How stress affects your brain - Madhumita Murgia

View full lesson: Stress isn’t always a bad thing; it can be handy for a burst of extra energy and focus, like when you’re playing a competitive sport or have to speak in public. But when it’s continuous, it actually begins to change your brain. Madhumita Murgia shows how chronic stress can affect brain size, its structure, and how it functions, right down to the level of your genes. Lesson by Madhumita Murgia, animation by Andrew Zimbelman.

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This was indirectly like a motivational video
I wonder what my brain must look like now.I have had chronic stress and GAD since I was a child.I saw a lot of psychologists for it but it never improved.Alzheimers runs in my family too so this is sort of concerning...
Stress gives you adrenaline
So is it possible to restablish the links....
Thanks now I am even more unhappy
The most epic TedEd soundtrack I've heard for one of their videos. Big kudos to the producer!!
My stress has got the best of me
I like this I've been there many times before
Life would be so much better if school wasn't stressful
How ironic: this video stressed me out a little bit 😅
I'm pretty sure this video saved my life.
This is why people in he closet feel the need to come out
Isn't that AMaZINGGGGg
I knew it was my parents fault
Alguien que traduzca este video en español 🙏
Somebody please help me. I have had insomnia for almost a year now and I feel like I am suffocating every single day from not sleeping. I feel sick all the time and can barely even read. I used to enjoy waking up early and working out but this is making it difficult for me. I am not depressed although I get extremely negative thoughts at night and have anxiety attacks. It is almost as if I become a different person at night and cannot control myself or my actions. Last week I punched my thigh so hard to make myself feel numb so that I could fall asleep but I ended up with a sprained wrist. I have gotten less than ten hours of sleep these past five days and I feel like dying. It is an endless cycle and I cannot afford medication/therapy. I do not know what to do. I am so tired, so, so tired:(
Watching this was stressful
I have no words for grateful!
You just made me more stressfull thank you!
And this is why I smoke weed
I needed that
God bless this animation
That is how I lost my abilities
This video kinda stressed me out...😖
So i talked to my mom about having depression and or anxiety. one time she was calling me and feel so tired and just want to sleep at my room and suddenly she was making fun of me saying,"is that what anxiety means?" and i got mad at her. say you couldnt possibly questioning whether anxiety can always determines in action or in feelings and that hurts me. Me coming up to her saying how i feel and trusting her to respect what im experiencing and expecting her to help me get through this. i told her so many times about this and she just says 'why would i let myself fall into it and stuff like that and its not so easy to just leave the door and move on. i tried to be better but it just keeps coming back. when i was telling my mom i expect her to put me into activities to improve my activeness and to be more open but she just look at it as if you can just do it in a snap of my finger.
A perfect and impressing animation. And now go and check the study of Shawn Achor about stress. "Stress is inevitable - but it's negative effects are not", he claims. Yes, chronic stress is always good to reduce and it is your individual Mindset about stress what can help to overcome the dramatic negative effects.
This video seems to have a pretty low framerate
I have been wanting to die since the age of 13 due to stress.
Oh how lovely
I'm gonna die basically
Stress produces more stress. Interesting.. However you know ignorance is bliss, understanding is stress. Consciousness of truth is a struggle
After watching this, everything makes sense. I was living in poverty and was raised in broken family since I was 7. I'm also an immigrant so yea. I used to be a this ambitious kid with straight A without trying, but now I have brain fog, attention deficit and can't learn things as easily as I used to. I have social anxiety and pretty sure I have some depression/bipolar issues. Life feels like something I get by, not something I cherish
I'm scared now.
This is why everybody needs to develop a daily meditation habit. it is so important yet not as common as it should be
To everyone that's becoming anxious over the video (and I'm definitely one of them), remember to breathe. Just take a deep breath. And then another one. And another. Stress is a lot harder when we give into it. So eat when you're hungry even if it's just a bite, drink water when you're thirsty even if it's just a sip, leave the lights on to sleep if you have to. It's a process, but each instance that you're kinder to yourself makes it easier.
This was helpful and stressful. Guess I'll smoke a blunt since my brain is shrinking anyways.
I got hard to stress about 3 years ago I lost my memory. And other side effects I recovered all but my memory is still bad.
Watching this made me stressed
