How Nokia Blew A Big Lead in Mobile Phones! A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

Subscribe to Valuetainment:Nokia Case Study for Entrepreneurs- The Biz Doc, Tom Ellsworth dives into case study #2 with a lesson on why a once very dominant company, disappeared. This lesson is derived from one of mobile communications legendary handset manufacturers - Nokia. Grab your notebook, take notes and join the conversation as Valuetainment brings you case studies with The Biz Doc - a new way to learn entrepreneurial lessons.Please subscribe, comment and share to help educate entrepreneurs from all over the world. About Tom Ellsworth: THOMAS N. ELLSWORTH, is an experienced CEO / COO and veteran entrepreneur. He has been disrupting industries and driving consumer shifts through Venture-backed companies in technology, software development, publishing and mobile that have generated exits totaling over $1B. Watch the interview with Patrick Bet-David: Connect with Tom: Valuetainment- The Best Channel for Entrepreneurs

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Can you please do a case study on TATA, it is a Indian Multinational Company makes everything from IT, Trucks to Salt, but I never understood their mindset of operating. Their Idea of Business. Thank You.
This is great! Thanks Tom!
They pretty much lost everything in 4 years... crazy. They obviously weren't interested in improving their products anymore so they should've sold. Great case study.
Can you do one on Kylie Jenner's brand? It's on its way to become worth $1B, and i wanna know how
How did u n Mario ended up with Patrick?
That one gaming phone Nokia did was a big flop, I forgot what it was called off the top of my head but it was really ugly looking
It is true when they say adapt or die
Sir you r amazing
Hey buddy, I love your case studies. I'm just fascinated at how you get them. Is there a site or something? Can you do a video or something to teach people how to get case studies??
Very Good !thanks sir;-)
Could you please do a case study for health care organisation. Many thanks.
Thanks Tom Nokia was my Favourite phone at one time I wanted to know what made it sink Got the Answer thanks Dear
Great work pal. Simple, yet covered all the important points
Tom Ellsworth. I stumbled upon this channel today while surfing YouTube and boy I am so glad I did. I have subscribed immediately.
Great case study. Shame Nokia didn't innovate. Great simple phones to use abroad though.
Still going- Awesome video Tom. Loved the analysis.
Nokia wouldn't have done anything wrong if they were still in the paper making business(toilet paper to be exact). Mobile phone is hi-tech, therefore disruptions happen more frequently and at shorter intervals. However, just like BlackBerry, I'm sure there's a lot of internal conflicts about whether or not to ditch Symbian. Asian hardware manufacturers never had the software dilemma, they simply continued the win-tel model and changed to qual-droid model. Now, there were ways to remedy Nokia's problem, but they were not fast enough. Their products remain unchanged until Windows smartphone.
Comment #3. Hi Tom. Interesting. We'll see how the pixels do... - Tom Park
Thanks to this video I made some awesome gains buying NOK.Your insights hit the nail on the head and made me look further into the company.I purchased a good amount of Nokia stock after viewing this video and realized they were more than a phone company and were under rated!Sold half my shares last week for some significant gains.This money is going into my business and is going to hopefully help me grow as an entrepreneur !
"What got you here won't get you there".There's a difference between confidence and hubris. Nokia didn't look to the future and sat on the top as if no one was trying to take them down.
Every videos of your's gives way more information and motivation ( valuetainment case study or be any other video's) to start your own business rather than getting a business degree...i can say this coz i have a business degree :) ...dammnnnnAnd yes please do a case study on TATA...Really looking forward to watching it.
6:35 lol really Tom?
Thank you Tom. your content somehow always had good timing well done ^_^
Wasn't danger acquired by Microsoft and not google?
What does he mean when he says Microsoft "wrote off" Nokia? Like as in a tax write off?
He understood but he understood the future and the danger of the smart phones and how the chip was an evil idea and didn't want conform cause you can't track anybody on a Nokia phone. but people really think technology is getting better but it's only leading them glued to their phones now there's other ways to make a better phone without a chip. the chip was the bait that everyone fell may think I'm talking crazy but that's fine. you will soon enough don't get me it's not bad yo make money but think about humanity in the long run external technology never makes it better only getting worst. I'm only speaking on the side of Nokia's perspective. no cries as a company that they lost tons of money but he was crying cause of humanity was going down as well with all this underlying bs. wake up people this channel should be more dedicated to have money work for them like stock and trade cause most not allbusinesses are cut throat if they are really successful
You should do a case study on Circuit City
This is a problem i'd like to have.
Dont feel safe where u at always be paranoid that youre going to lose everything
Interesting, but where is the "case study".
Always quality. Thanks again Patrick. Quickly becoming my favorite station.
Hi al the way from Sweden
Wow. it's imperative to grow
This channel is GREAT!
That made me eat ass thanks
That why !
Great episode. Pat,can u also make episodes on prospecting, sales closing strategies, and social intelligence.Thanks Pat. God Bless!
" what got you here won't take you there "that's deep!
1. As a successful entrepreneur know the difference between confidence (the quality of being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future) versus hubris (a way of talking or behaving that is too proud).2. What got you here, won't get you there.
Officially my online mentor... Thank you Patrick and the team. I like the way you are a team and as the founder (Patrick) how you have delegated and your team still carries the same culture, ambience of the channel. That's amazing... I'm taking notes. Great video... Loving the case studies... I'm so sharing this on Facebook... Getting the word out there.... My favorite channel.... #PatFan....
