Custom Button QT

###########Background########### int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication a(argc, argv); MainWindow w; w.setStyleSheet("background-image:url(:piel.jpg)");; //w.showFullScreen(); return a.exec(); } ###########Style Sheet Button########### #upLeft { background-color: transparent; border-image: url(:off.png); background: none; border: none; background-repeat: none; } #upLeft:pressed { border-image: url(:on.png); }

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Ik this is old but thanks so much !!!!
Nice job and thanks for do you get button to stay either "on" or "off"?
Why are you change onle pressed? How i can use clicked or another comand in stylesheet?
Did transparent part of button (background) is also clickable? How can I make it non-usable?
David mate I've learned more in the first 10 minutes of your vid than I have have learned in the past few hours with long and dry tutorials in the internet. Thank you mate.
What should I do after the pushbutton had been typed the code?
Thank you, but I cant hear your voice
Thank you very much, I knew there should be a simple way to do this in creator, but your video, though silent was the only reference I could find Muchas Gracias :)

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Custom Button QT