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Read this: After watching this video you will make less mistakes, learn farther and be the best between all your friends in English. The lesson will have a great affect on you. If you think these statements are correct, PRESS PLAY NOW and learn to fix six common mistakes in English. TRANSCRIPT Hi. James, from EngVid. Today's video is on, well, "The Book of Bad English". There are mistakes that native speakers make that ESL people pick up -- and "ESL" is "English as a Second Language". People learning English, they pick up because native speakers don't even know they're making this mistake. So I want to teach you six common ones that come regularly or happen regularly in conversation. And I want you to learn them and make your English perfect. Let's go to the board. Now, let's start with No. 1, one of my favorite ones: "amount" and "number". "Amount" is, sort of, like, "how much". A "number" is, you know, "thing". When we look at "amount", you can think of you can't count it, all right?A lot of times, when we say "amount" -- like, "I have a large amount of water in my house" -- you can't count water. But you can count a number, so: "The number of people who come to the city is in the thousands", so you can count them. Here's an example. Tell me if this is right or wrong. "The amount of students who are late is growing every day" or "the number of students who are late is growing every day." You should say "number" because you can count students. You can't count amount. That rhymes. Maybe that'll help, right? You can't count amount. You can't count amount. So when we want to talk about a number of something or a body of something, "amount" is for things you cannot count, and "number" is for things you can count. English people make this mistake a lot. Next: "among" and "between". When I used to teach "among" and "between", I would say, "'Among' is 'with'. So there're five chairs, and you're 'with' another. And 'between' is you're in the middle." That's it. Because I was so smart. And then I found out it's just this: two. More than two. That's it. Nothing special. When you talk about "between", except -- and this is a major exception -- when you're talking about differences. Differences you have to use "between". But generally speaking, "among" is more than two. "I was sitting among my friends at the bar." You can know there're probably four or five, not two. But "let's keep this between you and me"? A lot of times, Canadians say, "Let's keep this among us." And it's like, "Among who?" "The rest of those guys, you know. The Americans. They don't need to know this." Okay. So "between us" -- usually two, right? It could be two groups. "There was a fight between this country and that country." Right? Because it's two groups. But "among" is for more than two, cool? All right. So "among" -- more than two; "between" -- two. What about "bring" and "take"? This is something that a lot of students make a mistake on. So you say, "Bring this to me" or "take this to him." It's very easy. "Bring" is "to the speaker", okay? And "take" is "away from the speaker". Now, if you're born in England, that's easy because they always talk about "I want takeaway." Takeaway. Because they take the food away from the restaurant, right? So one of my favorite sayings that we say in England -- not England -- that we say here is, like -- watch every space movie: "Take me to your leader." You'll never see a space movie, unless it's made by me -- and it would say, "Bring me to your leader." We don't do that. You say, "Take them to the leader" because you're taking them away from this spot where the speaker is to a new location or spot. So "take" and "bring" are easy because it's "bring -- come towards". Here's a mistake -- not Canadians -- English speakers make that you should be aware of. They'll say something like, "Don't forget to bring your bag with you" instead of, "Don't forget to take your bag." Do you know what the difference is? Well, you're leaving, right? So you need to take it away. Remember I said "away from"? Take the bag away from you. When you say, "Bring the bag with you", the speaker's speaking, you're still moving away from the speaker, right? So you've got to use this. But Canadians and Americans and Brits say it a lot. They'll say, "Bring it with you." No. "Take" it with you. You know the difference now because you're smart. And you're studying from The Book of Bad English. Good for you. There's a worm in that book. Watch it. Okay. "Fewer" or "less". I'm going to make a statement, and think which one is correct. "'Fewer' than a million people have watched the videos on EngVid. 'Less' than a million people have watched the videos on EngVid." Which one would be correct? Yeah. If you said "less than", no. "Less" is similar to "amount". You say "fewer" for things you can count.

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You're such a great teacher, why you aren't teaching in Germany? :D :( Cause your way to teach simple things and also complicated things, with funny examples so you can remember better. I love your voice by the way. it's very great to listen to it for hours. thanks for improve our language skills :)
You are just a cool teacher!
Actually, depending on the case, you could use "less than a million". "Less is also used with numbers when they are on their own and with expressions of measurement or time, e.g.: - His weight fell from 18 stone to less than 12. - Their marriage lasted less than two years. - Heath Square is less than four miles away from Dublin city centre." Source:
I loved the way of your teaching๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜Šthank u
I love your videos and it helps me a lot.. from philippines.
That's actually wrong because you can't count water so it should be, 'there less water here than there' as you said fewer is used for counting.
Me learn many thing of you're lesson me happy that i catch you're video. Me love you video. You is Good teacher... I still learn I wish to be improve and be like you to
Your teaching style is very nice . understand very quickly thank you.
Mr james you're the greatest among us ,, haha :)
"Effect" and "Affect" ๐Ÿ˜Š
Bring vsfetch
Sir, you are great!
Please make this video a series, need to learn more
Hay, im indonesian, i would like to speak to you to improve my english skill speaking. will you sir ?
Love your lectures!!!
Thankyou brother for your help
Your lessons are so cool and fun!!!!!thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How much further for asking distance is what I heard in a drama is it right?