Officially my online mentor... Thank you Patrick and the team. I like the way you are a team and as the founder (Patrick) how you have delegated and your team still carries the same culture, ambience of the channel. That's amazing... I'm taking notes. Great video... Loving the case studies... I'm so sharing this on Facebook... Getting the word out there.... My favorite channel.... #PatFan....
Thank you sir for the videos.....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Not completely true at firstNokia had some of the best phones and theyinnovatedi. e the NGAGE, N seriesit slowed down in 2006
Great stuff. Can't wait for the case studies of those so many other companies. Can you do a case study on PHP ?
Hello! new subscriber here, love the content. would you ever consider doing case studies of popular videogame companies/studios, such as Nintendo, Bioware, Sega, Atari, Konami, Capcom, Midway Entertainment ( now Netherrealm Studios) and the like?
Best case study ever . I think now Apple doing the same thing .
I love Nokia!! Still!!
Current Case of Samsung would be appreciated.
My first mobile was Nokia.
Daewoo would be a good one, washing machines to cars and buy a car and get 1 free deals
Man truly a crazy story. I was one of the top sales ppl for T-mobile in Holland when they had just acquired Orange. I remember offering the candybar nokia phones to ppl with free car gps systems just to get the deal. While htc, samsung, lg and later Apple were hitting it big with innovative products, they were still relying on bulky phones with symbian. Look at them now. crazy how that guy said that they didn't do anything wrong. Says it all. Hey Tom! You hit it outta the park man. Keep em coming!
Is there a specific reason why Thomas wears these F1 team shirts?
Make more please!!!
Some companies like Nokia just move themselves out of business, I call this stupidity not hubris, and stupidity has a high cost, like thousands of jobs terminated.
My 7th video for case studies done
Very nice Tom. great case study.
Great video! Just wondering. What does it mean to 'write something off' ?
I am in Telecom wireless industry, just a starter. But I know about Nokia it was a giant as you said when I was teenager. I totally agree with you on all points. Thank you so much for this case study.They announce about smart phones to come in 2017. lets see what they offer in this much competition now. I born in India, a big and hot market for cell phone hardware and telecom service provider sector. I can tell Nokia that you have to be best to compete in this industry now otherwise, it would be hard to top again.
I love these case studies, they are so informative. So, thank you guys.
Very important video please do more! Wish they taught this in schools
This is a really great video :D
What get you here can't get your there I learn a lot about this case
Great vid realy good analysisΒ  . I guess than when yoΒ΄re too big its hard to look down
These case studies are just absolute class!Thank you Tom for this. Great presentation, simple, short and easy to understand. A virtual toast to many more case studies to come!
Blockbuster please!
Haha - nice video and light! a little bit of repetition, but on an acceptable level ;)
I love the case study section. Thanks you guys for taking the time and effort to make this great content. With love from Malaysia.
Please keep doing more of these case studies. They are so knowledgeable and interesting at the same time. :)
Pls continue with tiz kind of content, it really helps mi, tq Tom
Damn that's a harsh lesson. Think I may have a bit of hubris.... I'd better watch it.
Hi Tom, interesting video, the Nokia story really does highlight Hubris and it's pitfalls.
Thank you sir for another great content. You definitely left me better than when i came here.
I'm loving these case studies Tom, please keep the good work (: Thank you!
Cases of different companies would be very interesting to watch
Nice Case Study and good lesson. Dont sit on your ass, dont be cocky and try to be ahead of the game. A good lesson thx.
Your confidence is growing , you will make great teacher, thank you
I enjoyed watching this case study and did learn from it.But I feel it was focused on the phones and not Nokia the corporation.I was expecting something else when I clicked the link!
Please please do a case study on Keller Williams . So amazed how I see the name EVERYWHERE. they just popped up out of nowhere lol. Btw I am big fan!! Thanks!!
High value video. GM case study soon??
I love your case study videos. very educative.
Great series, I found the other case a bit more informative partly because of the engagement with the blackboard. I think using the blackboard more would be great!
You always have to adapt to change
Excellent video. Love it.
Loving this type of content
Amazing I love these sessions please keep it coming.I wish my teachers were this good in school.
Please explain the reason for the shirt....thx
This should have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more views!! great lesson
Nokia was pretty innovative company on engineering side, they had smartphones years before first I-phone. Their management downplayed the innovation they had. Nokia 7700, nokia n-gage, nokia communicator. From my perspective Nokia was relatively innovative company, however places where carriers decide which phone people get they went to cheaper models. Also the path to what we consider normal feature phone took some innovation also. Also Nokia made hundred different differently innovative phones, but they all where made on top of legacy operating system which they kept too long.
These case +valuetaiment are really good. They are broken down into simple yet informative bits and easy to place any company in any industry side by side for review. Thanks
Thank you Tom Ellsworth! q:D
Great video! i really enjoy watching your case studies!
Great video tom.
More case studies !!😁😁😁
Love it !!!
Heh, what a coincidence. currently learning the "Gran Vals" on my guitar, which is known for the "Nokia tune" it contains in its Melodie....
Hello Tom, Your case study boils down to a statement that 'What gets you here won't get you there'. Am I getting it wrong when I feel that this is in contrast with Al Ries' Focus Strategy which prohibits line development and advises to get more specialized as a company grows? Could you explain how Nokia could have remained a giant without losing its brand uniqueness? Thank You Tom.
Keep this up. this is a great addition to the channel. this will help you Pat and Valutainment to grow the channel forward to 250000.

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How Nokia Blew A Big Lead in Mobile Phones! A Case Study for Entrepreneurs