GCSE Citizenship Theme 1 Podcast

This Podcast by Mr Anderson helps guide you through your revision sheet for Theme 1 of the GCSE CItizenship Course on Human Rights. Not everything is covered here but many of the key issues are raised.

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An introduction to Parliament

A short animation that introduces the uk parliament, looking at its history and how it works today. this is an ideal teaching resource for secondary students

The Story of Human Rights

Human rights video education

Poverty - GCSE citizenship campaign

This video was created for our citizenship campaign at derby moor. it includes different information,facts and statistics about poverty in derby, england and th

What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti

View full lesson: the basic idea of human rights is that each one of us, no matter who we are or where we are born, is entitled to the same basic rights and f

Walking Talking Mock for Citizenship

A walk through of a citizenship exam paper.

Why Study Citizenship?

Deptford green's 2007 gcse citizenship studies cohort explain why citizenship is important to them, what they learned from it, and how other students can be suc

GCSE Citizenship - Unit 3B Questions 8-10 Revision Guide

A revision guide to questions 8-10 of the gcse citizenship unit 3b paper.

Citizenship Key Words (Year 11)

Some key words and definitions for the gcse citizenship course that may help you in the exam!

Edexcel Citizenship CUTS Film (GCSE Coursework)

For our citizenship coursework, we are looking at how the govenments spending cuts affect us teenagers

GCSE LLW - Human Rights 1

This short video gives an introduction to human rights and helps you to understand why they are important. you can use this information to answer some of the sh

Rights and Responsibilities of Australian Citizens

Learn about the rights and responsibilities of australian citizens through this comedy-based news program. enjoy!

GCSE Citizenship Theme 2 Part One

Mr anderson introduces your revision podcast to theme two of the gcse in citizenship: power politics and the media. this is part one and, i am sure you can ima

RS GCSE Religion & Society: Section 1 - Rights and Responsibilities Revision

Gcse religious studies edexcel revision for unit 8 religion and society christianity and islam section 1 rights and responsibilities revision

Rights and Responsibilities

Learn about the rights guaranteed to you under the charter of rights and freedoms and the human rights code as well as the responsibilities you have as a citize

GCSE Citizenship Theme 1 Podcast