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Actually I did make a story that takes ‘racism’ between fantasy creatures into account since a lot of them, although lacking in supernatural powers, all have different strengths and weaknesses, except humans. Humans are guys with the even stats, however even stats don’t get you jobs. If you need someone in the STEM field, you’re more than likely to find plenty of imps who are qualified for the job, rather than a small bit of humans. You’re more likely to find Succubus athletes, Incubus waiters at high class restaurants, Reptile men working in the fields, giant demon generals and politicians, tentacle monster soldiers, and salamander men in basically any aquatic job. Humans will probably be artists or comedians- providers of entertainment rather than essentials. It’s about the inherent nature of the creatures, and just what they are biologically. The moral question is: Should we tilt the playing field, or should we let the people who are most qualified for the job get it? Which seems to be a big topic with no easy answer any way you look at it.
This is why I always loved Zelda as it always had original races.
I absolutely HATE. Humanoid aliens
One universe that put an interesting spin on elves is TES, actually - High elves are mad geniuses and could probably divide you by zero - Dark elves are nomadic, xenophobic and fanatic mess, mixed in with beautiful middle-east inspired culture - Wood elves are still tree huggers, but they are goddamn cannibals
No, no, no! No sarcasm, seriously! Make elves impossibly smug and dial the Nazi parallels up to 22! Then make them the bad guys and paste them in their stupid face with an Unrelenting Force shout! Worked for Bethesda, dinnit?
Elves are the necessary race, without them, there is nothing to fap to, and therefore, no point in having a fantasy setting at all.
My favourite race is kitchen sink elves.
I really wish more people would take the Sci fi route of creating races instead of sticking to the ancient legends (primarily germantic)
So you are saying that when coming up with different types of Elves we should use litterally everything but the kitchen si-- oh, we use that too? Sure, why not.
I just have races that would most likely survive inside the environments inside the fantasy apocalypse.
Yeah the more you say stuff the more you make think that warcraft in general took toklens ideas and flipped them on their head for example evils evolved from trolls. and gnomes are basically hobbits kind of but not exactly. plus they added pandas and cow people and skelltons. also in warth instead of the whiney emo teenger being the chosen one the whiney emo teenager was the main villaian of the story.
I would take a hundred elf stereotypes over one dwarf stereotype. I cannot even put how much I hate it into words, that Scottish accent wielding bunch of twats who talk about drink and how much they hate elves all the time like they have the fantasy equivalent of chronic short man syndrome. In fact, I am so incapable of putting it into words that I'm just going to put a picture of a dwarf up in my room and use it as a dartboard. While making barnyard animal noises.
I gave it a thumb down. Because he missed out the big one. Furries and otherkin.
One thing I think you overlooked. Fantasy writers don't steal from J.R.R. Tolkien, they steal from E.G. Gygax. I mean Gary did steal from Tolkien originally, but in the end its the generalization of Tolkien's works that was the basis for D&D that fantasy writers take. I mean, your Dark Elf stand-in was nothing like Tolkien's but were exactly Gary's Drow.
Will you marry me?
Your animations make me want to inject acid into my veins
I have never been good at world building That's why I am right a story about a post apocalyptic earth
There's nothing wrong with using Dwarves, or Elves, or whatever. As long as you make them unique enough and interesting. It's not like Tolkien invented them from scratch, he gathered a lot of folklore and mythology. But i get it, trying to be edgy on youtube is nothing new these days.
I was thinking about another subgroup called, "Lusty Elves".They'd all look like Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchettand they would utilize skimpy outfits and hot tubs get the idea.
Have you heard of the High Elves?
I never realised I wanted to write a story about Nazi elves till now. In fact im gonna run a DND campaign with them as an evil faction.
Make sure to make one of the elven sub-races racist toward everybody and try to eradicate everything off of the universe. Y'know, like Skyrim High Elves.
