Citizenship Coursework Video - "Should there be restrictions in the media?"

This is for my Coursework. Only watch it if you're interested. 'Nuff said.

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Ten Second Epic - Old Habits Die Hard

New ten second epic video - amazing video for "old habits die hard"

God Save The Queen - British National Anthem

This is the british national anthem. the famous tune was used by over 180 composers worldwide, and is an instantly recognisable tune all over the world. god

Ali G - The Media

Ali g talks about media

IN BLOOM - Short Film - A2 Media Studies Coursework

Rachael and i have been working on this project for a year. we have put so much time and effort into the process of this film so we hope you enjoy watching. mas

Social Media Revolution 2010

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Media Censorship in Russia and the World

Media censorship has dramatically increased over the last decade and it has become a current global issue. especially with the rise of social media, countries s

Citizenship Coursework - Sweatshops

This is a short video me and three other boys created for our citizenship controlled assessment. we went to london to interview a few random strangers about wha

You Rock My World - Episode 9 [Part 3] - "Sam's Pregnant"

[re-upload due to original video being muted.] read this or ask stupid questions that will end up having me to hate youfinally. the damn episode is finished.

Citizenship Controlled Assesment; The Respect Between Year 11's & Year 7's

Vihang ingle, matthew hills and andrew harrison's citizenship coursework. respect between year 11 and year 7.

Citizenship Coursework - Recycling

Directed, filmed and edited by jennifer simpkins presented and produced by jennifer stevens-lock

Me needs help.

Someone help me fgs. my text randomly turns into a picture when i open teh file in sony veguss. halp me plissssss!!! ;-;;

Digital Citizenship - Cyber Bullying

The cyber bullying video from the digital citizenship series, created by peacemaker resources and schoolcraft learning community.

GCSE Citizenship Theme 1 Podcast

This podcast by mr anderson helps guide you through your revision sheet for theme 1 of the gcse citizenship course on human rights. not everything is covered he

[HBD] Shayde likes cereal!

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Citizenship Coursework Video - "Should there be restrictions in the media?"