How Starbuck's Made a Comeback! A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

Subscribe to Valuetainment:Starbuck's Case Study for Entrepreneurs- The Biz Doc, Tom Ellsworth dives into case study #1 with a lesson on the importance of replication. This lesson is derived from one of America's favorite coffee shops; Starbucks. Grab your notebook, take notes and join the conversation as Valuetainment brings you a new way of teaching entrepreneurship with these case studies. Please comment and share to help educate entrepreneurs from all over the world. About Tom Ellsworth: THOMAS N. ELLSWORTH, is an experienced CEO / COO and veteran entrepreneur. He has been disrupting industries and driving consumer shifts through Venture-backed companies in technology, software development, publishing and mobile that have generated exits totaling over $1B. Watch the interview with Patrick Bet-David: Connect with Tom: Valuetainment- The Best Channel for Entrepreneurs

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VALUETAINMENT is hands down the best channel for Entreprenuers. From the very start till now - case studies! Amazing.
When you´re growing it's all about replication (product, experience), if you make it right you'll have momentum and the result: Money-Thanks Tom.
Thanks Tom!
I like these video's because he has F1 Shirts on.
Please tell me the Negative effect of starbuck
How Starbuck's Made a Comeback! A Case Study for Entrepreneurs Key Takeaways: 1.Replication is everything 2.Replication builds momentum
Great video, some time to go forward you pose and take step back
Great video keep them coming
Replication is everything so everything is same so u can go to any place and be normal
I'm 4th year student and you got it right here my subscription. Thank you
How can anyone dislike FREE fucking knowledge like this, WTF is wrong with people of today???
Tom Awesome you are and things you Share to help People like Me
Tom you rock! You remind me of the store manager in employee of the month!Tim Bagley
Great content! Subscribed :)
Hello tom, good day! can you pls make a case study on 7Eleven, thank you
I really enjoy your presentation,style and videos. The main guy, honestly gets a little annoying for me. His content is good but presentation wise, it seems like he puts too much emphasis on everything. Need to take it a notch down. But again, it's just a personality thing i guess.
Still going- awesome video Tom. Thank you.
Damn your channel is getting big
Hi Pat & Tom, You guys are doing a great job. I really like all your videos from your Channel. The case studies are fantastic. One small request to you, if possible could you please add more case studies on failed companies like Blockbuster etc., Because We can learn many things from failures rather than success. Thanks...Thumbs up :)
Replication is the key to a big business. Be sure to keep to your roots. Sometimes you need to take a step back to take a step forward.
Keep making those informative videos, i learned a lot. Good job👍🏼😄
Great Videos. We love all your and Pat's videos - thank you We learnt sooo much :). - Please do a case study on Yahoo if possible
Hi Tom! I am curious how can Amazon grow without making profit?
Thank you so much for this value. I am so happy this is available. :)
SBUX system is kinda hard to replicate since they have to depend a lot on their staff to provide customer with a unique experience, McDonald's just had better system, the staffs dont seem to make too much impact on the restaurants. Maybe we can do a case study comparing SBUC and McDonald's
Great!! thanks!
Thanks i love the story
Freaking awesome. Will execute immediately.
Its necessarily about what you know , A lot of it is who ya know!
Tom I have a question, you say replication is everything, although in the blockbuster case study you say what gets you here won't get you there? If you have the time can, I'd really appreciate it if you kind of separate and break down the differences of the two:)
I like this guy, but I think he didn't finish right it was to soon he should've give more info about what was the impact of that 3 hour brakefor Starbucks and how the picture look over all now
Could you do a video on mlm and whether is it advisable to join one? 😊
This series is going to be awesome every friday!!! hey Tom, I assume you went to the GP last month in Austin?!?! :D
I was really anticipating the case study Friday... I was intrigued by the case study Pat did on twitter...
Thanks Valuetainment.
Great talk/discussion!Thank you for providing so much value!
I love your channel!!!
Man I loveeee Valuetainment! It is so amazing. The details are so well made and so thoroughly put together. Thanks Pat and his Team.
Make your culture amazing so people come back
But still a ton of valuable info to grow ourselves in to a better entrepreneur. Thanks Patrick.
Thank you!
Freaking awesome. Will execute immediately.
Replication is everything. Replication builds momentum. Pay attention to the basics. (replicate = to make or do something again in exactly the same way.)
Great content
Patrick replicated the Valuetainment's values in you perfectly! To be a great leader is to be a great follower indeed!
Freaking awesome. Will execute immediately.
Genius idea to close store 3 house to retrain advertisrd company and looks good
If ur not adapting youre dying
I'm glad Starbucks kept their external brand aligned with customer preferences. the customers wanted a social gathering location where they could sit down, open a laptop, play online games and socialize with friends. What impresses me is the fact that Starbucks changed their external brand - the operating systems - without the customers ever truly feeling a corporate change was occurring - in the negative sense. Thank you for the playlist, here are my picks for future case studies. Alibaba vs. Amazon SOHO China The Simon Property Group vs. Westfield Disney BlackRock The Hard Rock Cafe Goldman Sachs Lamborghini vs. Ferrari Gucci vs. Tom Ford Louie Vuitton The Stronach Group (American horse racing) Sony Under Armor vs.Nike Xbox vs. PlayStation
