Grammar: 8 rules for using 'THE' in English

United States or The United States? U.K. or The U.K.? Unsure of when to use a definite or an indefinite article? Watch this lesson and stop making these common mistakes in English! For many non-native speakers of English who don't have articles in their own language, it can be really difficult to use articles correctly. Even for speakers of languages that have articles, it is difficult to get your use of articles right 100% of the time. This is because there are many exceptions and irregular grammar rules. In this lesson, I'll teach you what these exceptions are, so you can be sure to remove these common mistakes from your English. Even if you are an advanced speaker of English, I'm sure you will discover one or two rules that you didn't know about. Watch the lesson, then take the quiz at TRANSCRIPT United States or The United States? U.K. or The U.K.? Unsure of when to use a definite or an indefinite article? Watch this lesson and stop making these common mistakes in English! For many non-native speakers of English who don't have articles in their own language, it can be really difficult to use articles correctly. Even for speakers of languages that have articles, it is difficult to get your use of articles right 100% of the time. This is because there are many exceptions and irregular grammar rules. In this lesson, I'll teach you what these exceptions are, so you can be sure to remove these common mistakes from your English. Even if you are an advanced speaker of English, I'm sure you will discover one or two rules that you didn't know about. Watch the lesson, then take the quiz at TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. I'm Jade. In this lesson today, we're looking at the rules for articles, but more specifically, the rules where we have exceptions in using articles. So when I'm observing people's English, all the time I'm hearing the same mistakes with articles. So what you will learn to do in this lesson is how to avoid those really, really common mistakes I hear all the time. If you're somebody who just doesn't use articles at all because in your native language, you don't have articles, I understand it can be really, really hard to start using them. But they are an important aspect of grammar, and you should be using them. So if you watch this lesson, you'll get some tips for using articles, where you need them, and where you shouldn't use them. And also, if you're someone who's getting articles right nearly all the time, I'm quite sure that you will pick up one or two rules here that you didn't know before. So let's get started. There are eight different rules. Rule No. 1: When we're talking about countries, most countries we don't use an article. So here some sentences. "She lives in England. They live in America." We don't use articles. But if the country's considered to be a nation state, a collection of different states, or a collection of different countries in one bigger state, then we use articles. Here are examples. So "the U.S.A., the U.K., the U.A.E." -- where I spend a lot of my time -- and here are -- also, we need to mention islands. When a country is a group of islands, we always use articles. So we would say "the Virgin Islands", and we'd say "the Philippines" as well. It's interesting that we can say, "She lives in England" because England is one country, but when talking about the same -- okay, it's not exactly the same place, the U.K., because it's -- the U.K. is more than one country. It's more than just England. But sometimes people think of it as being the same place. It's not. When we're talking about the U.K., we need an article, but just for "England", it's okay not to use an article. Let's take a look at rule No. 2. Rule No. 2 -- this is a really subtle rule, here. And this one I always correct in sentences. When people talk about meals -- breakfast, lunch, dinner, also brunch is a meal you might not know. It's in between breakfast and lunch. -- we don't use articles. So here's a correct sentence. "I don't eat breakfast." I'm talking in general there. "I don't eat breakfast." That's okay to say. However, if I'm being specific, "We didn't like the dinner", it's okay to use an article here. You need to. So what does the sentence actually mean? Imagine that we were out last night, and we had a meal. And now, we're talking about it. "Well, the place was nice, but I didn't like the dinner." Being specific about that experience we had. If I'm talking in general, "I don't like dinner", that would just mean all the time, okay? So it's a very big difference in meaning. Now, we'll look at rule No. 3 for jobs. Jobs take the indefinite article. That's a grammar word. And "indefinite article" means "a". We don't use "the".

