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Average performances.
Break-even Question: Costs = Revenue 600,000 + 100(people) = 450(people) + 150(people) people = 1,200 = 60% of capacity.
They always talk about how to increase revenue but never talk about how to decrease costs. That's also a possible solution.
Thank you
They fucked after this
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Can someone tell me did she get the offer based on her performanceif it is a real interview
In the second case study, we should also divide the number of tickets into two categories - Weekday sales of tickets and weekend sales of tickets. Because the number of people going for movie will vary on weekdays and weekends.
Such a boring answer! the client would've already thought about the classic causes, what he'd be looking for is something they don't typically see because they are overly involved in the business. boring.
Wowthis is such a bad interview.... ok its getting a bit better later on..Nice video though! Thx!
Fuel is a fixed cost. First of all, it would vary depending on a number of passengers and distance traveling. Second, the price of gas is changing In addition, if the number of passengers has declined, that means the cost has decreased
Well I could do it swiftly and calculated 1200 passenger occupancy in just 2 seconds for break-even...But I quickly realised that additional 150 GBP spend was all taken in as profit...what about the cost of products or services provided to customer in lieu of that per passenger revenue...don't think that can be accounted in fixed costs. Have many other ideas too - fill the rest of the missing occupancy even at discounted rates and you still profit more given you stay above the break-even barrier for that segment - many ways to achieve it.
Fuel is a variable cost.
This doesn't make any sense, but I am not a consultant. She keep making assumptions, and the other guy just agree to everything she say.
It was a good video. BUT, if the costs has been constant for the 4-5 year period. You should definitely look towards reducing both fixed and variable cost which will definitely have a great impact on the Margins. Secondly, if you are targeting newer age group, this also means that you need to change the destinations location. third, rather than getting new cruize, why can't we acquire existing cruize from the market and increase market share as the industry is seeing a decline ( 10% market share means you are a sizeble company)
To increase profit ofa Cinema stop showing shit movies.
Lol, she got the way to increase market share completely wrong, is this a real interview?
Why not just acquire another company to boost market share. If the whole market is depressed you should be able to buy another company at a discount. Or even better acquire a Cruise company targeted toward the younger generation. Also just increase costs on the ship, your customers can't go anywhere while onboard and if you are discounting tickets already you need to make back money while on the ship. Customers can't be price sensitive while on board because you own 100% of the market for anything they could buy.
This was great, thank you.
Total costs have declined as passenger numbers have fallen. I think what they meant was the variable cost per passenger hasn'tchanged.
I couldn't imagine having to have these kinds of MBA style conversations that lack any kind of business acumen or vision. Blockbusters profits are declining because they aren't fucking innovating.The hell with focusing on fixed costs and revenue equals price x volume.
Holy shit.  i somehow got an interview coming up with mckinsey and have never done any of these before.  fml.
Why is she subtracting the the Fixed Costs (600,000) from the variable costs? Aren't you supposed to Add both Fixed Costs + Variable Costs in order to get Total Costs?
Well if total costs haven't changed (as mentioned by the interviewer) then the number of passengers haven't changed as well. So the problem isn't the number of passengers.
While the constant cost doesn't imply the problem is not from cost side.As technology evolves, it is better to compare cost ratio of client to industry.If cost ratio is much higher than industry level, that implies that the client needs to work on cost optimization.Cost optimization is the hardest job for company!!! Second, as recommending client focusing on younger customers to increase the occupancy, the cost will definitely goes up!!!
She can sleep her way to become the CEO
It cant be this easy and simple????
There is a mistake in the occupancy calculation diagram (adding the word occupancy as an additional term), even though the calculation itself is correct.
I was going to fall asleep !!! omg 2 most boring people! also very basic info in this interview. she didn't add and he didn't have a great case. z z zz zzzzzz
She is just brilliant! i,mstill stuck on the break-even portion!
Very informative. 