Always wanted to make a fantasy story. Created a race of underground creatures living in very deep levels of caves. Isolated from sunlight, they evolutionarily developed night vision to view darkness; have strong muscles to navigate through heavy rocks; and have the ability to create powerful micro vibrations in the air to create friction between molecules and ignite a small spark, or create small fires in hand with enough experience. Just to make them less OP, they're birth survival rate is extremely low due to a race exclusive genetic disease, rendering their population quite small. What do you think?
Every few seconds I have to pause so I can laugh.
Okay, but, hear me out. What if we made a fantasy world... In SPACE!?! We'd have to rename the races, of course, but how hard is that? How about we call the elves "Vulcans" and the orcs "Klingons!"
I've always wanted to learn to write. thank you so much for these videos. my writing is bad. but at least now it will be more original.
Omg THANK YOU!!! And the worst, "space elves" (Vulcans) ooh how original
Hey, how About we Make a Race of Big Titty female Elves and big dick male Alpha Elves, then they get the most sexually attractive Race. And then, lets make the Unimportant race look Ugly and Weak and Useless.
I have an idea let´s make dragons something that is supposed to be extinct but they appear
An elf walks into a bar. There is now a Bar Elf subrace.
Hey, did you steal most of those elves from Bethesda? Nah.
I want a kitchen sink evlf
I have written about 10 chapters in my book and have probably done exactly as you said. I'm scratching out elfs from it. While I have ogres instead of orcs, I think I'll rework them into a different race entirely with new quirks. I was going with a theme that not every one in a specific race is evil by default and might only be seen that way by ignorant people, but making them common fantasy races was lazy of me.
Elven Supremacy. Except the snow elves. Swedish people and those socialist types are total aloof cucks. "Why would you question your government? Democracy always works and my voice matters!"
People I am making a fantasy series that will push the boundaries of everything, Im making my own unique races, best story plots and all I shall be the new fantasy king.
I really like this channel, as I'm trying to write for animation stories and fantasy genres, and this points out so many flaws and options that are missed. I really hope you don't stop making these
Hilarious! 317 people did exactly what you described
For my book I took inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, and European Folk Lore. It makes for an interesting setting. Because for instance I'll tell you a bit about it. The Six Gods who keep the world in order were actually six individuals who decided to try and bring peace to the world by conducting a ritual. Two humans, two elves, and two dragon-kin took part in it. Eventually the Gods and Goddess eventually took a dark turn sixty years before the events of the first book. Three of Gods eventually became corrupted. These three lost the magical aura that kept them from being killed by normal means. The God of Fire, the God of Earth, and the Goddess of Light became corrupt, and started to destroy the land. In the end of the first year of a four year war the main character, Lanslet, manages to slay the weakened God of Fire, because the Gods aren't over powered, unkillable beings. A Champion of a God can challenge their God in the hopes they might be able to defeat them in combat the Champion will become that God/Goddess. However, the specifics are still being developed.
I am not sure if world of warcraft managed to actually copy paste tokren or not since orchs for example are not just orcs they are also aliens. also dawrfs dont make the machines that is actually the gnomes job. as for the elfs they were sumg at one point now they are like oh we mortal now and can die so maybe we should actually live life to the fullest now.
The Elder Scrolls did the complete opposite of what you're talking about. Props to Bethesda.
I think the Elder Scrolls series actually does Elves very well
I subscribed to you a few videos ago, but now I definitely do not regret the choice with your inclusion of Feanor and the point you make at 1:12.
God damn it. 😭 How dare you have such good points!!!
Only high elves are smug assholes, dark and wood are awesome
"Getting Sea Sick of Elves" Elves A sea-sick elf... Okay, I might actually use the idea that wood elves suffer from sea-sickness and claustrophobia while their city-elf brethren have overcome these primal fears from their long standing partnership with enterprising humans. The obligatory dwarf will actually be the most compassionate, understanding that not all races are suited to all environments and he too suffers from severe agoraphobia.
