Dana 24 New Design Review

Latitudes & Attitudes reviews the "new" Dana 24, now being built by Seacraft Yacht Sales in Seattle, WA. More marine product demos, boat reviews, and entertainment available as free streaming video at

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It is beautiful indeed.... but you can go way bigger for the money.
Nice .
Sooooo beautiful!
Wow besides the lack of a center steering wheel helm that is a perfect boat!
This boat has everything
I Just watch the video Again and Man I really like this boat! Is this boat able to sail the Caribbean?
6' of headroom down below is REALLY impressive on a boat this size. In fact there are no sailboats that I know of under 25' feet that actually has that kind of headroom. That being said, however, I would still rather opt to get a Seaward 26RK over this if only for the lift keel feature. But the Dana 24 is not a bad option at all for a pocket cruiser.
What a beautiful vessel.
Bob Bitchin'!
In just one word......WOW. I love this boat...
Very nice boat, well thought out design and looks like high quality
Nice ta see bob still being bitchin!!
There is a small boat to be very proud of.  
What I not like of some sailboats is that they have navigation equipment near the kitchen... All the navegation equipment, control panels and a table for a papper map should be all togetherin in the same place of the boat... I mean a spacially designed section dedicated to the navegation and planning of voyeges... If I have to remove the kitchen for that I would do that... For me the 2 most important stuff in a sailboat is a bathroom and a dedicated space with all the controll panels, radio, satellital phone, and a waterproof mini-itx pc with waterproof touch screen monitor and a table where a map of 36x36 inch can fit.

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Dana 24 New Design Review