Conversation Skills: DON'T BE SHY!

If you are shy, you NEED to watch this! Shy people have a hard time talking in social situations. I used to be shy too, but look at me now! In today's lesson, I'll teach you to overcome your shyness! First, I will help you understand the reasons that you are shy. Then, I'll give you lots of tips on how to start a conversation. Click on today's lesson -- don't be shy! TRANSCRIPT Hi, there. My name is Ronnie. Today, I'm going to teach you something very fun and exciting and important. It's how to improve your speaking. Whether you're speaking English or whether you're doing public speaking in front of people or whether you're just speaking to a neighbor, someone on the bus, someone in a store, or a taxi driver, you might be shy. What does "shy" mean? "Shy" means you don't like -- or you're nervous -- to speak to strangers or to speak to other people. So if you are naturally a shy person, I'm sure you've heard people over and over again say, "Don't be shy! Come on. Don't be shy!" Easier said than done, isn't it, shy people? So I want to give you some tips or some pointers maybe to help you to be less shy. It's impossible to be 100 percent outgoing if you are naturally a shy person. So today's lesson is how you improve your speaking. Don't be shy! The first thing that you have to do is think about why. "Why am I shy?" There may be many different reasons. I'm just going to go through a couple of them. The number one reason, probably, if you're watching these videos, is because you are trying to speak a new language. Maybe it is English. And you are shy to make a mistake. You don't want to say something bad, funny, rude, embarrassing. You don't want your face to go red and they'll go, "Ha ha! You said a funny word!" Okay. That will happen. And you know what? Who cares? It happens all the time. I say funny things a lot, too. Another reason why you may be shy is because you "talk funny". Lots of people have different problems with their mouths. Some people have a speech impediment. Some people have a lisp, so they don't pronounce words probably like me. Maybe you have a very strange or different accent than the other people around you. People often ask me, "Ronnie, where are you from?" And I say, "Canada." And they say, "No, you're not." "Yes, I am." "But you have an accent." "Yes. I have an accent. I talk funny. Who cares? I'm from Canada. Nice to meet you." So even if you do talk funny or you do have an accent, rock with it. Yeah. You speak differently. Good. Don't be like other people. Other people are boring. This is a problem. Maybe you just don't like to talk. Okay? Maybe you are quiet. Maybe you don't want to talk to anyone ever, at all. That's cool. If you don't like people and you don't like to talk, don't force yourself to talk. Maybe you could write something. Maybe you could text message or email someone. But that's not going to improve your speaking. If you do not like to talk to people, that's your choice. But I'm trying to help you overcome your shyness. So let's go through a couple ways to actually do this. Don't be shy! Just say, "Hi!" So if you're standing at a bus stop or the subway station or anywhere, and there's another human being beside you -- let's say that you're at a bar, and there's a beautiful girl or a very handsome boy. The quickest, the easiest, and the best way to speak to someone is just to say, "Hi! My name is Ronnie." Don't use "Ronnie", though. That's my name. You have to use your name. So just say "hi" to people. If they want to speak to you, they will start the conversation. They will say, "Oh, hi. My name is --. Nice to meet you." "Oh, nice to meet you, too." Uh-oh! And then, your shyness sets in because -- "What do I say? Shoes. I have shoes. Do you have shoes? Oh, God. I'm such an idiot. I can't even speak." Maybe the other person will have asked you a person. You can always ask people basic questions, like, "Where are you from? Why do you talk funny? Why are you shy?" All those fun questions. When you're actually speaking to someone, it's really important that you choose a topic that you like. So if I were to meet someone -- "Hi. My name is Ronnie." "Hi." "Cool. So -- oh, I like music. Do you like the Sex Pistols?" "Yeah." "Me, too. Oh, my God. No way! What other kind of music to you like?" So I like to talk to people about music. The only problem is not a lot of people like the same music I do. So you have to choose a topic that you like to talk about. If you're lucky, the other person will also like the topic. The next one: Get a job. Now, this might be very strange for you to even comprehend, but I -- right here -- am shy.

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I'm shy because i hate when people look at my face when i was talk , i just keep shiking and my hurt like bom bom , how i hate that !
