How Amazon Dominated Retail - A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

The Biz Doc, Tom Ellsworth dives into case study #11 How Amazon Dominated Retail. Subscribe to Valuetainment: Grab your notebook, take notes and join the conversation as Valuetainment brings you case studies with The Biz Doc - a new way to learn entrepreneurial lessons.Please subscribe, comment and share to help educate entrepreneurs from all over the world. About Tom Ellsworth: THOMAS N. ELLSWORTH, is an experienced CEO / COO and entrepreneur. He has been disrupting industries and driving consumer shifts through Venture-backed companies in technology, software, publishing and mobile that have generated exits totaling over $1B. Watch the interview with Patrick Bet-David: Connect with Tom: About Amazon:, often simply Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and based in Seattle, Washington. Valuetainment- The Best Channel for Entrepreneurs

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Suggestion: Add some advice related to the topic of the case study for entrepreneurs watching the video. So don't make it all about the company. Example: To become like amazon in this thing, you have to focus on that thing... Thanks
Love the 3:40 dayyyyum
Hahahahhaha dayyyymmmmm! had me rolling on the floor laughing! great video. love the case studies! just shared this with a friend.
Tom, you are really awesome and your analysis are deep, yet simple and clear to understand. Thanks!
One word for that, DAME
Thanks for pinning this comment
Do Alibaba next. They are bigger than Amazon.
Damn love when he says DAMN lol
Thanks Dear to share about Giant Amazon
Hello tom, good day! can you pls make a case study on flip kart, thank you
Still going- haha love it when you say "DAMN!" Tom.
Tom can you do possible case anaylsis/ market entry for ntribullet into Cuba?
I love these videos!!
Great video Tom. A suggestion for a case study is Vine and how it was huge but then went downhill and closed down!Thanks
Amazon's respect towards the environment is horrible.
Amazing thank you
Hi Tom, thanks a lot for this. I am running an online clothing store and one of the hardest thing I have is the lack of delivery infrastructure in my base country (Sri Lanka). When customers get their products delivered quickly they say - "Daayymmmm"!!!
Great episode
I have never used Amazon and 淘寢tao bao (famous in China ) but I will try in the future πŸ˜ƒI really love Google, if I can buy things online from Google, I will go first to Google!
Appreciate the changes amazon has caused in the retail market. Digital sales for anyone is a three front war (search, selection, delivery).
My favourite case study so far. Especially since my business is in the online space. Loved the 3 critical ingredients for having a successful online business. One thing to note though, most of the 3rd party suppliers that sell in amazon would be drop shippers where the brand isn't a critical focus. As you so astutely mentioned, amazon will push their brand throughout the customer journey right till it reaches your house. In my humble opinion, if I wanted to push sales into my own website and have more control over my brand perception, google would be the better option.Not to mention you have more tools at your disposal. Thanks again Tom!
Tom, you're the man! Hey I need you to look at me more. I know Mario is beautiful, but stop looking at him hahaha Catch you later Tom!
Hello!:) could u do a case study on a luxury fashion brand like chanel? and how they compete against other brands like hermes and Louis vitton? they sell similar things, yet y r they successful if they don't have a big difference or speciality between them? i mean, besides what animal skin they use, i really dont see a difference. im trying so hard to know how to make my brand stand out and become the "it" bag. thank you!!😊
How about something on Tesla?
I like these case studies.Also, the dayum was hilarious.
Thank you, great case study
Do a case study on the US and how it went from an economic nobody to the largest economic power on the planet
Good video, thanks!
Great study as usual, would you do a study on Beko ..Thanks
Congrats Tom... You are very friendly!! :D
Aaah another great tech company discussed! I love it!
Homeboy was legit about to redo the whole video because of the throw lol
Hey Tom, could you do a car study on PayPal! That would be awesome!
Tom is so cool man :)
I'm pretty sure people dislike by accident
Can you do a case study on Kia? I am amazed how far they've come in the recent years. Thank you for the great content.
Case study on GOOGLE
Love this Video Tom! Amazon knows how to innovate for customer satisfaction!
I would love to see a case study on something construction related - Like Skanska or Samsung C&T!
Make your product easy to get
Right now, all the ads on other sites will pop up to what you searched on Amazon, smart yet very eerie.
How about Magic Johnson's basketball shoes? Or LAgearshoes with lights bacon the 90's?
Could you start adding references in the description please!
Amazing case study Tom. Excellent timing because I am planning to launch my food company's ecommerce store. Actually do you know if they allow gourmet food delivery from non-US manufacturers? I want to know if I can sell my transylvanian ethnic food products globally via Amazon. Thank you in advance.:-)
You are right...beautiful case study
YES! Thank you for the analysis Tom!
Wow. A patent for a blimp. You left me better (more informed) that you found me Tom.
Search, Selection and Delivery (y)
Please do case studies on non tech/IT companies such as ben & jerries, M&M, nestle etc +valuetainment
Great content. Very informative. Can you please make a video on private labeling on Amazon?
What happen with Macy's?
Tom...sorry for the late response...I'm lagging behind with your videos and trying to get up-to-date. Another "Amaz"ing case study about Amazon. Hoping to see another case study related to Amazon on their AWS/Kindle/Alexa and their new OS and the way they are expanding in multiple domains.....thanks a lot...
