English Grammar: Proper uses of Articles A, An, The

Find 1500+ education videos available at You always use A, An, The while writing sentences but do you know there are certain rules to use these before any word in a sentence? NO? then must watch this animated learning video to learn the basics of Articles as A, An, The. Enjoy learning!

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I like the video
Too Indian
Excellent explanation of articles.
Best video
One of the best video
Who's in bhjs S.1b plz +1 i am marcus
Thnx for the video... appreciate it
Very good or useful video
Superbly explained
Very good or useful video
I love English
Thank you for this work
Good information
You have such a indian accent
Thank you sir
Whata nice
Ikern edu What's the beeping sounds during the video cuz my class was doing this video
Very easy
YouTube's captioning is terrible.I cannot use this video for my students for that reason
I'm from Lebanon I love english
Gud video
The lesson sum up is nice
Thanks,very good
This is excellent.  Thanks!
Excellent video....I ll surely show this video to my students
The accent of the kids grosses me out
By seeing this easy to understand aritles
Very good thanks from Iraq 😊
The way of Explanation Was Amazing Keep it up 
Very useful to the learners of articles
Thanks for the informative video!
Thanks iken edufor d vdeo.i hope dz video help me for my 10th board exams
This is good for my english improvement thanks..
Why is it I am against THE death penalty  when it is I am against capital punishment Either both the sentences shouldn't use THE. or  both should use it.
Awesome way of explaining articles. Thank u so much
It's very clear to understand us. Thank you.
Thank you, You are my new teacher,xD!
Could you please add proper subtiling in English for the Deaf and hard of hearing? YouTube's captioning is terrible.  I cannot use this video for my students for that reason. :(  It seems like a good video from what I can see.
Very well described, but please remove that beep sound during pointers it is really irritating to my ear :)
Uh toothbrush. Lol
Very useful videos
Thanks, I learned a lot. I am 24 and have been living in the U.S. since birth. didn't know the difference between a and an. Thanks for this video, I finally I know!
Muy bueno
After so many videos, finally i understand the Articles. Thanks mate.
Thank you very much
Psrts of speech
Why its not the India while we say the USA??
Well done. I believe learners will now have a good grasp of The Articles....Introduction of Articles, then the Explanation and finally the Summary.
Nice.... thanks!
Great!! I love it!!
I like it .....thanks
You are down
Nice animated film, be aware that in french the word zizi is not the cutest, check it out 
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English Grammar: Proper uses of Articles A, An, The