I love you Ronnie.I'm trying to work in a bilingual call center,but they tell me that I have to be more natural.What can I do?
Buena la wea weono!
Ronnie, you make my confidence burst! Wooow
She's cute as hell!!!
We need more teacher like her
Hello, everybody. My name is Roman. I want to practice English speaking skills via skype. Who are very much interest to speak in English please add me. Here is my skype id...froolch777. My level rather is beginner, I had little conversation practice\
I'm shy in English because my Spanish accent is strong and sometimes native can not understand me
Hi Ronnie, all the steps are perfect except alcoholdrink. it is haram.
I've always been shy. And I'm a cat person. One of my cats likes to walk outside on the leash, so we do it. The result is that people are talking to me when they see my cat walking with me :D
You're the best...
I addicted to punk rock songs like sex pistols too. Cool!!!
I like your videos cause i can understand all of these.. thanks i'll see all of them..
Nice advices except the last one
I like Sex pistols too xD
I m in love <3
Hi grammar , your videos are very impotant to me , i've been learn a lot . and i spend a lot of time watching your videos . i'm an brazilian guy . so say hi to us !! bye
I have 2 dogs andI'm the shiest and most introverted person I know:))
I luv you roony ,, U are very funny and so cute❤
Ronnie your are Best
8:58 this is myself in my hometown... i don't need to travel :'( oh I wish i had a friend
I don't know i feel myself Different of other people so i don't like to talk with them.. and i just want to be natural i don't know how!?
As like you mentioned in the video, I'm shy cause wanna speak english specifically with an english girl, scare I get rejected from them, can u help me please what I have to do? to resolve this problem?I am going to bar alone and I can't talk to the girl easily.
You are awsome
Hahshahhhhhhh like you
I am just too lazy to pronounce the words. Writing is my cup of tea but talking to someone? Nah And I absolutely like being alone. It's the best time of my life. And I am a cat person. A very nice excuse, thank you :)
Hi Ronnie , greeting from Egypt . could you tell me what 's the best answer for this question ( What makes you the ideal candidate for this position? ) ....... Is this answer consider good ?! ( i'm fresh graduate so i'm hard worker , eager to learn and i'm going to do my best at work ) ..... رد
I really liked it. Thanks a lot!
Ronnie I like you everything
Really crazy and funny English :)
I loved your videos, thank you so much!!! I'm learning a lot and I'm very happy :)
I'm shy from only boys cause I think that I'm not intelligent and beautiful enough can anyone help
I will give a try with number 6
At a glance I see you like having a DID hehe kidding! great video mam
You are the best teacher! I'm learning so much with your videos!
Teacher explain very well thank you.
You make me laugh😂😂
You're eyes colore is awosem
I think you better understand what am saying mam....
I am why because how to speak to different people at different levels
8:00 i can't stop laughing
Think you
I am shy a person beacause i am always afraid of someone lauge me when i speak wrong, so i do not know how i overcome my shyness, please help me
So did you drink wine before lesson?
You are too funny.. i like you so much .. i´m from Chile..
I shy to talk people because of my accent. I'm also under the average of communication skills. My English is limited. That's why I choose to keep quiet, I hate being like this that but how could I overcome this? But I loved talk people, sometimes I give them a joke and they smile at me. lol. That's it. I'm trying to make conversation but I really don't know where gonna start.
I am shy and it is hard for me to talk in front of my class please help me
I hate to talk
Im shy because i was born in california and i dont speak good at all english
Good video i love it!!!!!!
Thank you.
Let me tell you something, you are like a rock star for me right now, thank you so much for you videos, I'm learning a lot things with you 👏👏💪😘
Thank Miss Ronnie
Im not shy now :D
Why i am shy ? I dont want to hear people say Ha? After itoldthem my stories 。 I dont want to make mistakes But who cares ~ Thank you Ronnie ~~Great teacher~
Sometimes I talk to people that they was judging something to me. I think That maybe some bad things so i was laughing at them with a stupid face that make me uglyand less confidence,, So sad :((
May you please.... Make a learning vocabulary video about everything about death and the funeral stuff?Please......