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What about people ? The British are ruthless or British are ruthless ?
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I think in Germany we have the same rules. So this is not a problem for German speaking people.
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Not enough examples you give - The Russian federation? (many federal countries in one) ? The Soviet Union?-The Baltics?-The Balkans?
Your explanation is very well. Thanks because now, I understand when I have to use "the" . You are a great teacher
Hi Jade, this was a good refresher, thanks.
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Thank you. My student asked me why I told her not to put articles before the word 'dinner' in a sentence which went 'I usually don`t eat   dinner'. Now I know who can explain it better to her :-)
Additional Information: Sports (volleyball) and academic subjects (history, math, etc.) don't use definite articles as well.
Teacher you're so cute! I really like your teaching style! :>
What is the difference between da and de type of pronunciation of the ?
If i live in The USA, i wil try to eat you out but in fact...i live in another country. so forget it
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Hi Jade, I love your Britisch English, it´s very beautiful. I´m happy I finde you! Pleas don´t stop with the videos becouse they are very helpful! Pleas upload more and more videos! At last I have found a good example!Thanks thanks thanks!!!!
You don't look very happy to explain these rules. Also you're not explaining them clearly. Don't like video. Thumb down.
Which sentence is correct? I don't like KFC burgers or I don't like THE KFC burgers? When I say "burgers", can I mean burgers in general? But since I say "KFC burgers", does it refer to something specific?
Thank you, so helpful!! BTW you could act as Arya Stark as well :-)
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We do use the definite article with: • countries whose names include words like kingdom, states or republic: the United Kingdom; the Kingdom of Nepal; the United States; the People’s Republic of China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • countries which have plural nouns as their names: the Netherlands; the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why do the English say at movies, or at hospital instead of at the movies, or at the hospital? Unless you are driving somewhere far off you would be referring to a specific place, like the local hospital or favorite theater. I can not find an answer and it is driving me nuts.
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Dear Jade, I've noticed through many English articles that "the" is never used with Big ben while it's usually used with Burj Khalifa! So, could you please tell me what is the difference between these two towers? Regards,
You mentioned there is only one internet, if so where is that ?
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Amazing, sometimes I make the mistakes in those articles. thank you so much, if you make more sentences about those sentences they would be good.
"The people among Korean peninsula are kindred people." Should be "The Korean peninsula" yes? because there is only one Korean peninsula?
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Hi I'm new to English language world and just started , and in the start I found your useful lectures,I will love to keep following you to make me confident to read, write and speak English in a good manner......
When to use "The" in English. In Yorkshire-never!
Please correct the obvious mistake - should be "the Moon" because youre reffering to the Moon that orbits the Earth, not just any moon. U capitalzed the Sun in the same way. Oh, and just so let you know - we still capitalize "Internet". In the USA its " the Internet"
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I've got a question about where you said if a country is consist of some islands, we use "the". What about Japan? As far I know, Japan is consist of four big islands, but we don't call it "The Japan".. Is it an exception?
No elaboration on some articles and insufficient explanation on others. You tend to skip elaborating on some that you're not sure of. According to you on the first point we must say THE Europe. You need to inform your audience that there are exceptions to the set rules. TGs and Structuralists Halliday, Chomsky andMalinowski ..even Heaton, have stated some rules in their books that I do not agree with because English is ever changing. Nevertheless you're alright.. generally speaking.
Articles are really important part of the language!
Thanks Jade this was very enlightening theme
Thank you very much
My native language is spanish, so as you know we need to specify the noun´s gender so for me it confuses me a bit, I´m living in a country that english is the official language (England) and they don't use articles very often though, I guess it's just because it's way faster to speak with no articles at all.
With regard to the third rule, is it grammatically correct to say "I want to be/become THE president of India?"
Ok, but for example I have problems with sentences like: "I'm going to School" or I'm going to the School" I know that the (for example here I'm not pretty sure) first one is correct but I want to know when I have to use "to the" and when not. Thank you for the lesson! Regards!
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Jade, I'm a student of the English language and I really pay attention to the pronunciation. So, I always wondered whether I always had to pronounce 'the' as eth because sometimes it's really hard to do so. For instance, in 'contrary TO THE/tə ðə/ popular belief', 'that the' /ðət ðə/ it is hard to pronounce /t/ and eth considering their place of articulation which is really close to one another. I tried paying attention to your pronunciation, but it appears that you somehow just tap it inconspicuously that I can't notice if you actually pronounce /d/ or eth. Thanks in advance. By the way, I find your videos quite interesting and I adore the British accent.
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United Kingdom: Country in Europe England: Country of the United Kingdom So, what is the true ? Is England a country on the internationnal view of things ?
Very nice explanation :)
Ur using UK accent.
Thnks you explan is a wel
The explanation of the rules were little difficultto understand however liked the video.
What a lesson! I liked THE lesson) But to my mind you should also mention the names of four world oceans, that we alwaya write with definite article too...The Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Indian Ocean and finally The Arctic Ocean)) I really want to be your assistant. Your lessons, Jade, inspire both my students and me. Thank you for being a nice and beautiful woman.
You used a lot spongebob rainbow gesture lol
Hi Jade, I have been watching your videos for the last few weeks and I have got the impression that you really know all the details about English. For that reason, I would like to ask you about something that I am in doubt with. I hope you have the time to answer. If not, it´s still alright :) So my question is whether the word "coincidence" can always be replaced by the word "accident". Or if it would be better to use the word coincidence or chance when something had happened due to pure chance and not by a mistake.
Thank you very useful
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Native English speakers pronounce THE with a short sound (like "thuh"). But when the comes before a vowel sound, they pronounce it as a long "thee". "thee" ice-cream "thee" orange university > "thuh youniversity" consonant sound the hour > "thee our" vowel sound "thuh house" consonant sound "thee umbrella" vowel sound
Hi..Jade.. Thankyoufor the lesson. I have a question about using THE , it happened to me and it was still confusing. Which sentence is using the article correctly? Please explain for me the explanation.. I use THE because I thought if I use A it would be like A dog(one dog) , I didn't see A refers to an undefinite article but as a countifier ofcountable noun. A dog is more intelligent than a cat. Or... The dog is more intelligent than the cat.
The Scrabble reference was confusing...
"Pray for a true peace in the space!" The ending of "Metroid" for the Famicom Disk System.
Thank you...Thank you... I moved to THE US (haha)  and never really learned articles.... so thanks for clearing that up for me.

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