Sufferd through a 5 year custody battle filled with false allegations..many arrest with no evidence.stalking from the mom.prosecutor refusing to charge her with evidence.i definitely have noticed a diffrence in my brain...
The music was so well arranged in this video 🙌🏽
Do more yoga.
Thank you
Learning takes place by choosing your interests. Something I'd say why school isn't helping.. ..and TED does.
Can someone ping me a link (a really good link) on how to meditate? Maybe a video by TED? tia
Thank you for the simple suggestions. I see too many videos like this that basically sound like "Congratulations. You wrecked your life and your brain can no longer cope, so enjoy increasing levels of pain until you die" O_o Oh yes let's remember the simple suggestions to REVERSE this: Exercise and Meditation. :)
Don't care anymore about my stress :)
I love the music track for this ^_^
This is making me stressed. Great
Now made me more stressed...
Such an insightful video! I found my problem. I'm looking forward now.
I recommend soft jogging, bird watching, and stretching somewhere in local nature alone and if headphones make you feel comfortable try lyric-less instrumental music.
Why am I anxious about being anxious now
This video mades me stressed
Amazing video!
I suffer a lot of stress where I can not even think, thanks comrades
I got lost in the background music. It literally gave me goosebumps.
The sad rats stressed out 😢
FML- that was stressful!
In Islam, there are salat as a meditation and exercise for decreasing stress. These issue was mentioned 1400 years ago.
Can marijuana help with stress and anxiety?
The sad fact is that man is facing too much stress not because it happens but because they need to do things right in their works (most people) to make others rich while they don't then they have obligations to do.
The comment section is awfully depressing!! Don't give up ppl! Stay positive! Surround yourself with good vibes!
I've been feeling like sh*t ever since I entered 12th grade. The tasks and other projects that are needed to be done are not the only ones that give me stress. The fact that I'm getting ridiculed at by a lot of people everyday makes me want to quit already. I really want to learn.I love learning but I can't deal with being talked about and laughed at everyday anymore.
So.. I'm maybe stressed. that's great, I thought I was comming senile before 30
Not imagine effects of slavery in the stress that were put on those that were enslaved and how it affected them all the way to their descendants hmmmm
Thank you <3
YouTube and all other social media are sending me so many signs to start meditating. Gotta start soon before my brain shrinks.
I stay in Compton
I swear by exercise as the best way to reduce stress. Exercise is a magic pill that busts stress.
What music is this
Thanks you
I read how chronic affects your brain and thought blaaaaze it! But no, I am chronically stressed though
Murgia sounds like murug in my language which means stress
The animation combined with the music, and the soothing voice of the narrator was so PURE. I loved this video. Thanks TED-Ed.
I have anxiety and depression disorders. And im constantly scared and paranoid from the thought when i will have my next panic attack
Now im more stressed about those poor little rats 💔💭😐
I feel like if I'll be stressed about one more thing I'll just explode.The worst thing about my problems is that I can't help or even solve them. I feel so hopeless. Honestly, I just can't find myself having any fun outside the internet because I'm consistently reminded of all the things that cause me stress. My stomach hurts from stress and I feel like the stress is completely taking a toll on my health. I really wish I had someone that isn't a stranger to me talk with me about everything, but I just don't have that kind of person. With school starting tomorrow I'll surely start to have more stress and I just don't know how I'll be able to handle everything.
This video has just stressed me out more, how do you actually stop stressing over long stressful periods of time?!
This I feel like crying damn
Yes it's called highschool
Lmao the intro...uh that sounds exactly like me lol
Read “The Upside of Stress” by Kelly Mcgonigal who did a study that concludes that only people that view stress as a bad thing experience those side effects while people who viewed it as a good job thing and a natural thing had almost no side effects. It’s really interesting and has overall made me a much less stressed about stress
You know what helps me when I'm stressed? Watching comedies. I love Conan!
Thats the two things I did today
Ok how to remove stress? 🤔🤔🤔
Stressing upon the rats
Couldn't watch this, it was stressing me out.
I am so stressed I had the perfect lifeI was working my dream job had a beautiful baby great boyfriend and happy family then my dad left i got fired baby died he cheated all at once
Thank you ❤️
People typically stress over insignificant things.
No wonder I got so fucking stupid, stress has taken over and deleted some of my goddamn brain cells
Quit school.
Smoke a little dank, studies show a little bit daily reduces stress
Guess I better start meditating (since I already exercise).
Thanks, I needed that.

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