English Phrasal Verbs for LOVE, SEX, and DATING!

Are you looking for love? Or maybe you're already in a relationship and want to talk about it? In this video, you will learn common English phrasal verbs we use when we are talking about love and dating. You will learn phrasal verbs that have to do with relationships and romance. Use these with that special boy or girl that you like! It will also help you to understand conversations that you hear in TV shows and movies. You will learn expressions like: "go out", "check out", "hit on", "make out", "cheat on", and many more! Try my quiz atto practice what you learned in this video. Good luck! TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma and in today's video we are talking about love and dating. I'm going to teach you some very good vocabulary you can use when you're talking about boyfriends, girlfriends, people you like. You will see these words maybe on TV, in movies, especially if you like romantic comedies, these words come out... Up a lot. So, specifically, what I am going to teach you is phrasal verbs that have to do with love, as well as dating. Okay? So you might be wondering: "What is a phrasal verb?" Good question. So, if you know what a verb is, a verb is an action. Okay? So some examples of verbs are: "play", "listen", "look", "eat".These are all different verbs. A phrasal verb is a little bit different. The reason a phrasal verb is different is because you have the verb and a preposition. Okay? So what's a preposition? A preposition is a word like: "on", "off", "over", "under", "above", "below", "at", "in". These are all prepositions. Okay? So, the thing about a phrasal verb is when you have a verb... Imagine the verb "get", if we add a preposition to it, it changes the meaning of the verb. So, for example, we have: "get on", "get off", "get over", "get under". Okay? "Get above". We have all these different phrasal verbs with "get" and each one has different meanings, and the meaning is really in the preposition. Okay? So, we have tons of these in English and we use them a lot in conversation. So today we're going to look at some ones that have to do with dating. So, let's give some examples. Okay? I have here: "hit on". "Hit on" is a phrasal verb. We have "hit", which is the verb, and "on" which is the proposition. Okay? So before we continue I just wanted to point out one thing. There are different types of phrasal verbs. So we have phrasal verbs where the verb and the preposition are together, there's nothing in between them. So: "hit on" is an example of this. You see "hit" and "on", they're together. There's nothing in here. There's no person, there's no object. "Hit" and "on", the preposition and the verb are together. Now, there is also a different type of phrasal verb where you have the verb, and then there's something in between the verb, and then there's the preposition. So, for example, another phrasal verb we will look at today: "check out". You have: "Check her out." So you actually have the verb, the preposition, but there is something in between the verb and the preposition. In this case we have a person. In other cases it might be an object. Okay? There's also a third type of phrasal verb where pretty much with the third type you have a choice. You can either put the phrasal verb together or it can be separate. Today, we're mainly, though, looking at either ones that are together like "hit on", or ones that are separated by a person or a thing, such as: "Check her out." If you're a little bit confused, don't worry because we will be looking at so many examples of what I'm talking about today so you will really understand this concept. Okay, so let's look at "hit on" and the meaning of "hit on". So I have here the sentence: "Dave hit on me." Okay? So we have "hit", which is the verb, "on", which is the preposition. They're always together. And what this means is it means Dave said something to me, he told me that I was maybe beautiful or pretty, and maybe he asked me for my phone number. When you hit on somebody, it means that you're showing somebody that you're interested in them. Okay? So if you ever have seen any movies where you have people in bars or at clubs, you... And this can also be for real life, too, you might have a man go up to a woman and hit on her, meaning he says to the woman: "Can I buy you a drink?" Or, you know: "Can I talk to you? I think you're very beautiful." So this is "hit on". It means you're telling somebody or you're showing somebody that you are interested in them. Okay? Okay, the next one I wanted to look at, the next phrasal verb is: "check out". So: "The man checked her out." What does this mean? When somebody checks you out, it means they're looking at you in a certain way. "Check out", when we're talking about dating, really has to do with the eyes.

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Those verbs are common. Haven't learned anything new. Thank you anyway. There are more interesting phrasal verbs one can use in certain situations. For example, 1)go down on someone; 2)creep someone out (used in a general sense as well); 3)rub one out; 4)shack up; 5)gawk at someone(used in a general sense as well); 6)get it on with somebody; 7) to lead someone on; 8)score with someone; 9)to hit it raw (technically not a phrasal verb, but a fixed phrase); 10) put out for someone; 11) to pick someone up; 12)beat to something. Some of those verbs have meanings which are way more lecherous than in this video's examples and don''t have much to do with sex in a traditional sense.

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English Phrasal Verbs for LOVE, SEX, and DATING!