Digital Citizenship - Cyber Bullying

The Cyber Bullying video from the Digital Citizenship series, created by Peacemaker Resources and Schoolcraft Learning Community.

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Like our facebook page follow us on twitter: this is a psa web video produced through strutt central's social awareness component in their programs for girls. t

Cyber Bullying Virus

The original cyber bullying virus revamped with new music. contact 3d art fx for quality, affordable, video production! [email protected]

Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

Would you ever walk into a giant arena full of strangers and make it rain postcards with your phone number and home address? no? then what are you doing publish

Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

This is an assembly from ceops thinkuknow education programme that helps children to understand what constitutes personal information. the assembly enables chil

Think Time: How Does Cyberbullying Affect You?

Teens are among the leaders of internet trends. the world is advancing so quickly that many of today's teens will find future careers in technologies that haven

Cyber Bullying - Monitor

copyright disclaimer. we are not the authors or producers of the video, our only intention is to promote an anti-bullying culture by publicizing the problem,

Digital Citizenship

5 things to remember about being a good digital citizen-- created using powtoon -- free sign up at.make your own animated videos and animated presentations for

Super Digital Citizen

Students explore how to be a super digital citizen in a digital world.this video works in collaboration with our digital citizenship curriculum, grade 3-5, unit

Cyber Bullying Video - Citizenship

For a project we had to do at school we had to choose an action to prompt our issue. we had decided to do cyber bullying, and a video. i hope this video voices

UNICEF Digital Citizenship and Safety- cyberbullying

The digital citizenship and safety project aims at empowering children, adolescents and young people in using information and communication technologies (icts)

Cyberbullying Education for Middle School

If you like this video, then you'll love our new professionally developed dvd with 20 separate videos much like this one!check it out here: cyberbullying is a

The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

This is my presentation on the nine elements of digital citizenship.this video was done by myself on photopeach but transferred to youtube. this is the link to

Internet Safety for Kids K-3

Internet safety for kids is a topic getting much attention because children are being exposed to the internet at a younger and younger age. iup communications m

Being a good Cyber Citizen

Describes to the students of coltrane-webb stem school how to be good cyber citizens with digital security and social media etiquette.

Digital Citizenship - Cyber Bullying