How to Start a Research Paper

Research papers don't need to be scary. Here's a simple guide to get you started.

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Any body researching on robotics??
Great Video! Hey, so this is my first research paper. I need a topic "title" on Job Stress!  Thank you,
Great video, give us more!
Can i have an example of research paper {it can be on any topic} @enboringearning
Im currently writing a research paper, first off: Fuck research papers, they are the spawn of the devil TT_TT im gonna fail
You're fifty thousand times better than me.
Thanks man!This is helpful! :)
Thanks a lot lot
Great Video!!!
Thanks man. Well explained
Thanksssss a lot amazing
I just plain suck at research!
Thanks, man.
Research papers are a pain in the ass!
Thanks for great video. I tried to find the paper outline sample but the website is closed. is there any way I can get them>?
Thanks for this, gave me a solid ground to begin writing. greetings from south florida.
I love your accent. <3 Canada!
I enjoyed this video! You've offered some great insight-thanks!
I can't find the outline template either :(
Very good..thank u it well be helpful
Where do i find your paper outline template????
Thank u "guru"....
That explained a lot
This is the most helpful video on youtube... thanks a lot bro.
Very helpful. thank you
How do i write a research paper that has to consist of 5 different articles (completely different from each other). I am having trouble writing my introduction, which is really confusing for me. How can I introduce each of the articles in one intro without confusing the reader?
Well done. Thanks
Thank you! I'm researching diabetes, thought I might not have much to write about but you have helped me to think outside the box. Thank you :)
This is very clear and very helpful. Thank you !
Thank you so much :)
Thanks for the help
I cannot concentrate with your flawless face e.e
Thank You, My WH teacher was confusing the shit outta me.

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How to Start a Research Paper