How to speed up chemical reactions (and get a date) - Aaron Sams

View full lesson: The complex systems of high school dating and chemical reactions may have more in common than you think. Explore five rules for speeding up chemical reactions in the lab that might just land you a date to a dance! Lesson by Mark Paricio & Aaron Sams, animation by Cognitive Media.

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You could say that its a chemical romance
Black girl and gothic kid are my OTP ... but seriously this video was hilarious
We watched this in school smh
I made a presentation about catalysts with women, poor dude, and a rich guy as an example.
I propose more sharp-turns on hallways. More turns means more chance's to get caught off guard, and you know the rest
Fun & simple life hack: Tackle your crush
Hmm this is the only video of theirs I've seen so far that was a waste of time.
Now i understand science , thanks TED ED
How to speed up chemical reactions (and get a date): Never waste your time watching this video
I tried this tatic on my crushI got slapped.
E n z y m e s
I bumped into a dude ... life sucks
Instead of cutting the clock in half, just place posters saying NO WALKING!!!
As the unluckiest guy I am, I would end up bumping into a big fat bully guy
LIFE LESSON: To get a date - 1) run into someone 2) drop your books 3) <3
What the hell is this video.
Why on earth is she using a bong
Basically sience is just an anime clishe
What happens if you run into the person you hate with all your heart/bully πŸ˜‚
There were no queer couples in this whole video. I am disappointed.
Please make more of these chemistry based videos! They are so helpful thank you so much 😊
My chem teacher ask us to use this as preview for the class haha. Found out this is sooo funny and easy to understand. Thanks a lot.
This is a joke. Right?
They do realize they just created a concussion factory, right?
Great vid! - but should it not be conformation instead of configuration at around 4:19?Sincethe molecular configuration of a molecule is the permanent geometry that results from the spatial arrangement of its bonds and can't be change besides by breaking bonds.
Literally my school. We have less time than last year to get class to class, and our halls are too small. Except I usually end up disliking more people lol
I tackled my ....well picked her up and she's like "do it again!"
OKay Ted-Ed let me just shrink my school's hallways, stuff new students in, reduce time between my classes because I totally control that, seperate all groups, and find someone I actually bother trusting enough to get me a date!
1. Wtf is this 2. All heterosexual couples 3. Wtf is this
After watching this video i've assaulted every single female i see. i've had 0 dates, a lifetime in jail, and an unhealthy amount of pepper spray in my eyes.
5:54 Was that an editing mistake? Hmmmmm never seen before lol
2:36 they look suspiciously like Steven and Connie from Steven Universe
Since is because can help you to do your work thank you
Bumped into herpies
Better than tinder
Le Chatlier's Principle
This isn't fucking dating advice. It's just about how to get shit to happen in chemistry.
We don't have hallways in my school, and we only change classes to computer lab but my crush is not the one moving so yeah how can I do it
Teacher:"Why are you running in the halls?" Me:"To find true love." Teacher:"Where did you obtain that foolish idea?" Me:"Ted-ed." Teacher:"Carry on."
So a wingman is pretty much a catalyst.
Plot twist: the narrator is the person henriet ran into
Fuck this shit dog
Yes yes speeding up chemical reaction back in the high school days. Sounds wrong.
You could say it was a chemical romance. no?? i'll show myself out
Thanks for the video! it really helped me understand rate of reaction
So I should just run into my crush?
Watching videos like this all day and you wonder why you cant get a date.
This is NOT how to get a date. Just good ol' talking to someone is effective too.
Some people disliked the vedio.....why?? ::/
At 2:42 there's a sign for the TEDEd high school... I'm a bit young to be watching these, I'd enroll!
Teachers should definitely use this video to simplify the concept!!
I feel invalidated
My school doesn't have time in between classes. Or hallways that are inside. Or kids who travel in groups. Or any need to move far away from one class to another. Or dances. ... I don't like my school either.
I would on purpose bump my classmates to dance :)
Sounds like a recipe more fit for disaster, if you ask me.
Filthy heteros
Great analogy :D
I tried this once and her boyfriend i did not see pushed me up to a wall and made a threat.
Hetero normative displays of love are misleading when there are so many other ways to love just the opposite gender. hope to see Ted Ed update their exclusive club for the rest of us.
"First we shrink the wallways. This will make it more difficult to safely navigate the hallways and..." I was not prepared for that xD I could not stop laughing xD
Should be a piece of cake in Mumbai.
What the... Oh, gods. He's gonna kill all of them!
Thank you 😊
This incident may happen once in a milllion...
Harlod almost sound like Greg from Steven Universe
Bob the biulder
My chemical romance... hahaha amirite?
I was going through an amazing journey about the universe in this channel,..and then this shit comes up..
My chemistry teacher showed me this video when I was in 9th grade! I wonder if he still shows it? Hi Mr. Unger!!
Hey this really worked for me, but now i keep bumpin into other girls... and my GF is chemically overreacting. What now Ted-ed?
Love this! Thanks so much
What was it for?
So THAT'S why they call it "chemistry between them"
3:36 fuckin brutal
I'm still so confused kms
*Instructions were unclear. Got my penis stuck in a ceiling fan.*
How about of a boy and a boy and a girl and a girl crash together how about a some you hate, NO GOOD
This is a great video because it uses something relatable to help to learn about chemical reactions and as a good memory aid. My only criticism here is that the narrator needs to slow down what he tells us because when people teach anything and speak as fast as this it waists the quality of the information because it doesn't allow enough processing time for the listeners and shows expertise in the field but poor understanding of student needSo take it steady next time
Science Teachers:NGSS PE HS-PS1-5:Apply scientific principles and evidence to provide an explanation about the effects of changing the temperature or concentration of the reacting particles on the rate at which a reaction occurs.
Not for catalyst point of view.
I am a highschool student...I hope this never happens to fairytaleish
Idk what to comment
This reminds me of some bad anime plot where the girl runs to school, bumps into a guy, meets him at club activities often basketball, eventually falling in love all at 2 chapters
Instructions unclear ended up with my dads shaving cream on my penis
Wait, I don't see how this...

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How to speed up chemical reactions (and get a date) - Aaron Sams