How to remove a computer virus / malware

Updated and better guide (April 2017): To Safe Boot in Windows 10, should work for Windows 8/8.1 read below: - On your desktop hit Windows key + R - Type: msconfig - Go to the Boot tab - Under Boot options, select Safe boot and pick the Network option - Apply and rebootA simple, easy and free way to remove a virus or malware. Music by longzijun

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I am trying it now and I hope it will work 😭😭😭😭
Updated and better guide (April 2017): If no WiFi in SafeMode Win10, follow these directions: To Safe Boot in Windows 10, should work for Windows 8/8.1 read below: - On your desktop hit Windows key + R - Type: msconfig - Go to the Boot tab - Under Boot options, select Safe boot and pick the Network option - Apply and reboot
The virus deisconnected me from my internet, what do I do
I should stop downloading pirated games
Why not Avira?
I got a malware that I delete manually because it says it runs with System. My antyvirus tried to get rid of it too but no success
Can i do this on (not genuine) windows 7
Meh, when shit goes bad, i just wipe the drives lol
My computer has 5,765 threats or viruses and one of them is spyware......does the free version fix this?
I should stopstop watchingpornofora handjob
Is that windows 95
Following your procedureusually is not sucessfullcompletely and usually will require multiple sessions rebooting and many hours .. over 40 years of use i have devoloped habitisand practices which allow me to deal with this sort of annoyencein a far simpler method with far less time or effort involved.. step 1 never store your data on your os partition ..any of it !.. step 2 allways have on hand hardware drivers operating system install media step 3 format and reinstallthis takes an hour on averageinstall drivers update os and reinstall apps ..done..oh the dataits still on another partition or physical hard drive.. forget tsr and background apps which cripple system preformance dont really provide protectionand continually ask you for money.. a fresh os install runs better than a cluttered oneand why run anti virus anti malware anti this and anti thatwhen they do not protect
What about windows 10?
It says I don't have a virus but I still get pop ups
Needs to be updated to include randsomware.
0:18 CIH?
I tried to download fl studio crack
On any new computer ALLWAYS back up all the files on a disk or usb drive , iclouds etc etc.MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RESTORE DISK HANDY BEFORE YOU START--HEADS UP!!Once this is done reset your computer to factory restore it will wipe the disk clean and all viruses then restore the files back into the hard drive and you will be good as NEW! I know because I tried it and it worked!! Good Luck!!!
Get Linux.
My screen goes black on my laptop, so I use a HDMI to connect to our TV, that is what I do for now
Porn downloading mods etc Fack i cant do my hobby time to go outside then :P
Downloads malwarebytes from (facepalm)
Download the original virus. Then recoded it to make it a good virus. Just like a vaccination, insert the recoded GOOD virus into your computer, and your antivirus will be assisted greatly!
My enter is broken .-.
This better be real
This video gave me a virus
The best softwares ever is malwarebytes and eset nod32
I don't understand???
Sandboxie to watch porn Combofix to remove anything and everything. If Combofix doesn't remove your problem, you'll have to reinstall you're OS. 30 years in IT. Your welcome :)
The best way, format the hard drive.You will lose all your data that's not backed up, but you save 24 to 48 hours of your life and electricity.
It's very easy throw away your windows cd and use Linux
Updated guide on discription fuckerssss!!
Hei i have buton of start + virus telekom 😒
I keep getting "update to newest version" about a dozen times a day, but I've updated three times and still getting this notice. How do I get rid of it? Thank you for your time.
Uninstall windows, reinstall windows, repeat.
What is the fa key
Ok I'm not watching pornhub
You can go grab a "byte" at this point lol
Its fake because it says 'exe' when he downloads it
Me ☺
Dud your video safed me thxn
That look like my laptop
I get the Recovery Screen every time I boot up
You made my day.. thank u
My pc said virus found would you like to recover your pc and 5 mins later my pc was fine
Thnx bro
I did. It is called the Scamming One Text Virus.
For a second i thought i was watching how to basic.
The virus wont let me install antivirus :(
Me and thank you so much!
I did it but product is still there!! what should I do now
This is a new Customer Service Number 1-844-312-7474
My pc is so messed up it doesn't even let me into Safe Mode
Easy 1.destroy the harddrive new harddrive 3.put in the harddrive
Sneh harami nahi hua na to dekhna
If you are looking for best support than call us on our toll free number 1-888-738-4333
Im pretty sure that the resolution is 640 x 480
So without wasting time call ourcustomer care number +1-800-304-0103.
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Hey computer made simple how about bonzi buddy dangerous virus how to erase them??????? like if you agree
Woo fucking virus
Best video ever
Who watching in 7bc
Very good
Help my laptop keeps freezing and i don't know what to do. I tried doing a factory reset but whenever it makes my laptop reset i get that blue screen with the sad face. The blue screen doesn't load fully.. :( can someone please help me? I don't have enough money to repair it.. I really need someone to help me!
I have problem in my computer. If I set google chrome is my default browser, it automatically openinga new tab and window without my permission. If I change my default eg: internet explorer the same problem continues. Please help me πŸ’¬
Well... my virus wont let me open task manager, system restore, or press f8. I had a program that let me enter safe mode but the virus also doesn't let me open antivirus programs. It wont let me factory reset either
Dislike this is just dumb why did you download from guys dont dowload from its has malware and spyware
Me: *Gets Photoshop from piratebay* Photoshop: *Gives virus that makes infinite boot* The computer does not load to the login screen However AdAware antivirus does not care AdAware: *Removes threats* *Restarts* Windows repair: *Virus your my bitch*
You don't have to be a computer expert to get rid of viruses; there are a lot of operating systems you can download for free and most of them fit on a single dvd. Now, all you have to do is boot up your computer from a dvd, then go to c:\windows\system32 (or 64) and delete any file that has a .dll or .exe extension and you'll be ok.(you can thank me later.)
Malwarebytes doesn't detect everything.
Use SUPERantiSpyware
It's telling me to buy the pro edition in order to remove the virusesπŸ˜‘
Thank you very much,I cleaned 5414 malware! Watching Swedish Western it is not healthy for computer. :)
Where is the FA key?!?!?!?!!?!?
My old laptop won't load past the DRIVERS screen, any advice?
How to remove virus: 1. Turn off computer 2. Return computer to store and explain it has virus 3. Get it back once all the junk on this video is done
When I grow up I'm gonna try to make the best anti virus
Thank you good sir.My internet WAS running slower than a turtle with one leg.
I had a malware virus for so long that my defender that came with the computer sent me a message saying it basically gave up omg I'm not even kidding
Holy fuck it just found 958 threats on my computer (Β΄ΰ½€`)
So...when im done...does the computer automaticly exit safe mode with networking or i gotta do someting? ( Im on windows 10)
Its very simple to remove a computer virus/prevent it from infecting.Just install Windows 9 and when ur infected just Delete System32.
Or just use proto
Someone tell me what to do i have a virus for my browsers every now and then when a click left or right doesn't matter a website pops up saying download extension to exit what do i do what is the most simple way to solve this
Why are you downloading it from cnet?
How to get rid of a virus in one sentence. Get a god damn antivirus for god's sake
I dont have a virus what am i doing here
I already have malware bytes and I started to get pop ups from cmd saying messages so I was doing a scan and a message popped up saying malware bytes won't find me I think I am fucked and sorry for the run on sentence I'm worried.

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Running memz virus at school.

I was wrong to take credit i just got so in the moment. the computer was not harmed in the end find me on twitter!

How to remove a computer virus / malware