Dissertation Writing and Planning

How to organise and prepare for dissertation

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Davey, fantastic talk, you mentioned some youtube videos on the face book page on the writing style in literature reviews. Could you possibly post the links to them and any other useful resources that you mention some universities providing on their pages.
This was very helpful. Thank you!
Thank you so much!! Starting over summer.
Excellent lecturer
This presentation is awesome and oh so helpful. I took a ton of notes and I am going to use all the steps and how they are explained here. Thank you a million times.
Thank you
Super helpful!!! May some one can share with me the fb link of Professor Davey Curnow-Garland's page on writing and planning a dissertation? Please! :) Thanks in advance :)
Whats with the bad spelling ? eating with 2 T's plannng instead of planning? grr.... lol.
Hey everyone do checkout my channel if you want help regarding dissertation we will guide you also if you need any help or you can also use our service
Im seriously depressed about this disseration, im considering dropping out of my ms, i just cant see me completing it
Probably a good idea not to start new hobbies during this process, no? Thanks for posting a very detailed and rational video. It's already helped tremendously. And I'm only 24 mins in!
What an Amazing lecture! Thank you for making this content available to everybody around the world.
Such a great lecture! Thank you, sir.
Absolutely Fantastic. Discovered this lecture today after a frustrating morning doing aimless research. I have until 12th May to complete my dissertation (10,000 words) and I'm panicking. Thanks to this lecture I'm going to bed much more positive. Am going to watch again and take notes. Thanks so much Davey
I couldn't findGrizedatle college website or the English Cafe on Facebook. Would you post the links here please? Your slide did not have the links, only the names. Thank you again
But I like elephants ... I don't want to eat one. :'(
Can relate to this a lot. Very helpful. Thank you.
How did the gentleman do in his dissertation?I am really curious!
Great advice
Writing a dissertation in four weeks? I don't see how it's possible being that it takes forever. My school is set up as section classes. Each section is a class. Intro to dissertation is section one. Literature review is section II chapter 3 is section III and so fourth. We actually have to pay for our dissertation classes, so even when I'm ahead of myself my chair knocks back down.
Thank you. ^_^  I needed to submit mine this week.
Thank you for an inspiring video :)
Not even started my graduate program yet, so am starting now lol I know that if i decide to wait I will end up missing the deadline
So helpful! Thanks very much.
Thanks a lot Professor!
Just what i needed, organize and prepare for my Master thesis. although with a lots of information,reading,related studies and literature available. i find it hard to harness and sum them up into an output. you answered my dilemna. the key is to break it down into digestible pieces. this lecture really helps me conceptualize and organize the scattered pieces. thank you!
Great lecture. I'd really like to see one on managing one's data/sources.
His voice is so clear , easy to understand and he is speaking in an awesome speed .
This is great! This give me ideas how to plan and how to start. Thank you a lot!
I have 5 weeks to do 10,000 words hoe this lecture helps 
Best dissertation presentation ever! Thank you buddy!
Dealing with supervisor 14:40
Thank you. this is very helpful. Great job
This son of a fucking rat is talking too slowly he needs to hurry the fuck up
I have two and half weeks, thank you so much for this presentation. Finally reckon I have a direction I want to take.
You can't write for academic journals if you have not done any research.
Oh what great material !. It is tips like this that help learners learn 
Wonderful lecture! I love it. Professor help me to understand and up to my challenge of my first dissertation.
Very helpful; thank yo so much

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