Whoooooaaaaahhhh pump the brakes.If we discard the non functioning societies of evil orcs then someone will point out the Sith and how that is a self defeating concept much like the klingons because the would be so busy infighting they would be no threat to anyone else.
These tips are crazy good! Thanks for this! It helped me come up with a new race called Wispy and that seemed a lot better than the white elf I had before. :) Thank you.
As I'm writing a fantasy novel based on the D&D game we're currently running, I sadly have little choice but to include those classic races, but at least I'm fleshing them out so they actually feel believable. The orcs for instance, aren't actually evil. They are more of an analogy to the tragic fate of Native Americans and Africans in and around the renaissance era, getting enslaved, purged using weaponize small pox, having their lands seized by a more organized and technologically advanced people little by little. But being orcs, they are significantly tougher and stronger than mere humans, and so far have managed to survive because Rule of Badass. The dwarves and elves are both plagued by internal strife, since the rapidly expanding and power hungry humans are taking over everything. Sticking to the old ways isn't going to work anymore, they can't keep to their isolationist ways. So the two senior races are looking to combine industry, tech and magic to make a power play. Nothing is more awesome and terrifying than an army of animated giant trees in fire resistant power armor. Sometimes familiarity can be good, you just have to mix enough original ideas and not have an ENTIRE race stick to a single stereotype for it to become interesting. I have plain looking elves with short boyish hair because not every elf is a noble queen, and many of them are career soldiers who trained hard and made practical choices. They also swear and punch you in the face instead of acting smug when you do something dumb. The main dwarf character is a druid with psychopathic tendencies who wants to built the perfect utopia, marrying nature and the modern world by founding a free city partially reliant on undead labor. Yes he probably should have his druid license revoked at some point. :D My point is, if you're going to write fantasy, you're inevitably going to have a few jackasses tell you your stuff ain't original and if you listen to them, your world is likely going to be so alien that it will scare away most potential readers. So don't be scare to rip off the almighty Tolkien for a few fundamentals at least.
Sounds alot like RA Salvatores books
Really interesting channel
I did like how races in RuneScape were build, especially Goblins, since Goblins are one of the smarter races coming to Gielinor, however with their leader being a God of War, Bandos, making them his strongest soldiers, and making war machines. As time went on with God Wars, and all Gods were banished by Guthix, Goblins became weaker without their leader, and some even began to make new inventions. However, most are stuck in the 'old ways', and fail with their weapons becoming worse overtime, waiting for their old leader to come. Not to mention Bandos bred various other races like Ogres, Trolls, Orks, Orcs, etc.. To make races like Hobgoblins, etc. Not to mention there's a group in RuneScape called H.A.M, which is 'Humans Against Monsters' group that you fight whilst protecting the innocent, but genious Cave Goblin race you eventually find in caves, being stuck there for ages. Not to mention many of the characters can have distaste to certain races, be it Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Humans, Bandosian races, Demons, etc.
But dwarves are just another type of elf. Their real name is dwemer which means "deep elf"Of course, this is just in skyrim.
But I like Orcs. Also if you decide to write about Orcs that aren't evil.....You're ripping off Warcraft and Elder Scrolls.
Then there is the Elder Scrolls games that use all these races, but with sufficient changes that they are nothing like DnD/Tolkien elves.
My fantasy race is grim reaper. Yep. You can move on.
Tolkein just used mythology, so it's totally fine to derive norse mythological races, which are among the least outlandish and more humanoid of fantasy races, which is why they work so well.But there is tremendous room for cultural differences in different interpretations.
And if you feel the need to be creative and copy fantasy humanoid creatures from other sources, just make sure your D&D fanclub fantasy story always remains faithful to European folklore and mythology. Everyone knows the rest of the world is just boring. And if your story ever gets turned into a film, make sure you insist that all characters are played by actors that can put on the most stereotypical of British accents. No other languages or accents ever mattered in Medieval Europe and they shouldn't matter in your medieval fantasy either. Trolls, orcs and goblins especially have to sound like they are from rural Scotland.
