Can you solve the temple riddle? - Dennis E. Shasha

View full lesson: Your expedition finally stands at the heart of the ancient temple. But as you study the inscriptions in the darkness, two wisps of green smoke burst forth. The walls begin to shake. The giant sandglass begins flowing with less than an hour before it empties, and a rumbling tells you that you don’t want to be around when that happens. Can you use math to escape the temple? Dennis E. Shasha shows how. Lesson by Dennis E. Shasha, animation by Artrake Studio.

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This one is too easy
How about you hold your torch against each of the exits and test if there is any wind. Wind can travel that far from the outside right?
Just tell them to leave if they find the exit.
Send however many through at least 3 ways. Before that tell them to leave, if they find the exit. No communication needed. Every1 returns, its the 4th hall way. Some1 doesnt come back, its through there.
But what If the others think that you are the possesed one, since you're alone?
Spilt 3 person into 3 groups,searching 3 hallways, leaving one hallway unexplored, then solve by elimination method. 3-3-3 groups works in finding out the 2 liars as well.
It was the easiest riddle 😎 recommend me toughest pls...👍
I actually found another answer you simply send 2 people into each path an instead of asking bough to comeback you tell them that if it's the right way one of you stay the other comes back and because they only change their communication skills they will still obey which will easily give you the right pat
Amazing and tricky riddle. Expecting for more and more riddles
There's a better solution. You gather groups of 3 to make sure that there's at a least a sober guy in each group. You don't need to cover the 4 pathways. You would know which exit goes to the altar and you leave a mark for the one pathway that no one is taking. The group that finds the exit will leave the temple, the other groups will therefore go back to the center. If a group doesn't come back that means that they ground the exit and you and the other group will follow that pathway. If the three groups come back the exit is the pathway that was not explored.
Cant you just go with the pair of 2? If all three hallways are wrong then that means the hallway that wasnt explored was the exit. Unless the room is like dark and no one can see then idk
Well, you could just tell them not to return if they find the exit. You said it only affects COMMUNICATION. This is MOVEMENT.
Will this work on Town Of Salem?
If you had to go with someone else it would still work if you went with two others because you could explore in threes, three of the halls leaving the one that goes to the altar and one other and if you all came back with dead ends it then mean you can go to the last hall and that would be the exit.
Can't you just go in threes and explore it. if none found it, then go in the fourth path WHY NOT THIS WAYBy the way not criticism just saying my opinion
I got it!!
Yes I can solve it.
Sadly human logic will ruin this problem
What if the pair that went down one path had both of the possessed students and one of them was telling the truth and the other was lying?
It's quite tricky! I tried to calculate probablities if they split in 3,3,2 and 1. Each way you can find the way out.
Make more
The best way was to divide team into three parts , three guys in each team & only four ways to go out. Problem solved
1(you)-4-4-1 works
It is so difficult
If you send three groups of three down three of the hallways then everyone can do the math and figure out where the exit is. if no group finds the exit, that means the exit is the 4th hallway. even if both liars are in one group that means the other 2 groups wont fight and you know that you can trust the single person in the group with the liars
Wait but what if they didnt trust you they might realized you might also be posed
You can simply leave one of the ways unexplored and form bigger groups. because if the all the others don't lead to freedom the last one has to.
Although I got the answer given in the video after ten minutes of solving I devised another solution. Split yourselves into groups of 3,3,3,2. All of you take the a different path. Before you leave , make it clear to everyone that if they find the exit, they should leave without hesitation. The possessed people lack the ability to communicate but have the sense to process simple information and so they can leave. When you return after 40 minutes and see that other groups have returned too, you take the passage in which no group has returned as that is the way out. This is kind of a loop-hole but it makes sense doesn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong but the affects of being possessed were presented rather ambiguously. Thanks, Please just check if I'm correct.
What if the two of the trios were cursed and lied that they had the exit argued against the other person telling the truth and the path which has two duos and the exit told the truth? The riddle said they lie occasionally so it could be interpreted as the single person telling the truth as telling a lie leading to their inveitable doom. Or it could be interpreted as the 2 arguing on the same platform is lying and the duo telling the truth, but with the cursed ones lying occasionally, you have either two choices, believe the Duo or believe the singled out person in the trio.
