Citizenship Coursework - Recycling

Directed, filmed and edited by Jennifer Simpkins Presented and produced by Jennifer Stevens-Lock

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Citizenship Movie Final

Video evidence for our citizenship coursework event where we organised a movie characters themed fancy dress day and this is the competition...

citizenship coursework

This is just a quick video about how teenagers are portraid in the media (i no its gay) please just reply to the questions below so i can get some views and i g

Citizenship Coursework Video - "Should there be restrictions in the media?"

This is for my coursework. only watch it if you're interested. 'nuff said.

Citizenship coursework-Teen pressures

A video for my citizenshipcoursework on teen pressures

The Real youth - citizenship coursework - take 1

Our citizenship coursework project dorrani williams mehran hussain gamal nur

Edexcel Citizenship CUTS Film (GCSE Coursework)

For our citizenship coursework, we are looking at how the govenments spending cuts affect us teenagers

What is Citizenship?

This was a video made by dean craig and phillip carpenter for the character counts video contest in the category of citizenship. this was made in mr. peck's vid

citizenship - save the rainforest video 0002

This is for my year 10 citizenship coursework, it might be rubbish, but its for the marks! thanks to abi for making it.

Oral Presentation- Global Warming

A presentation on global warming and how we can save ourselves from ourselves.

Swine Flu citizenship video

Catch it bin it kill it our year 11 citizenship coursework

Blackfen School for Girls Citizenship Fair .wmv

If you've ever wondered how to tackle gcse citizenship coursework look no further. at blackfen school for girls year 10 pupils launched their first ever citizen

Should the media present more natural images of people? - Citizenship coursework

This is for our gcse coursework, please comment with feed back below, or if you know us inbox either of us on facebook. thank you

NSPCC awareness video

This is my citizenship coursework, to raise awareness of the charity that i have chosen which is the nspcc

Can a mean P.E. teacher have lasting negative effects on a person's ability to exercise?

A new study has identified a new reason why some adults don't exercise. it's a familiar scenario in the movies - the p.e. teacher who relentlessly punishes and

Citizenship Coursework - Recycling