Creative Writing - How I Improved My Writing Skills

Subscribe: More Camera Tips: Creative writing does not have to be difficult.Allow me to share with you how I improved my writing skills. Whether you're trying to learn how to write an autobiography, maybe you want to start writing a book, or simply join the ranks of creative writers; the following will be of help to you. Writing problems are nothing new.In fact they are far more common than you think. Share this video: A productive, experienced writer has the same trouble and challenges that a newcomer may have.The only major difference is the experienced writer knows the correct mindset to adopt as opposed to the beginner. I want to discuss a few key points that are essential to having success when it comes to getting your thoughts down on paper in an efficient and production manner.Writing prompts or in particular, creative writing prompts, may be something you need to consider Follow me: If you follow these points you'll find the classic case of writers block will eventually just fade away forever.These tactics will work for all types of writing, from business writing to writing competitions. Subscribe to my channel to receive more videos.

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[♢] (JasonOrtago) It was helpful for me.(:
I want to take a writing course but even the cheapest option is too expensive at the moment.
What non sense
Thanx so much!!!
That's not exactly what I've been looking for, but it's okay :/
Thanks for the video! Right now I'm at this point where I don't want to write simply because I cant find any ideas. Well, I've written stories, but some how I cant finish them because I'm having a hard time thinking what else to write. My plan for the future, since I'm only 15, is to be a screenplay writer and no one wants to see a movie that is boring and written by me. So thanks for the advice. :) All of this is so true!
Thanks.. it is awesome......and also as useful as other videos thankyou for your support...i am glad.
I actually did not find the answer to the question 'how to improve writing skills' This video is more about how to make yourself write in general and find inspiration
Thanks Saurabh, I'm glad you found it useful.
So basically you improved your writing skills just by writing? Great tip... couldn't have thought of this myself.
This video is very helpful and motivating, thank you! I've been writing for almost two or tree months and sometimes I struggle with my theme writing.. Good thing I have my daily journal to improve my writing skill. I don't know if I've improve or not because I haven't let anyone read my work. :p
Writing my 8000 piece story of me and my waifu was no easy task as there were countless times I looked for inspiration from previous anime's I'd watched but when I'd pieced together the rather mundane use of a sex dungeon it became a great method to agonisingly introduce the heroine of the story and within the later half of the story when she reveals her true innocent colours ^_^ My main problem is perfectionism regardless of what I'm writing, it had to be original or it was a pile of crap... Thx for reminding me to get the main concept written down then cross everything out to use smart arsed words.
SIr i belong to Pakistanand here in Pakistan peoples big problem is speaking and talking in english. As my favorite hobby is to write creative as well awesome blogs in english but i face problems in making sentences. Kindly appreciate if you help me in this.
Great vid!
Very Useful Rick
I stopped after one minute .  A lot of talk and no substance
Thank u for that video i have been beating myself up for six years with my block xxxx
Great video, thank you.I highly recommend you find a professional to redesign your website. 
Hello, some months ago, I developed an Android app that was useful to me while looking for ideas. Now I have published it. You can find it there: It is completely free and it almost have no ads.
Clear....orderly ,,,,logical ...perfect.
Nice sharing! very encouraging! easy,simple, common and practise is the key as you say.Thank you!
Thanks hope i do well in my 11+ exams
You need lots of help with slide presentation
I am 23 and looking for something to expand my repertoire. I am currently a student at Mira Costa college getting my AA and then moving on to get a degree in Creative Writing. My plan is to become an author. I am proficient in editing as well as proofreading, and writing creatively, of course
Thank you for sharing this useful tip. I'm a new writer with many ideas, but sometimes I find it hard to keep up with them. I was thinking of enrolling to a creative writing program at the university of Toronto. Do you think it will help to improve my writing skills?
I'm glad that I found this video I've been struggling with writer's block for awhile it seems to come and go.I have always loved to write I'm currently working on my first book that includes my poetry.I have also started writing my autobiography but haven't went back to in awhile dang writer's block.Thank you for sharing this video a lot of good information that will help me along my journey as a writer.
This video would be indeed helpful to me. I am grateful to you.
Thank you so much this helped me a lot
Thanks for this! I loved the metaphor about being asked to play golf...I've been asked to go along to a brainstorming session to write an artistic video and I'm a little nervous as I've never written like that before. However, as you pointed out, don't be afraid! I'm excited about trying it out :) Thanks for the kick of confidence that I needed! 
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover memory improvement techniques try Elumpa Simple Studying Alchemist (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.
Thanks Rick, your ideas are wonderful for beginners. they are motivational and definitely I will start my work.

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Creative Writing - How I Improved My Writing Skills