Citizenship Coursework - Sweatshops

This is a short video me and three other boys created for our Citizenship controlled assessment. We went to London to interview a few random strangers about what they know about their clothes. Notes on the questions: Question 1: In regards to how much somebody would normally spend shopping, one must consider the fact that few most sweatshop workers get paid under a dollar per hour they work. I don't know how many hours it takes them to sew the clothes we buy, but i certainly know that under a dollar is not fair and that the consumer spends alot when those who worked hard get very little. Question 2: Everybody said China: This is a natural assumption. However, sweatshops aren't all in third world countries. There are sweatshops in the UK, the United States, Mexico, Bangladesh, Malaysia and yes, there are plenty in China. Alot of people do not realise quite how world wide people are getting paid unfairly. Question 3: BBC 3 ran programmes not too long ago where people visited the sweatshops of popular high street brands to expose them and inform the consumer. These "Blood, Sweat &..." programmes (there were more than one, facing different topics: Blood, Sweat & T Shirts: Blood, Sweat & Luxuries: Blood, Sweat & Me: There is also another on take aways but I did not feel it is relevant to post. Question 4: There are plenty of clothes available from union made clothes. No Sweat Apparel is a brand I found that sell shoes and clothes that aren't too expensive, but were made fairly. Also, on their "Resources" page () you can find plenty more links that would be more relevant to the information.This is all amateur and I thank you for taking your time to watch this video. We know it's not any kind of groundbreaking documentary or anything, but we hope we've helped :)

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Citizenship Coursework - Sweatshops