I wouldn't even bother looking into the company, or the numbers, I would look into the competition and try to find a cruise company thats target group falls into 50-70's and is successful. Then breakdown what they are doing and copy them. If there isn't a company that fits, then your business is too narrow and need to broaden it to bring back appeal.
Amazing but little more preferable to situation
Its all about common sense....but I doubt McKinsey would ask such an easy case study :/
I didnt like her approach: she ignore the variable cost perspective and didnt go to the root cause. If the variable cost is the same and profits has gone down, then clearly the number of passengers is not the cause behind the decline but diminshing profit margin( decreased revenue) per customer.
What was not discussed was cost reduction opportunities to improve profitability
It seems rather easy, especially the calculations. Is this a realistic scenario for bcg/mckinsey/bain?
Associate Consultant Interviews - Bain & Company, London Office! 
All I can think of right now is how good it would be to bang both those hotties in this sunny office with a beautiful view.
The case seemed just too easy for a typical consulting interviews... still informative, no doubt
Glad I'm watching it now. This will definitely help with my interview.
I didn't quite get why she explained the entire cost part, although it was irrelevant... If she had asked in the beginning if the costs increased she would have saved some time on explaining the structure. Overall, this is another great video on profitability. Thumbs up!
If anyone can shed their experience - how detailed would you go before it becomes unnecessary? I quickly wrote down my thoughts for this case before watching the full video and for example, one thing i did was breaking down the people attending into three groups - (1) weekends, (2) mon-fri (day time), (3) mon -fri (evenings) as i would expect attendance rates to vary significantly between them. It may make the calculations slightly longer (but obviously not really any more complex). In the context of that situation would that "breakdown" be considered unnecessary from an interviewer perspective?  I just think that estimations questions would require slightly more detail to reflect variations in the real-life case than pulling out the overall rough estimations presented here.  Just curious if anyone has any thoughts. Cheers.
This girl is terrible...
Brilliant breakdown of problem statement
Too much "hi I know accounting, revenues - costs". Go straight to the point, I would ask why the business is declining, are they cost inefficient or are revenues declining and if so, is it because they are being outcompete or substitute products. And why is the business focusing on old people only? Families with children are an obvious target for Cruise vacations.
I think you have to remember here that these big consulting firms really exploit ambitious 'top tier' students for cheap labour and long as you have a good GMAT and an Oxbridge college on your C.V., these guys can leverage this to create an illusion of value. The truth is, their days are numbered as structured and unstructured data increases and democratises with innovative processing platforms and software frameworks. The over reliance on frameworks instead of asking the question 'have customer numbers gone down' or ignoring obvious additional revenue streams like corporate events, branded concessions, family friendly and other special screenings etc. can be put down to nerves and fact these guys are only there to crunch numbers for two years. After this, it is up the organisation or long as you look the part (i.e. will appear credible enough to customers for consultants to charge them) then you are good to go. If you can max billability, keep clients on the tit, and bring in new clients this racket is for you. If you can't ask clients what they think and reflect that back to them in reports or presentations without keeping a straight face then get out while you can.
Good start to the case however; before proposing solution on what can the company do about it, she should go deeper in understanding the key issue that is causing the revenue to go down.  That key issue needs to be addressed.  For example, if service has deteriorated, reducing price (if hypothetically can reduce) or increasing promotional activities just won't help - may help in short-term but cannot be sustained until the underlying problem (improving service) is fixed.
Estimation problem for the guy is pretty reassuring since apparently you can pull out figures out of your ass. "When me and my friends go to the cinema we get refreshments 50% of the time". Hahahaha. I am gonna use this percentage I pulled out of my ass to give you a sensible estimation. lol 
Could use the airline industry as a reference/model and relate it to the cruise industry since airlines are always looking at how to fill their planes to max capacity before taking flight because every open seat on an airplane directly relates to loss in profit.
Oh my god, such a bad case study, what's the point of listing down all the factor when you never even elaborate on the main point. It just shows that you are not well-versed in that industry, and probably you have not asked the correct question. If you just do it right, a few simple sentence will be able to drive down to a conclusion. This interviewee really needs to buck up

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