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Editing your Second Draft - Episode 008 the Book Editor Show

You've finished your first draft, now what? first drafts are often clunky and feel overwhelming to tackle. but just finishing it means you had the drive to writ

How to edit a book

Tips on how to edit your book or novel manuscript from fiction editor beth hill of the editor's blog,

Editing and Publishing a Children's Book.wmv

Author mary amato shows the editing and publishing process for her new children's book.


In this episode of "how book is made," lauren oliver travels to the offices of harpercollins publishers to introduce viewers to her editor's role in the publica

Professional Book Editing Services

Professional editors will help you write your book! book editing services from the beginner to the award-winning authors...

Important Things To Know Before Writing A Children's Book

Things to know before writing a children's book before beginning your journey into the grand world of writing children's books, you will need to understand the

Scan Your Inked Comic Book Pages for Editing and Effects

...scan your final inked comic book pages to clean them up, edit them and prepare them for adding text and computer graphic effects

How to Market a Childrens Book: Book Marketing Team Work

writerpreneur/author/illustrator katie davis provides tips and secrets on how to market a childrens book in this video series based on her ebook, how to promot

Editing Writing for Kids! {First and Second Grade}

In this movie, we learn about how to edit our writing! we look at grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Professional Book Editing Services by

First editing - then publishing... books, novels, manuscripts, theses, dissertations, research, business documents and more - all english writing needs to be ed

Elephants Love Their Families • Children’s Read Along Picture Book

Elephants love their families is the fifth book in the animals love to series by j. bruce jones. in this fun children’s picture book we get to see some powerf

How to Format a Picture Book for Createspace

How to format a picture book for createspace. fay b. bolton is a self-published author. fay has written several children's picturebooks that are available on a

Writing Children's Books - Get Your Mindset Right!

From , children's book insider editor jon bard on what it takes to succeed in modern children's book publishing.

Three Tips For Writing A Children's Book That Kids Will Love To Read

How to write for children writing a children's book is a specialized field and not everyone can do it. remember, you are writing for young children who are not

Editor Emma Dryden on What's Hot in Children's Books + Writing for Teens

From, part 2 of our conversation with renowned children's book editor emma this installment, emma discusses what editors are looking for now, and also

Childrens Book Editing Services