I would say dragon age elves but to explain would be huge spoilers..... Okay elves in dragon age are an opressed people freed from slavery and who live in poverty or as nomadic wonderes. To explain anything futher would ruin the series just play DAI: Tresspasser and you'll know
Lol love this... I say as I plan a similar world myself... of course the story won't be shit but the world's definitely a mix of Tolkien stuff that I've worked around and changed into my own thing lol
"Nobody uses primary sources, just copy and paste" yeahh bruhh
I actually like to play with this whole trope. for example I'll often base my elves around japanese/chinese cultures, and while on the surface they act all high and mighty, when you look deep down they are actually not all that nice, xenophobic, racists dwarves, yep copy tolkin with the whole love of gold, practical, likes their drink, but make them short lived and slow to breed so they don't have the numbers to take over hobbits... sneaky little hobbits, little thieves, or tricking people into thinking they're helpless children orcs... not so much evil as barbaric, or rather a different culture who are only agressive because they've been picked on by the humans and elves. there's so much that can be done to make these races interesting, but it requires a lot more work
"make the dwarves mechanicly surperior but ignore the fact that they wont invade the other races" "are the orcs once elves but twisted" those are bot refrences from skyrim the dwemer but instead orcs its snow elves
This video is making me appreciate Rat Queens more than I ever thought was possible
You just summarized sao in a shell nut
One of my uses of 'elves' was mourning elves and twilight elves. except neither race were actually anything like elves, or had anything to do with one a other biologically or culturally, and humans just slapped those titles on them arbitrarily for so long they just stuck.
Actually it's more like "everyone is so busy calling everyone else a racist on the internet that they fail to give a crap about actual racism".
When I first saw this video, I was trying to think of a new race. I came up with a tall, lanky, skidd-ish, cave-dwelling people. I soon realized that I just made Smeagol with a growth spurt.
'But don't worry...nobody ever calls anybody...' RACIST!!!!Oh...I'm sorry. Do continue.
Honestly, I'd like to make a book out of all of the Terrible Writing Advice videos.
I personally classify as a kitchen sink elf.
Where is the love triangle!!!!!????
DITCH THE HALFLINGS!Once I'm done with the Angel Arc, I may just add a Halfling-gene just to spite you. ~Thomas Duder, I AM ASHAMED BECAUSE I, MYSELF, HAVE NEVER HAD HALFLINGS REPPED IN MY WORKS
Or if your a furry just add in a whole bunch of anthropomorphic dogs,cats,reptiles/dragons and what ever other furry creature you want, and if you can decide between dragons,lizards and snakes combine them into one. Also make the dogs the good guys the cats the neutral or morally gray and the lizards morally dark but they aren't evil that is for the insect races and make sure they have a hive mind and a evil queen and make them as ugly as possible because insects are scary and mean.
This was done on my birthday...*I AM THE TRUE MARY SUE*
So far Blizzards Warcraft franchise is the only Tolkien inspired fantasy that actually manages to build on the concept and take it in new and interest directions.
A race of good orcs! Great idea!
The protagonist of my trilogy expected elves to be like the ones from Tolkien. He had such a surprise when he found out they could make a sailor blush with their vocabulary. "If you think elves are harmless because they are vegan, you clearly havent been alone with an angry bull yet"
I created poop elves
Why not make a second channel called great writing advice just like cinnamon sin and cinema wins
"Mediums" Must... not... correct *twitch, foam*
On your website i read into sample chapter 1 and there it said "Bring sie hier, bei den Anderen" however if properly translated it should go like this: "Bring sie hier her zu den anderen" or "Bring sie zu den anderen"
Curufinwe did nothing wrong!
My sarcasm detector exploded
Elder Scrolls made their wood elves cannibals. 😲
Berserk takes pre-established mythology, but twists it into horrific abominations that are nearly original. Example: Typical troll: Berserk troll:
My Elves are Nazi Pirate New Yorkers.
