How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner

View full lesson: Why is J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy so compelling?How about The Matrix or Harry Potter? What makes these disparate worlds come alive are clear, consistent rules for how people, societies -- and even the laws of physics -- function in these fictional universes. Author Kate Messner offers a few tricks for you, too, to create a world worth exploring in your own words. Lesson by Kate Messner, animation by Avi Ofer.

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I just live in my world. I don’t write it down because I don’t have time. I’m either working at school, doing homework, or living in my mind. I might write a short one some day
I have trouble with creating a world and even if I did I'm not sure if anyone would read my story
A great example of creating your own story through writing is by the dreams you have at night.
For me,what helps the most is to come up with a world is finding a single concept that could affect the world on a fundamental level. Then I build around that idea, how would affect the social structures, economy, and the things living there.
I'm planning to write a story more about it's world than it's character, worlds and characters are the easiest for me to make. I've noticed a theme when I come up with things that they tend to center on it's world over it's characters. But now that I'm purposely trying to do so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to write the story.
42! Answer is 42!
Thank you. This helps steels my resolve in finishing this story about thieves.
0:26 oh is this a *race thing* now?
Thnxit is very usfull for me
So then who's the author of this fiction world?
May I the only one watching this before my English test?
Am I the only one who hate her voice? squeaky shizzz
Not a fan of the 3 minute intro
Kate messener I love your books!!!!
Great advice! Thanks!
I got everything in my head from the ideology, the wars and the sociologie of a world, whit character and gods, one days it will be one paper!
Is this fictional?
I frequently build skeleton world's then forget them. Right now I'm fleshing a new world ut
I didn't watch because I feel a fictional world should spawn entirely from one's imagination without being influenced by the methods ofothers.
I started writing a story on wattpad. I had a character, a world, a good understanding of what the world was like, but when I got started with it, I realized I had no conflict for the main character to deal with.
It's called Dungeons & Dragons
I'm glad I'm watching these, I'm full of ideas
Video summary - Be god
You shall not pass...this class.
I recently bought this ebook on amazon, it basically helps you with this process. The only downsides are that it is not that long and that it is much of the same. But for the price it's pretty good.
The answer to the universe wasn't 42. That was simply a way for the supercomputer to establish that the question was wrong, so any answer is right.
Not helpful
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Don't run away to that world unless you have good lawyer
I liked the whole video, but what I expected by the title was what starts at 3:15 I think you should change the title to something like: "About fictional worlds"
What came first to you guys? The world or the story?
Yeah yeah. Drag on with metaphors and fancy sentences for 3 minutes.
The drawings are super cute!
Most of these are so true!! I have SO many stories in my head,But I don't know where's the best place to write them ;-; I'll probably make the map of the fictional world, concept art of the characters,descriptions,plots,etc. Being a writer is a bit difficult...
Step 1: Make Donald Trump a geniusTHERE DONE!!
Rather than someone holding a cell phone as the representation for the "present," it should have been someone holding a fidget spinner...
"How to build a fictional world" me: WHAT AM I A ROBOT?!
She saidMartin instead of Tolkien
You make it sound so easy
Mayeb i well build a creepypasta
Thought this was a how-to but oh well
I love the emphases on fictional world act consistently. Self consistency is important even in fiction. Makes for great scifi!!
Useless video saying water is wet.
4:20 I think that's a butt plug.
Why is all the best writers have the first letter in their name J
My question is how not to make a imaginary world too perfect.
Pro tip: just do something you like and don't think about the entire story before you start writing
Quite an underwhelming one =/
Harry Potter 😭😭😭😭😭
I'm gunna go write a sci-fi book on wattpad, this video did not help me...
World building is the friggen best thing ever! I have one specific world that I've been working on for years. However, the characters come before the world. This particular world came to be when I was 14, I had made a few characters and a thin plot that would take place in Japan. But the confines of my own knowledge on the country and the things my characters wanted to do didn't fit into our world. So I created my own. At first it was just a patch of land, green grass, many trees, and a dirt road. But then my characters took me by the hand and showed me the rest. 3 countries, 3 governmental systems, 3 levels of technology, a magical system, a written language, and a ton of history and lore, 3 plots that are separate in their own right but come together at the end. I put my soul into this world of mine, it is my precious priceless treasure. Seriously, build a world of your own and you will never be bored again!
I thought the video said, "How to build a fictional word" I was ready to make my own language.
Or be a programmer take a class in robobionics and create your simulation.
I know how to build reworlds
I'm a Great Writer, what is the BEST way to get my work out?? Books? Collaborating with Animators? Submitting my works??
Awesome, I love these things as they help you to escape and when you return to the shared world, you have a new or altered perspective or imagination.
Half of this is rambling .Respect viewers' time .
Very good :)
If you think about it, if a wands gravitational field is somehow stronger than earth then wingardium leviosa doesn't necessarily violate gravity
1:44-2:03 That is what I do most of the time
Use your imagination?
Excellent video! Very helpful!
This video completely opened my mind.
Request; How to create a fictional story based from history..
Such beautiful animations, love the style
2:07 my sister calls me weird for reading so much I tell here "it's better when you're world is paper and square"
The creation/the detailed of its history is the hardest part
I love my fictional world. I've been creating it since I was in 4th grade. I refuse to let my imagination go away
So basically a chuunibyo....
Too much waxing, not enough useful information. This is more like an appreciation of imagination rather than actual writing advice.
My favorite fictional world: Westeros (though I think it's only a continent and I probably wouldn't wanna live there myself)
What about Avatar the movie?
*Listens to all the questions while silently cheering because I already set them up in the story I'm planning* It's going to be such a confusing story tho tbh.
This video inspired me to start world building and i love writing out worlds now in extensive almost too much detail 😂 ive made a whole universe so far with several galaxies each with several planets and each planet with unique histories and societies and none of it would have happened without this so god bless this video
My preferred way to make worlds, is to make up a character, and then build the world around them.
She just beats around the buah the whole video, she doean't say "HOW" to make a fictional world
*But I like real world. :'0*
Yo why do smart people like the number 42 so much. I'm smart and I can't see a logical reason to like 42.
I have created several different worlds with different characters. My only problem is putting them into words and sentences that are creatively, beautifully well-written.
Thanks for the spoilers.
YOU SPOILED THE HOBBIT/LORD OF THE RINGS FOR ME!!! (Yes I haven't got around to reading that yet but I will. It's just there's soooooo many wordssss)
3:53 praise kek.
I invented my own world when I was very young and until today it has grown so big and I really love it. But I'm not motivated enough to write my stories down... I tried it several times, but my brain is too fast for my hand :-(
I think that that could be a fun game to play when your bored. Not worrying about the main character but create a world and like just start making bullet points about it like the stuff you said and see how far you can go. See where your ideas take you and how amazing of a world you can make.
I wonder if God used some of these methods to create the world we live in...
NO. This is wrong. H2G2 did not have worldbuilding as it fit in with the theme of a Galaxy which had no real organization and was really shambles.
I can't put the images in my head into words :(
This is genius!
Thank you, you really helped my with my story! 😄
I always hear out "Ganendorf"
Or you could just read the bible
This is very good Hope you have a great day:)
Really thank you
Easy, all you have to do is just put loads of fantasy stuffs you could think like for an example, FLYING GIRAFFES and then put any landscape that makes you happy and also don't foget to put Gandolf and YOU ARE DONE!!! A DAMN-SWAGGY FICTIONAL WORLD EVER!!!!

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How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner