Digital Citizenship - Who Will You Be?

Here is my response to the Media Literacy Video! My video is about Digital Citizenship and how we all choose, every time we go online, what type of digital citizen we will be. What are my personal standards/ethics, even if I think I cannot be seen? The video was created in Photo Story 3 using images from Flickr that I found through Creative Commons (Canada) () and music from MagnaTune using the non-commercial license for use in educational purposes. Please see the "Credits" page in the video for more details. Be sure to check out Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum:

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Well it wasn't a total failure. also don't use spray lacquers wearing your sunglasses as protective eyewear.

Digital Citizenship

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Fist time using powtoon, so not my best wok. hope you find this useful anyways :)))

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Digital Citizenship - Who Will You Be?