I found another answer, you all travel in groups of 3, and here's why: Since you are the one making the decision, when paired with the 2 cursed, it won't matter. And also, if every group agrees besides 1, which would have two agreements, then there are 2 of the cursed and that group. If there are 2 disagreements, then the 2 cursed individuals arguing the the 2 non-cursed individuals, then you know that they ( the 2 arguing their case alone ) are the 2 cursed individuals. If there are none that are the way out, the way that wasn't explored is the correct passage. This also works under the assumption that other students could suspect that you are one of cursed
Interesting... but I figured out an alternative answer. Take two students with you and split the rest into two-people groups. Each group explores one path. The group that finds the exit doesn't return back. The others return back and, through a process of elimination, go through the corridor that doesn't have anyone returning.
Sub to me say done on reply and i sub back
Another way to solve this is by sending a group of five and a group of three. if in the group of five one disagrees, listen to the majority in both groups. If everybody agrees in the group of five, listen to the majority in the group of five and the minority in the group of three. Finally use the elimination process if needed.
Um the hands are..........oh my gurshy gurshy
Couldn't you go with the duo and leave the last one unexplored because if you don't find any path that means you go down that one and if every group is a trio you can first trust yourself and then know that the possessed are in the other two groups or even your group
It works with you-5-2-1 combination too
"Two whisps of green smoke and thewalls begin to shake"yeah that happened to me once,bad quality weed
Finally got first ted ed riddle correct. i thought the same way.😘
Two people in the trio could be lying and then the majority winning would lead you to your death.
If it'll take 20 menace to go down inch Hall, and only have an hour before the temple collapses, you're not going to have enough time to figure all that out
If this really happened nobody would be like Dora and say "let's stop and think" no were running!!!
I did it differently but think it would work. My plan was to go down one corridor alone, send 5 down a second, and 3 down a third. I'd ask the 5 if theirs was the right one. There are either 3, 4, or 5 that aren't possessed and tell the truth. So whatever the majority say is the right answer for that one. Based on the number in the minority, I know how many possessed people are in the group of 3, so I know who to believe. If there are 2 possessed people, I'd believe the one who said something different. If there is one possessed person, I believe the 2, and if there are no possessed people, the other 3 are all telling the truth. If none of the 3 passages we explored is the correct one, it must be the fourth one that we didn't explore. This seems like an easier solution to me.
What if both the possessed guys are grouped together and they both tell the same thing coz they both can tell the truth or lie, so there is a possibility of both of them telling the truth. For eg, in the group of 3 suppose all of them tell the truth that there's a way out. Similarly, the 2 jackasses tell that there's a way out. How would we determine then that which way to go?
Glad I can resolve...
The pair that does not come back to the center, would be the tunnel to go through to escape.
It easier to tell your mates to leave if they find the right path. This way you'll be able to tell which is the right one cause they didn't come back.
You can split them in 2 groups of 4 and tell them to leave 2 persons out of the temple if it's the right path and send back the other 2 to tell the others. That way nobody can lie.
Super easy
3 groups of 3 search 3 hallways, each group is told that if they find the exit, they leave, when the groups meet back at the center they look for what group is missing, if they all show up, its the 4th exit no one checked.
The easiest riddles out of all of them
What happens if the possessed students are in the same trio
I have a solution.YOLO
Ok, let's see here.. ... doh doh doh doh doh.. OH I GOT IT!!!! So, what we need to do is make two trios and one pa Damnit! Now we only have 50 mins left!
I might be wrong, but couldn’t you ask everyone a hypothetical question repeated until they lie? It said that they only lie occasionally, so at some point they would say that the question you ask is no. For example, ask everyone what if 2 + 2 is 4 multiple times. If they lie, they are possessed. Right?
I just watched the whole video without even pausing to try to figure it out 'cause I knew there was no way I was gonna be able to solve that lol😂😂😂
What if the two cursed students are together. You and the two trios don't find the exit. The two do find the exit but lie and tell you they didn't. This would mean you would either not trust them and go down their path or go down the path 5, which is also not the exit. If they didn't lie and you chose not to trust them this will still lead you down the 5th path. ... Is there something that I am missing ?
