How to Make a Mobile App with Qt Quick Designer (QML Designer) & V-Play - using Qt 5.9

In this video we show how to create a Qt Application using QML & Qt Quick & V-Play with the Qt Quick Designer of Qt Creator. This feature was added in V-Play 2.12.1 here: This tutorial video covers: - How to create a new V-Play Application with Qt Creator - A short overview of the Qt Quick Designer and how to enable side-by-side editing. - Using the designer to add V-Play Components via Drag’n’Drop. - How to layout your items using anchoring. - Creating a cross-platform V-Play Application with a native-styled main navigation. - Binding properties of a control to the property value of another item. - Testing the look & feel of your app on Desktop by switching between themes. V-Play is a cross-platform development tool for making mobile apps and games. You can create your app or game for Android and iOS in just a few days, all from a single codebase! The V-Play SDK has been ranked higher than Unity, Corona, Cocos 2D, Xamarin, PhoneGap and more for ease-of-use, customer satisfaction and time savings! Get V-Play Now and Make Your Own Mobile App or Game in a Few Days! Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:

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Keep up the good work V-Play team!
Very nicely explained Gunter.I hope you do more tutorials, you do it at the correct speed and detail. :)

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How to Make a Mobile App with Qt Quick Designer (QML Designer) & V-Play - using Qt 5.9