How to make your writing funnier - Cheri Steinkellner

View full lesson: Did you ever notice how many jokes start with “Did you ever notice?” And what’s the deal with “What’s the deal?” There’s a lot of funny to be found simply by noticing the ordinary, everyday things you don’t ordinarily notice every day. Emmy Award-winning comedy writer Cheri Steinkellner offers a few tips and tricks for finding the funny in your writing. Lesson by Cheri Steinkellner, animation by Anton Bogaty.

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Please do a video on what is humour and why we laugh. I wonder what's the evolution benefit of laughter for example...
Elsa and coconuts 🤣
2:30 PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!#
2:59 Let it go coconuts.
The rule of /k/... I guess that's why a duck is an inherently funny animal.
When she said Pickle my mind went straight to pickle Rick lmao end me
Dicky rabbits
This is so good
Dissecting comedy is like dissecting a frog , very less people are interested and the frog dies
What about exaggeration to ordinary things. In the anime "Nichijou", they take an ordinary occurrence, like dropping your favorite piece of lunch, and makes it into an action scene where Yuuko desperately tries to catch her octopus hotdog in the middle of random obstacles. That was very funny to me.
What is with TED-Ed and disco?
Now I know why " K " evin Hart is funny
I'm writing a script for my first (hopefully) successful video
Pickle Riiiiiick!!!
Maybe if you want a similar humor style to that of Family Guy or TeenTitans Go, this is good advice. I want my Shows to have a more layered and logical kind of comedy, so this is the opposite of what I find funny.
How do u animate can u tell me plzzz
First rule of comedy: Gravity doesn't work until you look down Run. Run. There is a cliff. Run. Look down. Oops. Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Thank you for sharing...Zig!
Charles dicken never said "and disco"
"ancient greek comedy man"
+Phil Harrison I guess what you wrote wasn't a joke.
2:25 Pickle Rick
I didn't laugh once watching this Was this supposed to be funny?
I perpose some types of comidy present in modern day, Weird= comedy to promote identity Subjugated= identity to promote comedy Abserd= comidy at the expense of identity Satire= identity at the expense of comidy Deconstuction= break down of both comidy and identity. Often in constant flux with, jokes, story's, and wit, crafting your place in the world.
Really great advice! I'm just sitting here laughing to myself about the jokes I've thought of. Make sure all of you out there making jokes make yourself laugh first, then share it with others! Happy laughing! Happy... writing? Yeah.
None of the jokes in this video is funny. So... there goes your legitimacy!
Pickle Rick!!
I was learning about, um, that one Italian theater thing in my theater arts class!
Is Konsistency a part of humour too? Eg: 'disco'?
The fact that humor is subjective sucks. I can be telling a hilarious joke and the others will look at me like I'm crazy.
Why did 3:43 make me giggle?
Man is should work at Ted-Ed. i could write a better video than this
90% of comedy is apparently disco
Thanks for sharing, definitely useful :)
Ok random and surprising ok....NEBBY GET IN THE BAG!!you also forgot refrences. those are interesting
Or insert memes
Maybe we would understand it better if you gave us examples of funny stuff...
This video is funny because it's true.
You gotta*F I N DT H EF U N N Y*
2:40 *that's not how you open a can of pickles. you POP them open.*
BTS makes me laugh 💭
Pickle movie?
Do a video about how to tackle a counter comedy and get ride of it.
Because of the rule of threes and K sounds the Ku Klux Klan is one of the funniest groups in the world.
Mind map of pickles resurfaced a forgotten memory of an encounter with a sexual predator
Just do a bunch of meta jokes
Its like cartoon network these days Random = Funny
At 0:46 is the word cur? that means butt in romanian
"Comedy is just commenting and reacting to the world around you" -Steve Kaplan
Random doesn't equal funny
I just submitted my comical script for my finals in Creative Writing when I saw this. UGH. HAHA.
Comedy equals tragedy plus time .
"How to write a funny comment" Mystery? Maybe?Hotel? Trivago.
Explains why I laughed so hard at that skit when Paul Rudd beat Dr. Stephen Hawking at Quantum Chess
Thank you!
Cool vid, I don't get the rule of three? someone help please!
This woman worked on Cheers and Cartoon Network's "Teacher's Pet". I'm sure she's nice, but couldn't TED get anyone more qualified to talk on the subject? I'm not trying to be mean; it's just that to spite the fact that all her technical tips are accurate (except "even if it's dumb, it might be funny to someone else"; that's terrible advice; don't tell jokes that wouldn't make you yourself laugh), none of the examples she gave were funny, and that kind of undermines her entire point.
I laughed at the cat part with the disco XD also whats brown and sticky? (this is a joke u know)
Thats i know that and disco
I thibk funny is when u do something out of the ordinery ilke making a vid on ur self then shouting and having a random argument at ur sister that just walked in
99% of comedy is disco
What relates to Pickle: Dickle.
This was cute
It's harder these days because those irritating and frustrating used in comedy can be seen as a hate crime.(the Punching Down effect).
So..........Astronaut cat? Here we have an unfunny phrase that has no meaning whatsoever. It was random, but not funny. On the other hand, if a person liked to listen and watch "Strobe Light", perhaps it would have some sort of meaning. Still not funny. To define funnyness you need to spell it correctly and google search it. As you can obviously see, you wasted your time reading this, and I wasted my time writing this. So...........ASTROCAT! Still not funny and probably will never be funny.
And disco.
I read the Wiki-How on how to make your own jokes. One of the steps was to make your jokes dirty. I don't have a source of mud or dirt, so my comedy life is over... : (
1:11 - The 5 emotions in Inside Out.
You know what's funny?: This boner goin' in your mouth tonight, Ted Ed!
The nun dancing though.
Ted Ed should have Their Own TV channels.. so That The People Who Spent More Time on TV will Consider watching It.
My vacuum sucks
Did you ever notice, that people might laugh at this comment.
Uh.. What's green, fuzzy, and could kill you if it fell out of a tree?A pool table. Didn't expect that, did you? (Unless you've already heard the (anti-)joke)
Okay... this might work if you are some fucking stand up comedian at a kindergarden ... that would actually be pretty weird
"A frog dating a pig."
I have the easiest way to make a funny story add a crap load of Puns and randomness
I'm just wondering, cause I'm just starting stand up! How much money do you get paid? Though it's not about the money.
Thanking you.
Sister act has me triggered by disco dancing nun.
Sounds like it's just "Randem XDDD" humour.
I was charged for arson, murder and jaywalking.
Disco lol
Or just watch Russel Howard
#GEICO was a lizard
It is spelt Commedia dell'arte, but she pronounced it Commedia dell'artae Your not getting a coffee your going to the theater.
Why is both horror and comedy the same, in terms of how people do it. Think about it! They both rely on the element of surprise, they have archetypes, and many more similarities... Why???

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How to make your writing funnier - Cheri Steinkellner