Grammar - Articles - When to use A, AN, or no article

In this grammar lesson, I teach about one of the most common problems that new English speakers have.There are a couple of very basic grammar rules you can follow to help you know when to use "a," "an," or no article. Don't forget to take the quiz at

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Lol with constants use a...with vowels use an....and enjoy...what to watch 8 minutes long video
Can you count electron...but also there is an electron.why?
Even though I know when to use these, I would like to know more about English. Thank you!
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This is very important lesson Thank you
Thank you . This was helpful
Thank you very much!
Alex, why do you use "an MBA"? For example: I did an MBA in Columbia.
I want to learn English
It's so fucking sad that I'm 14 and I forgot how to use these.
Alex es un camaleón // Alex is a chameleon
Why did I watch this entire thing?
Tnx bro you helped my out
Thank you very much! You are very best teacher of the world!
Thanks for this great, informative video! Just the other day someone asked me about this topic and so I've passed your video along to them. So thanks for it!
Question     a important message or an important message?
Thank you so much for posting these videos, they have been very helpful to me. I'm taking a grammar and composition course in University and my professor has a fairly unstructured teaching style. I find it makes it harder to grasp the sort of dull nature of learning grammar.On that note, thank you again for making your videos clear and simple.
Thank you Alex. I love your lessons very much!
But what if you've only ever eaten one apple
Easier manner for articles lessen.. thnx Alex
Ok! question: we cannot count LIGHT, but still it is correct to say, "I see the light". Explain please.
That was great thank you Alex!
I always see your videos it will refresh my mind 
Thank you very much, Alex. Your videos are very interesting, but can you produce more frequently your videos. Your pronounce is very good.
Great explaination Alex 
A very useful video.. A very common mistake that all of us make using a/an in the wrong places, very well explained. .. (clap) (clap)
Can I change example 4 to " I enjoy eating an apple"?
Thanks alot
Buen video, Ufa viene, PreparaTe
Great example, I gave a demo class about this topic on my course of methodoloy for Efl, your video was useful. Thanks!
Help! you can say sarah is a theist sarah is an atheist but why cant you say sarah is an agnostic but sarah is agnostic
You are the best teacher.

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Grammar - Articles - When to use A, AN, or no article