Search, Selection and delivery.............. great lesson. Thank you TOM and team :)
Thats why its seems natural;;; light beer ;
Floating warehouses ... WOW! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚
What I learned is : 1- focus on customers and study them 2- be innovative .. embrace the change for the future
Excelent video, tanks fo everything.
Amazing vid. Thank You
Great! That was one hell of a case study... Could you do one on Tesla Motors?
The best case studies on YouTubefor all entrepreneurs! Always looking forward to the next case study. Thank you Tom πŸ˜€
Make one on Alibaba please!
Dayyum!!! Love it lol
Plz can u tell your email i have some imp query.btw u doing great work plz give your email
Over !!!!!
I have a question, could the antitrust try to take action against amazon in the future? Could Amazon be the next Standard Oil?
Amazon paid their dues building that huge data base search engine early in the game, now they're winning. smart move
Biz Doc can you please show us how you create these case study I have a couple of companies that I want to look into to
Great case study. It's best example of how MVP works ( in this case selling books). Rapid growth from running a successful MVP.
Damn,Bezos is a beast.Is it possible to ask for your sources? This way viewers can dig deeper into the case. Really looking forward to Fridays since this series started!
Thank you tom very much
You already know what he's going to say when he says, "There's only one word for that." It's always hilarious and I love it.
Hello!! What is the chalk marker that you use un that blackboard. A name or a bran whoul be usefull. Thanks 😊
So Uber is coming up,Amazon is going up i think the future is holding more and more marvels. What do you think Tom?
Great, finally a case study about a company I'm really interested in. I just love Amazon for it's outstanding customer experience!
Tom, any insight on the shift from search engines to amazon search directly? I can't understand the logic?
Loved every single video, Thank You! I'll like to see a case study of Trump, the brand. No politics by any means but his business.
Another awesome case study! Wouldn't it be interessting to do a case study on PHP, the decisions/struggles you and Patrick faced
So cool thanks !!!
Is there someone who can recommend some books about E-marketing? IF YOU LOVES educational channels - TRY MINE sorry, temptation is high
Great lesson!
I would've actually done all my homework and not slept in any classes back in high-school and college if every class was like this haha Beer! LOL Thank you I learned so much! Perfect for my E-commerce business.
It would be great if biz doc would do a case study on Tabasco hot sauce or tapatio, cholula hot sauce either one would do... but Great case study on Amazon
Great video
Incredible, Bezos always says there could be a college kid sitting in his dorm room creating something that could take over Amazon. What new innovation could compete against Amazon?
Incredible interesting story but it would be even more interesting to see how Bezos managed to actually make Amazon big from the beginning and what strategies he used to beat his competitors.
Please make case study on 7 eleven convinience store
Tom tell us more about alibaba
My girlfriend just dumped me... How can I use these rage and pain to be more productive, better, to reach higher grounds?I feel like I'll rather be alone and happy, than with somebody and in pain..
Valuetainment team,you make such a great videos with your channel being such a great information provider for future entrepreneur, big fan , tom would you make a case study on google and how its now the king of information technology
Nice shirt!
Amazon also plays a huge role in the gaming community. They bought twitch the biggest streaming platform for the gaming industry which i believe has played a huge part to Amazons recent success.
Another great case study.I know I dread going into a brick and mortar store now and do as much shopping online (Amazon being my favorite default) whenever possible.I love the study most to see how they have dominated and they're still looking at other ways to constantly stay current and relevant.Goes back to make it easy and I'll be a customer forever.
Building that data and keeping it!Eventually going down the route of machine learning and artificial intelligence once you establish a service with continuous and consistent data input and collection!Something to learn about in the near future and apply!
A great and insightful content about the company's growth history. I was hoping for more explanation on their business model and how they make money, especially by facilitating a purchase of a product that isn't theirs and at lower prices.
Seems to me Amazon is using a similar strategy that Google is using. That being that they use your browsing history (of their store atleast) to give you the best service possible. Thankyou for posting this video Tom, it really made me think. I'll be sure to play it atleast once a week.
Yeah Amazon really made it and they are consistently improving. I've just read the E-Myth and I think it's important for everyone to know that 80 percent of independently owned businesses fail and less than 25 percent of franchises fail in the first five years. The numbers may vary today because the study was made 30 years ago but I think it still applies today. It would be nice if you would make a case study about that. Of course it overlaps with the case study of Starbucks you made where you mentioned replication, system and training. I think there are many lessons we can learn from successful franchises e.g. Organizational Strategy, Operation Manuals, Organization Chart, Quantification, Primary Aim etc. It would be awesome if you show the lessons we learn from franchises in very deep detail with many examples!
Great video, I personally think Jeff is way head and shoulder above other CEO`s.when you think about all the innovations Amazon is involved in.Jeff spent almost a decade working for several Wall Street firms before starting Amazon β€” a background that gives him a more pragmatic outlook that’s more focused on developing products customers will actually want to pay for.I think this is fantastic for consumers and customers because mediocre business will disappear and only the good ones can serve the market,how it should be.Thanks
Love these case studies! Thank you for the content.
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How Amazon Dominated Retail - A Case Study for Entrepreneurs