How to Write a Check

Learn how to write a check professionally as well how to write a check that protects your bank account.

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Do u have to write and
I like how step 4 got skipped.
Speak louder
Thank you! Helped me writing my first check!
I'm glad I know how to write a check. The volume is too low.
And most of all, don't forget you have to put money in the bank in order to use a check.
Any fucking lower on the volume
Jesus F christ I head to turn my system up all the way. 
Thank you for making this video I learned how to write and void a check my sophomore year in high school but I forgot because it was so many years ago
Haha thanks high school for teaching me jack shit
My class thought that you should "Be more excited Bro"
Thanks mikey lol
Ty for the info package, was good help for me. C: 
What happened to the volume?
It is good but not whether use the personal finanace
Thank you for posting this
Thank you it helped fucking badshit why do you talk so fucking low really got to work on that for a second there I thought I broke my phone.
OMG SO EXITED im paying with a check for the first time woohoooo xD
Why is this 4 minutes, I'm just going to go on Google.

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How to Write a Check