Case Interview 101 - A great introduction to Consulting Case Study Interviews

Visit my website for more insights into case interview: This is the very first #CaseInterview #preparation lesson every newbie should watch! This should act asa “home” and a “map” page for your #case interview #studying no matter where you are. The insights I am about to share with you are the results of years of experience in both #managementconsulting and in #case interviewcoaching. I have coached hundreds of candidates of various backgrounds from the brightest students of Harvard, Wharton to some real “newbies”. Regardless of background, many don’t have a good grasp of #Caseinterviewsbasics. Time stamps 1:35 What is a Case Interview? 1:52 What does the format of a case interview look like? 2:40 What is evaluated in a case interview? MECE, Frameworks and Hypotheses 7:44 The common flow of a case interview 8:32 How to prepare for a case interview? Help me reach 50,000 YouTube subscribers atand keep making everything available for free. Watch all of my consulting prep videos on Youtube at Management Consulting Videos McKinsey PST Prep Playlist Case Interview Prep Visit our website for more detailed guides on McKinsey PST, Case Interview and Consulting Math McKinsey PST Comprehensive Guide Consulting Math Case Interview Case Interview Question Types Case Interview End-to-end Secrets Program Our #managementconsulting #prepmaterials for PST and Case Interview . All are developed by ex-McKinsey consultants. Read 50+ posts on our blog for insider tips and tricks on McKinsey PST and Case Interview JOIN US ON FACEBOOK ... I appreciate you reading this and hope to see you on the next video! Sincerely, Kim Tran

