English Grammar Lesson - Phrasal verbs with 'PUT' ( Learn English)

English Grammar Lesson- Phrasal verbs with 'PUT' ( Learn English) Blog : Website : Facebook : youtube : A Phrasal Verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that changes the meaning. In this lesson let us learn the common phrasal verbs with put to use them in your daily conversation. Put off - Postpone / To delay Example - They put off the conference until next Friday. Put up with - To tolerate Example - I can't put up with him anymore,he's driving me crazy. Put through - To connect somebody on phone Example -Could you put me through to the supervisor please. It also means- To make someone experience something very unpleasant Example -He's put me through hell. Put across - To communicate something Example - I just want to put across my point to him. Put down - to insult/humiliate Example - My boss always puts me down in front of my co-workers. It also means - Painless killing of an animal Example - Our dog was suffering so we had to put her down. Put on - To become fat Example - He has put on a lot of weight. It also means - To wear something Example - Can I put on this dress for my birthday party?

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Simple and easy to undestand.
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The phrases verbs with put have bunch of meanings. I will make effort to use those from today. Thank you
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Please discuss a lesson on how to avoid distraction while speaking English???means how to talk fluently????
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I have a spider underneath my bed I have to put down. We've been living peacefully together for a couple of month now, but I can't put off with its increasingly massive fatness anymore. Since Christmas it has put on a lot of additional weight, so now time has come to not put the inevitable off anymore, and I have to go fetch my 10 pound Extra Large Heavy-Duty Meat Tenderizer Mallet and put it down, preferably without making a hole in the floor. So now I'm gently removing my bed - whoa! It has become even fatter since yesterday. Now I'm slowly lifting my 10 pound Heavy-Duty Meat Tenderizer Mallet way over my head, aiming on the massively fat spider and SMACK! I think I got it, but-- gree! The mallet is stuck in the floor. I'm trying to wiggle it out. Help, Eeek! A mouse! A mouse! and my hammer is stuck in the floor. Eeek! Eeek! Help!
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Could you write your samples on the board because there are learners that are visual like me. Well, those verbal listeners will easily understand you. There is a WHOLE LOT RETENTION of the lessons by writing it visually plus your verbal discussions. Thanks for your consideration.
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What is the meaning of put off your shoes
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Hi..I just wanna ask about the phrasal verb "count in".. I know how to use it for example if someone said "Guy who wants to play football", I can reply "count me in please" my question is that if someone said "I will make a cup of tea", can I say "count me in please"which means "make a cup for me as well" hope you reply with answer sooooooooon.....thanks
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Miss niharikha please make a phrasal verbs which is used by British people's mostly one which are informal because while watching their videos we come across many such phrases....for which we don't know what it mean please
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Plz teach a lesson on HELP & MAKE verbs when do we use preposition TO with HELP & MAKE
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Nice classes! Some phrases have more than two meanings, e.g. Put down 1. To set something on the surface of something: They put the boxes down on the floor. I put down my pen and looked up. We put a new carpet down. 2. To write down: I grabbed a piece of paper and quickly put down what she had just said. He put his address down on a slip of paper and handed it to me. 3. To assign someone to some task or obligation: We put John down to do the laundry and Mary to do the dishes. You can put me down for a $20 donation, and I'll send you a check next week. 4. To render something ineffective; repress something: We should put down any rumors that we might be leaving town. When the peasants organized a revolution, the dictator called in the army to put it down. 5. To criticize, berate, or insult someone or something: My boss is always putting me down for small mistakes. The teachers put down our knowledge of literature. 6. To kill some animal, especially a domesticated animal that is sick or suffering: We had to put down several cows that had gotten very ill. The vet put our dog down when it became too sick. 7. To put some child to bed: We put the baby down for a nap. 8. To land: The plane put down at O'Hare Airport. 9. To land some aircraft: The pilot put the plane down in a field. 10. To make some down payment: We just put down a deposit on a new house. If I put $100 down today, can I pay the rest next month? 11. put down to To attribute some event to some cause: They put the boating accident down to the captain's inexperience. Also put down paper:resign from job/duty/work etc
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Neharika you are so great because i learn somepreposition and english grammer by your video...thankyou a lot of my sis neharika
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In conversations, do you think about grammars when you're talking? No!..Your words just came out subconsciously. I think you guys should have a conversation about certain topic, on that talk you can use idioms, or grammars and then explain them...it's just a good way to understand easily!
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Niharika as "put on" means "to wear something" so isn't "put off"meaning us to "wear off something"? I.e. "put off your cap Alex".
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