Ooh my God, where where you all a long,,you such a good teacher... Lilly from Polokwane in South Africa
Actually I love the way that you teaching your lessons it's really make me get focus on that cuz it's s o fun and entertaining and I don't get bored and your lessons are so useful and importthank you so much for your efforts Gad protect and bless you
=P I wouldst like to hear ye teach Middle-English and give thee a challenge. I'm still learning don't judge me >.> XD. Old-English would be even more of a challenge I would think.
Tnx for all yours lessons for us . you are the best teacher u are roles method is very useful ....
I thought affect was the verb and effect was the noun...AHHHH!
Please what does the worm stand for?
James you are the best
Indonesia need teacher like you ..Sir
Bro, your classes are the best! You are a great teacher!
I really liked your teaching.You are born to be a great teacher.I am an English teacher too.
NICE JOB JAMES! you rock and you are funny!
I'm from London England, but we can't say that take away! exactly as you said, we do say the word obviously we've got an different accent than yours As you usually do. in fact don't meant to be rude or something... basically that's what it's bruv๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜…โœŒ๐Ÿฝ
This is so annoying now XD So, affect and effect are the technically the same thing, but past and present versions of each other? Isn't the affect the consequence of the effect
I really don't understand,why do you always paint the snake at the blackboard?!
Still my favorite teacher
Hello, someone, who is learning English but doesn't have anyone to talk to, I AM HERE.
Thank you for enhancing our knowledge sir James
I like it so much and like it if you watching in 2017!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Such a great teacher make more easier way to speak English
My friend Jana doesn't pronounce her words better she doesn't know the spelling of simple words I don't know why but I still love English so I'll watch your videos everyday so I can learn some complicated words and hard words I'll try the best work ass possible as I try my best to get focused as always stay beautiful!!!
Hi James, you are a great teacher. Thanks.
Can you explain me the usage of the future continuous tense, please?
Get 80 because of : FEWER PEOPLE and .. remember Less ๐Ÿ˜’
Thank you so much God bless you
Very good I Love it !!!! easy to understand and very clearly.Yes many English native though they were perfect and never admitting somemistakes on their words and grammar.
Very good.I keep getting further further with my vocabulary thanks to this guy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ keep up the good work man
Very funny, smart and sexy teacher I've seen ever! )
10:22 are these captions accurate? because the captions said you "don't want to affect the lesson"
I laik dat plz giv me sam rubux. this is bad english haha.
I didnt understand 0:37 . If you turn on captions, it says No. 1 , but you said Number 1. Why?
Giving more examples would be much greater.
Hi, may I know your name ? I thought I was with the book of bad english after your lesson Your classe effecting on me Wanna say thanks It takes less time but fewer words hudge meaning andpeople like it
That was a wonderful session. I admire your style of teaching. hings are so easily understood. Thanks a lot James
Youre a very good teacher keep it up from dubai
You're simply amazing. :D
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Another way of remember the difference between 'fewer' and 'less' is: If the collection of 'whatever' can be individualized, then it is 'fewer'. Fewer people. Fewer cups. Fewer rain drops. If the collection _cannot_ be individualized, then it is 'less'. Less population. Less water. Less rain. Notice that I used 'fewer rain drops' (individual drops), but 'less rain' (not individual).
Same in german
Does 'affect' have anything to do with affection? Or do they just sound similar?
Thanks for improving my English Thank you a lot, from Ukraine
Can I say then: "a huge amount of..."
At 2:29 the correct grammar is "among whom"
Hola obama, hablas espaรฑol?
You're awesome, man! Very charismatic!
What is the amount of my bill for this lesson?
Great lesson.Great teacher!!
11:12 you point to effect, but the captions say affect...good god man, this is a nightmare! And I'm having a hard time verbally distinguishing when you say a or e.
When im studying English , why do i have headache??,, i want to study in peace,,
Your the best teacher in the world
You are very good at teaching!!thanks a lot
When did he start cursing
You're gorgeous!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š Than you very much for your clear explanations!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜ Hugs from Argentina!
I love the way he speaks. excellent teaching technique. .too good
Are there any English speaking people who want to learn some german?
You are the best teacher I have ever seen ๐Ÿ˜Š
You are better than my teacher๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Brasileiros aqui?
U are very good. keep going on these good videos
Thank u sir.
Thanks, Jame. I really learn a lot from your lectures.
You aregreatteacher :Pthank you for your videos!
Hey Sir! Your video clips are amazing. Thank you so much, TEACHER!
Thank you for imrove our english
Wow that really helped me the first one is number is a thing
0:20 What happened to his tooth???
This video is for League of legends players.This guy is better than my English teacher.
Its a fantastic class...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Aweasome video. I love yhis guy.
Thank you Mr James for your every great lesson.. very useful to me..
I love ur finger sound!!
Awesome lessons
I have a short question: what can i do when someone speaks english very fast? when you talk i understand but when someone speaks fast i don't understand him XD.
Teacher , supposed that i am talking about a group of people that i am not able to count because i don't know how many people has, which of them i will say ? ( fewer /less| among/between )
My English very bad but I understand you and I am arabe
Thank you sooo much.Knowing the fact that even native speakers make those mistakes inspired me.

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