1:34 The Thalmor
Elder Scrolls just got murdered tbh
Dude, I wanna see some Kitchen Sink Elves
Elves=Asians orcs=Blacks dwarves=Jews humans=Whites halflings=midgets God i fucking hate dwarves.
Two words: Steven Erikson
Pig orcs, or Porcs
I feel like avian and insect races aren't used enough. They're really cool! Why doesn't anyone use them?
You make me feel SO GUILTY of liking the Eragon-Books when I was young :_D
Can someone out there tell me if the races I have put in my fantasy work are good ? I need to improve myself. (PS= I'm sorry if I'm making some grammar errors, english is not my native language and I'm still learning) First, humans. Everybody here know how human's body work (I hope it is the case, at least), so I will skip to the background part. They won a great war against slimes and skeletons, with the help of some magic artifact and blablablah, they put them in an alternate dimension for a long time and during two or three centuries, they lived in peace, getting more scientifical undertanding of magic, experimenting on lot of things etc... Until one day, skeletons and slimes returned and killed most of them. Now the survivors must find a way ( -> the lost artifacts from the war) to... well, survive a little longer. Then, Skeletons. Unlike every fictionnal work where we see skeletons, they are not "Worthy humans warriors brought back to life" or anything. Just a different race. They live 8/10x longer than humans (Even though their childhood last the same amount of time) and reproduce by ripping off a rib and fusing them. Even though they don't have sexuality, a long time before the war they found this concept from human society so much interresting that they decided they could too, have this. They can choose it etc... (This is kinda the perfect race for Tumblr, then). They do not feel cold, heat, hunger, thirst, exhaustion or even damages. They can easily be killed by damaging their heads, so they're pretty weak from this point of view. They started the Great (Cliché) War by assassinating human's king, and corrupted the slimes to join their cause. A lot of time after being exiled, they came back and nearly killed everybody. Now they reign on the world, each leader ruling a region in particular. (Frozen mountains, coast, plains, volcano, desert, forest and swamps). During these centuries in this alternate world, because it had a lot of coal, metals etc they became skilled in mecanicals, inventing trains, cars, steamboats and even an artificial races, the Golems. It's slimes turn ! (My personnal favorites) Slimes are a very primitive race. In fact, less than 1% of their population is even able to talk ! But that doesn't stop them to be one of the strongest races of the lands. They all came from a queen, that gives birth to every one of them by splitting of nutriments she eat. She can choose a king, that has no importance and is even weakest than most of his people. They like wet places so most of them live in the swamps but when a slime go to a very different place, he can mutate to a different version, thus becoming the "queen" of her subspecie.Because they still are the queen's daughters, they are called "Princesses". They are 5 official princesses, and... a special one. Basic slimes can become stronger by fusing with an organic specimen (Humans, Fairies, Mothmens, Orcs, and Mermaids, for example). Even tough it is really rare for an intelligent creature to be captured, because of slimes stupidness. Some slimes are also designed by the queen to just "bring her food". They absorb something, pretty much like Kirby does, and give it to their queen. An other class of slimes are the magic ones, who seems to be smarter than their basic counterparts. Nobody knows how they became like this and why, but they're here. When a slime gets old (Approximatively 15-20y for a basic one, 70-90y for a fused one, 150-200y for a princess and 500y for a queen. Because they are one of the most primitive of the main races, they don't really have an historical past. So, next race ! Fairies ! They all come from a temple in the middle of the forest, next to what will become an human town right after the war. They are the race with the most magic capacities and they created the artifacts the humans used in the war. A legend tells they're born from roses, and since the town next to their home was build, half of the fairies are bound to an human that lives here. They are born the same moment and will die the same moment. If the fairy gets to far away from her "master", they both will die. There are not that much fairies, so they don't have a real historic past either. They kinda stick around with their masters, and stick around with human society as well. Mermaids They are a really calm and wise race. When the war broke, they understood there was no chance to get peace