Please don't drink to become less shy. You will be more likely to become dependent on alcohol, and develop an addiction.
Just have no confidence for my English , there is guy I knew fromanetworking event last month, who sat by me in library for continuously 3 days, I 'm eager to ask about his carrer experience, but I 'm too shy or too afraid to step out to say HI , feel like a total loser
I'm so anti social
L fallowing from sweden
Rock with it! ... best regards
I can´t stop laughing. I wish i had Roonie as teacher. :(
I'm a friendless person so I don't have anyone to talk.😨😩
HAHA I love this teacher !! She´sso funny !!
Usually when I go out I tend to forget everything.. like all the topics are gone from my head.. it's awkward and I'm trying to get over it!! wish me luck
I'm shy because I'm kinda scared that if I act like my self then people will judge me or think I'm annoying. I'm also kinda insecure because I kinda care to much of what others think of me . Any advice?
Thank you for your presantation.teacher please send me your personal email
Just say HI! Me : Hi But I'm still shy
I'm shy when I speak in Portuguesese :v, but I'm talkative when I speak in english
Wow you're amazing i love to see your videos your teaching style is awesome . thanku very much rone
Really very nice .. i like ur way of teaching n tips.. u seems so bold n like enjoying ur life .. iwant to b like u
So sorry some mystic in my comment your name is ronnie
I love you my cartoon.😘❤🌺
I'm shy because I'm scared about the people's opinion about my accent.
Ronnie you are right when you said take a little bit of alcohol to get rate of your shyness. I experienced it a lot, so whenever am in a gathering I usually take a little bit of alcohol, I'm a shy guy by nature.
She seems to be deranged
I think we've same attitude. tbh I'm reallyreally a shy person . like level 9999999. hahah . until peoplearound bullied me when I was in high school. but when I continue my study at college, I force myself to talk to people. because I met new people . I do same thing what you do . Just with a 'hi ' I got a lots of friend and less shy . Hehehe .
Lol I wonder how my teacher would react if I suddenly asked a bunch of questions cause I HARDLY talk in class
OH MY! I relate so much with the things you say. When I run out of topics while talking to someone, I look for something that might spark a new conversation. But what happens is that I just say something stupid ;-; Another thing is about the dog! Omg I laughed at that part. I have a beagle dog and I walk him everyday in the afternoon. People will come by and talk to me about my dog while I'll just politely nod my head along and smile like an idiot. Time to time, I'll look at the dog and try to talk to him in my head like I have telepathy powers or something. "Man, hurry up and pee!" "Jeez, can't you poop much faster?!" It's so awkward! And later on, I'd feel upset with myself because of how embarrassing I was at that moment. I'd be thinking how they probably thought I don't wanna talk to them -which is true most of the time, but still- or that I'm being a completely fake person to them. I just don't like making bad impressions :( Maybe that's why I'm shy. Because I feel insecure about making impressions to them. Gosh. But thank you, Teacher! Hahaha I have a feeling that this will help me. Really love your channel. Please keep doing more :D
Hi hahahah I'm shy because I don't like to talk to people. I don't think I need to scream to have attention in a group conversation. That's ugly. I just talk to people I'm interested in. Although it's difficult to speak to people that I admire cuz I feel like I'm less or not worthy of him/her.
I'm so shy Because I'm not confident. Terrible
I shy it because my hearth is jump too fast,and i feel like em a noob guy Q wQ/
9:43 Get drunk
I am shy because I can't speak fluently
I wanna get a dog because I heard dogs help with shyness and cats do too and some other pets mostly dogs
I'm so shy and when some one talks to me I'm awkward I hate it. I try not to be like that like many of u guys.i wish there was something to go to and people could help u not to be shy
I'm not sociable
I am shy because I'm poor and can get rejected veryyyyy fast
I am shy while taking to girls, and when more people are watching me. I don't know why, but i am naturally a shy person.
Im shy cuz I dont want to talk too much 😕
I need a one like her, she is a teacher but she has an acting skills too

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Conversation Skills: DON'T BE SHY!