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What's a 'heart disorter' (3:42)? I'm only familiar with 'heart disorders'.
Can't seem to find the links to the publications you mentioned in the video :/
Wow, really great video- amazing and easy-to-understand graphics. Really practical and holistic. thank you for this resource!
This is awesome!! Keep up the good work. I got an internship credits to you!!
Where is the link of McKinsey BCG publications?
Thanks a lot for this video! You have been the most helpful!
Awesome Sir....Its really Very heplfull for me.....:)
I found that often, I structure a case in the beginning but it might be a bad structure and there are questions that arise which require a new structure, but no time to take a pause. What do you do in this case! Do you ask for second break? First initial pause is 5 minutes, but is it okay to take second pause of 2 minutes?
Hi, can you help me find the links for the business publications from MBB that you mentioned in the video?
Amazing Tran Nice Video
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm a Dartmouth MBA who successfully avoided all case interviews while in school. Thanks to your videos and subsequent practice, I just crushed a series of case interviews that resulted in two job offers. Could not have done it without you. Thank you for your careful and thorough explanations of each step.
Thank you , a great video
Thank you Kim. This is extremely helpful. But I have a question. Do you provide mock interview service ?
Hey Kim, So ive heard that since the prevalent cultures are Bain, McKinsey and BCG are quite different, interviewers of the respective firms often look for slightly varied approaches to given cases. Is that true? If it is, could you maybe do a video on what these varied expectations might be and suggest strategies for each firms case interivew? Thanks
Thank you Kim Tran for delivered such amazing preparational strategies. After 3 months studying Business Admin at International University in Viet Nam, one of my favorite lecturers suggests me applying for McKinsey in the later years. Moreover, he recommended your preparation videos on youtube in case interview section. I found your tutorials very fascinating and useful. The way you explain is just incredibly comprehensible in almost every respects. These materials will somewhat help me in developing my logical thinking skills and the ability to work with other fellows who want to be a consultant. Once again thank you so much for these precious pieces of informations. Your videos encourage me and you are my inspiration.
Hey! thanks for starting such a series... I personally need one. had a consulting interview a few months back which I flunked after about 5 rounds... could really use some help in trying out again. :)
Hey Kim, your content is just so valuable for anybody, not only for those who are approaching consulting interviews! Very well done! I was wondering if you could suggest any of your videos/your colleagues' ones/websites related to interpersonal skills development, such as the ones needed in sales careers for example? Thanks a lot, Bye
Awesome introduction ! Thank you !
Hi Kim! A really helpful video. thanks. do you have any tips and tricks to crack business school case interviews also? if you do please share
Thanks Kim. This was really very helpful.
Great video and the whole channel as well! :) Very helpful
That was wonderful. Thanks for a great video:)
Could you please help me, I'm just 12 (high school) passed out
This is a fantastic video and was super useful! Many thanks. A few questions: 1.When you say math skills, do you mean data interpretation? 2. How big a role do those math skills play if one is applying to McKinsey to work on 'Governance' and 'Development' related consulting? McKinsey has a center for Government. Consulting firms like Dalberg/ FSG are based on development work for example. How similar are the contexts? Does the evaluation of the candidate vary if the contexts are different? Thanks a again :)
First of all, Thank you Tran, thank you very much for preparing this video, I am a guy in India who is from a not so great B-School where in we don't get these inputs and consulting companies dnt even dare to recruit us and I believe in making my career in consulting.. I have been constantly searching for this kind of expanation. this video is a real encouraginment for anyone who wishes to believe that he/she can do consulting.... Tran its simply awesome the way you explained where in you told that process is important not the result, about root cause analysis , the MECE way, and defining hypothesis. Oh Tran thanks a ton...!
Thank you !
Thank you
Hi Kim, what is the tool you are using to produce the video?
Thank you
4:54 what about non-binary students? :)
This is fantastic - With a 40 case practice experience I came to same conclusion - Rocking the case requires 3 things to master - Case techniques ( Very mechanical process and can be easily mastered after doing 10 -15 cases ) , Ability to handle math ( raw data, charts and tables - I am good in that already because of engineering and tech background) and lastly most difficult part - Ability to think of business ( such as factors to think when selling financial products to poor and uneducated , Diagnose a school education system of country , reasons for people willing to pay higher prices in past couple of years) . Some of business sense is common sense and anyone can come of common factorsbut a person with a great ability to step in the shoes of the CEO of the case company and feel and think what factors could impact his business are truly gifted. I have always kept a belief that everybody has equal minds but some just train in a better way. So i believe I can improve my business sense if I do something which truly improves it. ( I already have strong will) Kim - I know you mentioned reading MBB publications /insights to improve business judgement but trust me those are not easy to absorb for people like me who are doing hard programming/mathematical stuff from past 11 years. I am missing out the case interviews just because of my average business sense ( I always focused on learning hard things during my engineer and it is somehow kicking me back now) . Do you have additional ideas for people who from technical background. Now I know why Liberal arts and psychology students achieve better success in consulting.
MConsulting Prep I would actually like to see a video or maybe a reply to this comment on McKinsey employee's work habits/advice. I know majority of McKinsey employees don't stay there long-term, and I would like to know what takeaways y'all take from working there. For example, I have read online on how you guys keep a to-do list. I think it would be interesting and its not something you can find online. I really love what McKinsey does, and I would love to be able to know how to be like a McKinsey employee so I can apply it to my job! Looking forward for your reply.
Hey, I have just recently become interested in consulting and I possibly could be having an interview in less than 10 days. What's your best advice to be better prepared for this so that I can ace the interview process. Thanks!!
Very informative video, thanks! I'll head over to your site for more. Can you share what software you used to create the presentation video? I loved the style and the concept of zooming in for details and out for the big picture.
Hey I have recently started my Case Interview preparation and since I have not studied any management related subjects I am finding it really difficult to understand certain basic terminology. Can you do a video on that. I think understanding of basic concepts will help in developing and effectively using framework. Thank you!!!
Really helpful..thank you +MConsulting Prep 
Although I am already familiar with case interview preparation, this video is quite helpful for me in the way that it shows the big picture, and of course very helpful for beginners ;)
Your vids are great, but your website is just too expensive!
Haizz ... wish I knew this video sooner
Great video!I was wondering when will the Math video be uploaded?
So lucky to find this video. exactly what I need!
Thank you for creating and posting this video!
Love it! Thanks!
Hey Kim, Thank you for the videos - this has been very helpful. I am also interested in the application you use to put all of your videos together? I am not sure if it is prezi or otherwise.. regardless, all of your presentations/videos are very well edited and visually pleasing.
You misspelled disorder 
Thanks a lot for the structured information~!
This is a good one, I just have to ask, where can I find good business publications and journals? what are your recommendations about math? I mean, what specific subjects should I study more...
Nice video and useful content. Can I ask what software you used to make this kind of video?
Very good video
Thank you very much. It's really helpful!
I bought 2 help packages from this website:CONSULTING MATH and Case Interview End To End Secrets. THE PROBLEM IS: I`ve lost my PC and the files in it. Now that im traying to contact them (coz the download links expired) I have no feedback from them. Long history short: You will pay a lot for a desastrous costumer service.
Wao this is what I have been looking for for a loooong time! Thanks a lot +MConsulting Prep !
Hi I am Sav. I wonder if you've received my resume, as I have sent it multiple times but I was informed that the emails did not reach you by your staff. If you still have not received it, please let me know. Thanks!

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Case Interview 101 - A great introduction to Consulting Case Study Interviews