderful...really liked his ideas...thanks to the up-loader
Very effective lecture!
Exelent lecture and time well invested. About to start classes and now want jump on the term paper before they begin. Very thankful toMatthew Jaques director of Library services and his team at Charter College for linking this video on their site.
Great and useful lecture
I totally appreciate and understand the points but how's this not biased and in a way cheating? A truly objective scientific research is about reporting ALL, good and bad, relevant or irrelevant. Surely that's not how it's done in modern era but that's not how early scientists and inventors did research. They wrote letters to one another and in it they talked about everything they had observed or whatever they were thinking and wishing to see happen. I understand that's not as PR friendly but selling shouldn't be a point of doing science. Selling and appearing should NOT be part of scientific anything. That's for religions and matters of faith, not scientific research. That's my take it, though I'm doing exactly that as a phd student bc I have to suck up to this system even though it's just not ' scientific' or objective. It's as human and as subjective as it gets.
Thank you!!
Amazing woks r
*WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE IDEAS????????????*
This is an amazing teacher😢
This is indeed very helpful
Awesome, this whole 35 minutes just changed my entire mind.
Very interesting talk.
An eye opener for a young researcher like myself.
Hi. After watching some videos on theoretical framework and conceptual..i found myself confuse in whether we can invent our own theoretical framework or we just have to take other people's theoretical framework as our reference theory. while conceptual framework is something that we invent to show our understanding and association between variables. Am i correct? help me please.=
Simon P. Jones is such a rhetoric beast! A whole inspiration in any field.
This video goes against the structure I have taught my middle school students for years. What happened to thesis statement? Main idea? Supporting details? I get that " the times, they are a changing...." Some fundamentals I thought were written in stone...
Excellent presentation, very engaging
It was really impact full for me thanks a lot dear
As an independent researcher myself, this is a very practical, important lecture, very close to the true of what it takes to write a paper... Thanks!
Très intéressant!
Now this is a professor!!!
Thank you for this innovation. Professor Simon Peyton Jones,I highly admire your inspirational and motivational style in sharing knowledge.
Lecture from one of theLecture Theatres at Stanford Uni. Thumbs-up for a motivational boost.Need it right now!!
A wonderful lecture
Geat ideas and motivational video
Thank you, teaching with allyour heart! God bless you so much!
Great stuff! :) Write now.
So insightful thanks Prof
Thank you so much.
A wonderful lecture
Very good! I am lucky for getting the lectures.
This is so clear, comprehensible and funny .. thanks a lot
Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans ;-)
I like how the way he deliver the content. easy to follow and truly an eye-opening. Appreciate it!
Superb lecture. Wonderful
Wonderful lecture! Now I can write a truly enticing paper!
Thanks for sharing
How can I write about this Social Media and Human Right Violation
Okay, I just watched this video for about 5 minutes, and I know that I'm gonna go through it right now at 1:55 am. And I assure you that I will recommend it to everyone I know that are struggling to publish a paper. So thank you S. R. S Iyengar!
The pattern is 1. title 2. abstract 3. introduction 4. the problem 5. the idea 6. the details 7. related work 8. conclusion and future work where we have to write results??? pls help
My deadline is in 2 days n I JUST started😭😭
Very good lecture. Thanks!
Thanks a lot....very helpful
Great video!
Very good,butit is better if have subtitle
Good info!
I'm on 13 minutes of the video and although I usually hate writing, I actually want to go write a paper now! LOL. And I DEFINITELY want to watch the rest. This is really good information and very motivating. Thank you!
Very informative and interesting.
Nice explanation
Is it necessary for me to write my name on the first page of my paper
Lovely, helpful and interesting talk! I really enjoyed it! Thanks.
This is great
How come?00:40 I have an idea, but in computer science, most the researchers are synthetic "quantitative" I have to do research to prove it before I finalize the right words in my paper based on my results, so how came you let your paper lead you it seems "test driven methodology" but I don’t think it will work here.
Great video, thanks.
We need You in Portugal
Good lecture for beginners
Thanks adam and thanks to prof Simon Peyton.
Where is my pen and paper? On my computer already, great one
And as of now am already energised via research writing and sooner than later will be facilitating and lecturingall over the world universities in multiple discipline s
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Very informative and appealing talk
Very good explanation.Time to keep going with my paper, thank you.
I watch this every time I have to do a research paper which is every 8 weeks.
Excellent motivating talk
Great video. I am beginning to write right now.:)
Hello there my name is Robert N james Byansie MBA student at Uganda Christian University in Uganda ,this is really a very good innovation in approach my MBA program keep up the good spirit and keep the candle burning ,am Sure and certain by march 2018 ,I will be a better resource in all areas of Academia and publication's plus customer care and public relations thanks to the sage team
I had 10 days to prepare before I started working on my thesis and I spent most that time looking for online resources to help me write. This video was by far the most useful resource I found. I've been rewatching it all this time. My thesis is due next Thursday and it's still helping me out, so a thumbs down seems too cheap. Thanks for sharing.
#Zhabiz Shafieyoun good presentation clear slides very satisfied and helpful Thanks a lot.. @DoubleVVvvVvv
Great talk. helpful.

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