Strong member on the team. keep up
Very nice
Totally dig the new Friday segment. Interesting to hear the methodology that Starbuck's CEO used for success. A lot of useful information given in this short video. Thank you Valutainment and Tom E. for taking the time to put this together.
You have to stop to change direction, or at least slow down, otherwise you'll crash, or jump the curb, or even go into the other lane.
This is like the summary of Starbucks CEO second book I have listened to the audio more than 4 times . Its a success story
I thought u said in the Nokia case study : " what got you here wont get you there." care to elaborate between these two circumstances
I love this series of CASE STUDY
Finally watched all case studie videos
Doesn't this contradict the Nokia case study? They failed because they stayed the same, Starbucks succeeded because they stayed same.
Great addition to the team of Valuetainment. Lots of value. Keep the good work guys.
Btw Patrick sir and Tom sir...m a big fan of yours...!! :) thank uh so mch for such lovely contents...!!
I appreciate this video. The CEO had a sense of urgency to rebirth the customer experience. That brave decision to close all Starbucks for training was a great move. That showed how important a CEO can be for a company.
When we connect the dots through the future, we see thatclosing the stores is necessary and worth it. On the other hand I see that companies have Plato effect too Iike people have. When you think you good enough to settle down, Mc Donald come get you hahaha.... You become a fat boy again :) Love from Paris
You absolutely did leave me better than you found me. Loved the video, great content.
You left me better than you found me Tom. goo job!
I like this kind of content. Valuetainment is a product of their own beliefs - testing, experimenting and optimizing for what works. As an entrepreneur myself, these case studies definitely give us another set of lens to see through. Thanks Pat and Tom!
I love the new show!
I like this guy
I guess this YT channel is better than my business college... Also I'm waiting for more F1 Shirts :D
Thank you for taking the time educate us.
Great video and great lesson
Absolutely LOVE the new Case Studies you have ever since you have recruited Tom!
Next could be jeff bezos amazon or elon musk tesla :)
Loving the new series! Great job Tom and the whole team!
Tom, you are amazing presenting this case study. Please, do more.
This video was so worth watching :)
Very insightful, seeing the basics of Starbucks written in its raw form really lets you easily compare it to your own experiences. Thanks for the video
PAT, I really like the way you have integrated Tom Ellsworth into Valuetainment Educational Platform.Thank you Mr. Ellsworth, for sharing your wisdom. After watching this episode, I started to reflect on my own responsibility as a CEO of The Basket Is Full, Inc., a food processing plant in Lincoln, NE.After viewing this Friday lesson seven consecutive times back to back, I just sat at my desk and meditated on these four areas that affect our company: Our companies Functioning speed, processing speed and timing speed and expansion speed. Like yourself, I like to study great people and content. “I am application specialist who does not have dreams, just choices I haven’t made yet.” Jonathan Primo Fuego Galicia President and CEO The Basket Is Full, Inc. Home of the Pur Java™ Brand
True: be careful who you hire!
Thank you Tom was worth watching this.
Love this new form of content guys, it was just what this channel was missing. But I do find some of the advice/content is reallygeared towards B2C businesses only. And that's probably because the majority of start-ups are B2C orientated, but I find a lot of things don't apply to B2B or B2B2C businesses, like mine. In businesses like manufacturing and/or distribution, the eventual success of your product sales relies on the loyalty and feedback of the end-user. However, in most cases you are selling through a diverse supply - chain and aren't getting that 1 v 1 interaction with your crucial end-user, which makes controlling or ensuring a positive customer experience with your product, quite challenging. Could be an interesting segment to shed some light on. Just some food for thought :) Keep up the great work guys!
Great stuff Tom.Keep it up💕
GREAT work Tom! I'm looking forward to more of this!
I love it. this was a right on time message because in the next few months i am going to open up a coffee shop so this helped tremendously. I appreciate the time you taken out of your day to help patrick out. That was explained so simple even a child could understand these principles
Thank you
Starbucks better reinvent themselves again. Their sales are dropping. Their High prices and snobby liberal elite atmosphere and political statements are turning off half the country.
Please keep this series going, loved it!!!!
Valuetainment is THE real deal.
I learned from this video more than my classes for my MBA this semester ,Thank you Tom cant wait for your next videos
Thank you Tom for expanding the advice on Valuetainment
Fantastic idea for a video! Please keep doing these Pat, learning how companies started can really help put where I am in business in perspective and can help me make the right decisions to move forward
Best Channel on Entrepreneurship. Subscribed. Shot out from Mozambique
Great video
Very cool - and thanks a lot, Tom, for taking the time to do these case studies. As a companion to this video, I'd recommend reading E-myth (Entrepreneurial Myth) to people interested more in the replication topic. It's actually #9 in Pat's top 100 books. :)
Most definitely left me better I was before watching this. Big ups!!
This case study is great, thanks Tom
This was great, thank you Tom! Also, thanks Pat for bringing The Biz Doc into the channel!
Great stuff. Awesome
This is great great stuff!

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How Starbuck's Made a Comeback! A Case Study for Entrepreneurs