How to create Latex like documents using Word

How to create Latex like documents using MS Word and the add-on WordMat. Download for free:From version 1.11 you can open a LaTex template from the ribbon under LaTex. If you dont see the 'LaTex Word template' on your start page, try to open it from this location: documents\custom office templates

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Hey,kan you just make please a link of the document "Latex Word Template " to downloadi didn't find it , thank you .
Thank you, this is terrific!
I will expect from you step by step image to future needs thanks then good one. please give me exact web link about your latex software. bye
Amazing, thank you ! Btw - you find the latex template for word 2016 when you open a new document and go to the ribbon for WordMat (Y)
Is it also possible to create a third level subsection ? 2.1.1 This would be really helpful. Great program!
Can we create a new subsection (third level) like "1.1.1" or "1.1.2"?I have problems to insert them in my document. Thanks.
Pretty cool plugin! Thanks for this. Can you create an equation index?
The template seems not to be included in the mac installation, also the fonts were not installed and the "alt-w" menubar does not work in office for mac 2016 :-(
Thank you so very much
Good day, is there a template which is suitable for presentations, seminars... like the beamer presentation? If I use PowerPoint, I can't use WordMat and in particular I can't use LM Roman 12 font... Thanks.
Hello! Where can I find the "Latex Word template"?
This is an awesome add-on, thanks man!
This is very nice. Much thanks! :D
One question: When I create pdf from the LaTeX Word Template, everything is fine, but I'm not able to copy the text from the pdf. I won't be able to select any text. What is the reason for that? How to resolve that? Thanks!
Latex template when used in turnitin is not being accepted(stating that no text in doc.). Any solution??
Hi, can you show me how to create a Table of contents looks like Latex on Word ?
Thank you very, very much !!
Hi I am trying to use wordmat on word 2010. Everything works but I cannot find a Latex Word template. What am I missing?
Amazing! Really good job!
This App should be addedinto Microsoft Office.I mean ,you know,acqusition.
This is magic. Thanks!
This is a very helpful tool. Thank you!
This is great- but not sure the answer for word 2010 finding template was really answered- I go documents/new but can't see 'custom templates' or 'personal' etc?? plus- who has 2016 word? not out yet I don't think... anyways- where is the root folder for where the custom template is saved- searched c drive for wordmat no luck:(
When closing a document with this template, it asks if I wan't to save the changes into the actual template! how to not make it ask me about this?
Hi, where can I download that Latex template? Thanks
This video is very helpul, but I think using LaTeX is easier
Now this, is awesome! Thank you very much
I can't find the LaTex template on mac
I am using WORD 2010. But after installation I didnt find any Latex Word Template under File command. Please help me
Det er bra att vara fra Malmö fördi jeg kan forstå hvad som står i programmet. Meget användarvänligt!
Where can I find the Template in Word 2016? Tried everything...

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How to create Latex like documents using Word