How to use articles 'a', 'an', and 'the' in English? - Basic English Grammar lesson

How to use articles 'a', 'an', and 'the' in English?- Basic English Grammar lesson English articles ("a", "an", and "the") come before nouns. They help to communicate which thing you're talking about, similar towords like "this", "my", and "all". And they're confusing to a lot of English learners. Articles are really, really hard! If your native language doesn't use articles, they can be reallyconfusing. The truth is, you might never completely master articles. Mostnon-native English speakers don't, even know if they're quite fluent andhave spoken English for a very long time. That's mostly OK. Mistakes with articles don't usually get in the way of communication. Your listeners or readers will usually be able to figure out what you mean by guessing whether you meant"a thing" or "the thing". So while you should try to improve your skill with articles, youshouldn't worry much about them. This video lesson by Niharika will clear your basic doubts for using articles correctly.

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I have a question. What different is "that hat" and "the hat"? "That hat" is the hat which we see now? and "The hat" is the hat which we have seen before? Sorry, my english isnt good so it makes you sonfused. I hope you understand what I want to ask.
#Sivaguru Prabakaran  They usually spend their holidays in the mountains.
Voice not well change your voice this video OK thank you
Super duper
Hey can you make a video on pronouns and for what they used for
Mam ur speaking eng is very nice
Hello nharika ji I urgently need one explanation. Had a diiner kahenge or had dinner kahenge
Nice teaching way
Pls all of u.... one req I have.... don't see negative in everything... sometime try to see positive part.
I love it
Dear Niharika, you are the best teacher!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Kind regards, Rahul.
U speek extra. dear speek less and come directly to point
Im confused in she wore the hat She wore a hat what if it comes in exam how will u find the difference
The way you are speaking is so funny I can't stop laughing
Your voice is so relaxing.. I loved this tutorial .. This helped me for exams .. love u
Mam,Please reply to me I have little confused. An ability but why" a unique ability " Why is country name "The united states"
Your teaching style too good for me thanks so much for the last time we talked about the last time
This is so incredible A bakwas video😊 An bakwas video 😊 The bakwas video 😊
"An" doesn't come before a vowel in particular. It comes before a noun starts with "vowel sound". for eg: "an umbrella" but "a university".
Thank u so much for sharing this
My Humble Request to lets talk Lessons :: Please make one video of Causative verb or sentence i.e USE of "get" and "make" because its little confusioning for me
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Ur's teaching is very easy and interesting 2 learn ma'am
There is only one sky so why cant we say 'a sky'
What we use if the word have vowel in starting but sound consonant
Thanks for your Advice...!!!
Mam I wish you were my teacher of English :)
Most good looking teacher
I love u.i am handsome
Every lesson you upload very very interesting and usefull. I hope you will have more and more people around the World subcribe your channel. See you soon! Thank so much niharika !
Give as per explaination
So bad!!!!!! explain!!!
An enginneer or a engineer which is correct.....??
Why we write the before poor and rich, could you please explain
Question no. 1) correct the sentence a. This is one of the best novels that has appeared this year. b. One of my cousins have settled in America. Question no. 2) which one is correct a. Sun rises in the east. b. The sun rises in the east. Question no. 3) correct the sentence a. An advise you gave me has brought great success.
I like it
She is very sexy, i like your smile Niharika ;)
Very Great lesson and thank you for your helping.
I was confused by the "wovel" for a second but I'm not going to criticize at all. English is my native language and I came here to learn how to properly use "An" and "a". Thanks for the vid.
Thainck for doing his your the best
This is not enough to learn articles
Very nice teaching.
Hi Niha... can u pls send a link for parts of speech
You are so amazing!! Watching the video second time trying to concentrate on the lesson still!!
Ma'am i m student of eng honours i have had a lot of things to u so i would like to pay thanks with bottom of my heard for improving my skill so want to you plz discuss about figure of speech.
... Tea is.... drink
Awesome video . it clear my many problems
Hello ma'ami have aquery that is can we say greating directly while we are greating someone (if we sendmsg to someone but we don't know when he/she read)
Why THE article before uses rivers,but we do not use before MT EVERESThighest mountain in the world.Why ARTICLE we do not use in beforeschools ,companies.But ARTICLES are using before organisations like WTO.Why we use article before plural country names and families? Why do not use singular family names.A LOT OF VS MANY AND MUCH DIFFERENCEBooks are saying that a lot ofis usedin affirmative sentences.
Mam why we use a before the student,although sound of the student is vowel.
Hi there, why we pronounce H word in HOMEWORK word while we don't in HONEST word.I hope get answer.
Nice teach....
Thank you so much.
Pronounce achi tarah sai kariye. Kehneka style apke personality and face k sath bilkul match nahi karti. Baki think hai
Mam,plz explain why a is used before university,union
Thank you and you are good teacher
India will become __________ super power shortly. a)Ab)an c)thed)some which is the correct one?????
Thank you didi
Vowel .. she can't pronounce VOWEL ... sigh :l And she's only teaching about VOWEL's lol
Which of the following sentence is correct?1) xxx must allow the user to add and update device information? 2) xxx must allow a user to add and update device information? Give me reasons, on why it is correct and incorrect.
Superbly explained
Hi Neharika, I waslooking for thiscourse here I got it, may I ask you a question do you guys provide full training live class if yes please let me know. Thanks Alam New Delhi 9849236301
Before a "Wobble"? WTF!
Plzz tell me the meaning of word end up.plxx u often use it in ur videos
Thank you so much for all this information
Thank u mam...really helpedme to clear my basics!!
Ur description is amazing ... thank u so much
Hola.i want learn more english things.and i like your videos
I just wanna ask if this is right- it's just 'an' easy peasy for me? 'cause i've encountered about it the man said to me that why did i use'an'? then i replied 'cause i want it to sound appropriate, i mean to sound not awkward... but he replied-easy peasy is a slang so it doesn't have a quantity so you shouldn't use 'an'...
Awesome.she explained it very clearly.... thanx!!!
How can i improve my english with u on line?
Nice teacher
Today is my examination i can'tread my whole books.. thank u soo much for your guidness... 😊😊😊
Please help. can someone explainto me.which is the correct grammar." she has a beauty or she has the beauty..I'm confused.
बहुत अच्छा है
Thank you so much?
Thank you
"/ei/"or"/ə/", Which is the correct pronunciation for "a"?
Good teacher .would you write the letter F CLEAR PLEASE?
Niharicka you are the best ever teacher! But you are exaggerated a little bit lol!!
عيونها تضيع الدرس
Nice teach and u have also flowing funalso keep it THE future
Thanks from Algeria
Need a lesson to differentiate in office and at office
Want more tutorial on this topic☺
Madem can you help out with the exception use of the Article. So that we can figure out when and when not to use it in our sentences.
Creepy amount of smiling and facial expressions.
You are too beautiful :) Correct me if i said said wrong
Which article we have to use for UNIVERSITY
My teacher told me that we should not use AN before YU sound like Europe, universities so tell me is it right or wrong and also make a video on ZERO ARTICLE
It is very nice teaching
But why we have to use article. Why can not we simply say "I saw star"
Please, tell me if this sentence is correct : "I'm an yellow king" or should I say "I'm a yellow king" ?

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