back and though they would all die during the conflict, so they decided to go back to the ocean. Obviously, the main characters will find them back to get their help. There are a looooot of sirens "subspecie", even though they can all reproduce with each other no matter the "lower rac". For example, a sea-shell mermaid can reproduce with a moray one. Speaking of reproduction, we come to the best part. They all are born male, and become female in their late teen years. (~17-18y) yes. Like some fish are doing. Oh, and the MALE is pregnant. Yes. Like sea horses. In fact, sea horses are gender-swapped. They're all born female and become male later. As they lived in the depth of the ocean for a long time, they focused on biology in their progress. Unknowingly, they are the guardians of one of the sacred artifacts.Those were the 5 only races that existed before the war. When the skeletons and slimes returned in the main world, this somehow did something magic and totally transformed the world. Black magic corrupted some species and turned them into (not so) totally different races. Orcs Surprisingly, this is the only race you talk about in your video. But instead of getting my inspiration from Lord of the Rings, I got inspired from Super Mutants (From Fallout). A human can become an orc by being confronted to a little black magic (A lot of black magic does something even worse. Hint= This has to do with the slimes). Some orcs are really weaks and just look like dumb (and green) anorexic people (Pretty much like ghould from the same Fallout video-game). Orcs that are infected by a little more black magic become more muscular and dumb (and green). They lost most of their talking capacities, but somehow manage to get a working society. Some of them got a pig nose, too. Because they are reeeeaaally recent, they don't have an history neither. Mothmens Aaaah, mothmens. The spookiest race I ever created. They live in the forest, come from eggs and act like the spoopiest creatures I could think of. Slenderman, Xenomorphs, the Mothman (duh) and Redeads (From Zelda) (And a very little inspiration from that pokemon with a mask that evolves into a sarcophage (Sorry, I don't remember his english name). Their eggs are all in the same place, wich looks like the Alien Queen place from Aliens (Almost every one of them is also as black as the xenomorph, too). Seeing one of them often means something bad will happens (Like the mothman does), they got wings that allows them to fly at VERY hihg speed (Once again, like the mothman (Even though my version has insect-like wings, and not owl-like ones) and spooky bright-red eyes (Idem). They wander around the forest, and don't like being seen (Slenderman). They're tall and... slender. (Guess what's the inspiration ?). Some of them are even born too soon and don't have a face. Or they got a very ugly one. The thing they dislike the most if seeing themself in a mirror (or at least a reflecting thingy). Once it happens, they usually scream and fly away. They do the same thing while seeing a fairy. When they scream, the sound is so spooky that anybody hearing it (And it can be heard from really, really, really far away) will be temporarly paralysed (This is taken from the ReDeads). Seeing them is so spoooooooky that there are a few people that dare adventure into the woods twice. Golems My second-favorites ! They basically are robots with some skin-like fabric on them. Most of them don't have name and are just called with numbers and letter ( XXX-999, for exemple.). But you know, science is an unexact thing, and some failures eventually happens. This is what brought us to the Abominations. Those are barely considered as golems. Either because they are failed experiences or victims of disfunction, they're all trapped into an abandonned laboratory. But they're about a dozen, so we can't consider them as a race of their own.Most of them are just slaves (or officially "servant") or soldiers, but some lucky ones were designed to be killer machines, highly trained mercenaries. As they are not organic, they are insensibles to the same things as skeletons, and they are as tough as a Terminator. and of course I couldn't just do with 8 races so I decided I would do hybrids (Such as Human-lizard,centeurs, human-skeleton, human-slime, human-spider, human-dragon etc...) with only one representant. Oh, and I hesitate to put in nagas, dinosaurs and harpys, but 11 races seems a bit too much . Or is it ? Please tell me. Please.
I don't think he likes The Elder Scrolls
Don't forget the fact then any fantasy world are based on pseudo medieval europe and the other contiant with their wonderfull culture can fuck themself.
Funny how again and again I come across this formula "Tolkien" = "bad fantasy".

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