How to make a Beautiful Classic 3D Desktop in Windows

Link of the background picture with multiple sizes: Link of Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover : How To Remove The Name of Files In Windows :

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If Alt+255 don'twork I advise you to useAlt+0160
How to clock ?
I Liked Your video Because Your video Is A Very Good
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How do I keep the apps from moving after i turn of the computer
I can not understand tape 1, tape 2,tape 3 etc
Great video! Please check my new channel with tutorials :)
I really likes this
Hi Dude.... u r really awesome man..... I have a doubt, if we do like this will system become slow or will get more graphic.?
This is a Very Good and Very Easy
Wow 😘😘😘
That's the loudest mouse click I've ever heard
This pic is not fixed properly on display plz help me
How can i reverse this? i want put back the names of the apps
Used alt+255 ,alt+0160not workingtype other names also but still icon is missing everytime and then press ctrl+z very bad .....any solution after two years .. iam using window 7
How to delete Shield icon ?
It cant work in my laptopalt+255
Folder name blank hi nhi ho rha hai alt+255 se
Hehe that's a really cool idea, I like it
Not much but nice work
When i shut down the background is not there
It doesn't work e.e When i tried moving the icons, it stayed at the left side
Sir, mera PC win8.1pro hai isme vista install nahi ho raha had please help me
No its not
But if u shut down your computer then the icon will messi
Thanks for the Video. Copy and Paste worked fine
Or pirse vahi name dalne ke liye kya Kiya Jay
Hala Falto
What is alt+255 it is not working in my pc
Your seriously a genious
Thanks for the backround
Is this will work on windows 10?
Use On Screen key boards for Laptops Where there is no option for Numlock It is a simplest way to use the hot key ALT+255
Thank you
Of the icon
Nice.... pls show more ideas....
Cricket wallpaper in window 8
Awesome.Thank you So much.
You Use a Ps 7.0 :D Me Too xD
Thank u so much..........iam created like this, looks so professional
Hey bro how to type the alt+225
Sorr it work
By rename the icon they have been corrupted what to do give me the solution
Some software's logo became blank.How can i regain it?
How to delete the name i cant delete it
How to reset it
It is necessary to unchecked auto arrange icons and align icons to grid
Nice video
You are french?
Aslam o Aikum
How to do Alt+255
A-b solution how to get back my default win 10 icon?????????
Apni email id dain sir thanks
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This is not a 3D desktop.
His loks a house
How to Press ALT+225 Plzz Reply my COmment
I followed this procedure but after I restart the computer some icons didn't show themselves
Wow thanks bro you are a legend, you totally earned a sub :D
So cool
Please show how to get rocketdock different skins
To know the of your operating system fillow this method
Nice appreciated
Man it is a good idea but you could have worked more on the editing then just annoying and painful mouse click sounds unless it is a feature of your recording software then plz turn it off or delete the program
Thx man õ/
Hello all I am from Indonesia subscribe introduce me too ya
JAJAAJAJ GARBAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A virtual office, well almost..using the desktop background image, never thought of doing that before. very creative.
Looks nice
It's gives nice look but tedeous to do..
To rename without name just right click and click rename, on the box again right click and click unicode control character and select anyone,
How to fix it
It's easy.. thanks
I like youre grammere
How to do that sound in your mouse. Pls reply?!
Nice and very simple without extra program
не русская хуйня....
Ummm i know this is a stupid question but how do you put your camera like it is inside the computer ;)

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How to make a Beautiful Classic 3D Desktop in Windows