What if one trio hits a dead end but two cursed students in that trio say it was the exit?
The guy narrating is so depressing 😅
I solved it
Why not go with two other people and send two groups of three down two other paths. You will know the truth of your path. And you will be able to tel from majority and logic if the groups found it or not. If nobody finds the right path. The path to take is the last one nobody searched
There is one more solution possible. Tunnel 1: go alone yourself Tunnel 2: Send a trio Tunnel 3: Send a fiver Tunnel 4: don't send anyone If there is a conflict in both the groups, Then the majority in both the groups speak the truth If there is a conflict only in the trio, The minority there speaks the truth If there is a conflict only in the fiver, The majority speaks the truth and thus the tunnel can be found by elimination
I'm not going into that path by myself! My fear is being alone.
Answer...Ask the people if there the cursed ones
There are so many 'what if' lol.
If u dont wanna get cursed then STAY OUT OF THE TEMPLE!
Just ask the students that is 1+1=2 and the two who says no are cursed
Even better. Group up everyone and ask what color is the sky. If they say anything other than white they lie
He kept flipping his finger
There is another way. going alone and sendin two groups of 3 and 5
How do you know if they don't know way if two were either honst or lying?
But if it was split in to fours and you went down a hallway by yourself, if half of the group was arguing the other group would tell the truth, and if they were both split up 3 people would be arguing with 1 person in each group.
I know I'm late but I think there's a problem in this riddle. What if the possessed students are in a trio and they both lie that this is the correct path ( It is actually not the correct path ) and the one guy/girl is telling the truth, you'll think that the two students are telling the truth but are actually not. Please can someone tell me if I'm right or wrong
You can actually send groups of 4 students down two of the hallways with this instruction: - If you find the exit, two of you must leave, two of you must come back and tell the rest what they found If any of the students do not show back up it is proof that that is the exit. The possessed will either be forced to stay and lie, creating a tell that this path is the correct path, or be faced with the obvious problem of coming back without members of the team which is also a positive. Otherwise the path is known to you, or it is obviously the other, untaken path.
7 students 3/3/1
You could probably just ask everyone "are you possessed?" A few times until 2 people say yes.... and then not trust them
Thing is, ask each student are you a boy /girl, 5 times fast, you should realize who is possessed, kill them, you can trust the others...
In realistic way, if no one know which one is cursed (including you). Better to send 3 groups with 3 people, leaving one path empty. Then if 2 groups are arguing, follow the majority. If 1 groups are arguing, follow the minority. Pick the answer and you will get the exit. That's so easy
What if both the cursed one are together then one is telling the truth in the trio and u trust the two of themWhat now?
That isn't the correct answer. The others do not know you aren't possessed, and may not trust you, however if all are groups of 3 you are garunteed correctness, as if 2 argue majority wins, but if only 1 group argues minority wins, you only need explore 3 of the 4 paths as the last is determined by elimination, and have 9 people, that is 3 trios, the perfect amount. You survive, and there is no doubt in the others.
Another possibility is a group of 5 people and one of 3 people while noone explores the last hallwayor a group of 5, a group of 2 and a group of 1. Either way, you use the argument in the group of 5 to determine how many lieers are left in the other groups. If it is 3v2, you know who the lieers are, if it is 4v1, you know 1 lieer and know there is still 1 left and if they all agree you know you are still looking for 2 more lieers in the last 3 people which is easy to figure out.
I actually came up with a different (arguably flawed) solution. What if you said to the group that find the exit to immediatly escape without returning, that way when you get back you can see who got out and take their exit.You could stay in the crossroad segment to make sure people dont lie about where they came from to make sure you go down the right exit. The argument against my theory would be that the potential lying duo would lie and say they couldnt get out, imo however because they wouldnt have to lie to anyone to escape my theory still stands.
What if you find the exit on your own, but the group of two is the possessed people and they both decide to lie and say they found the exit? How can the other six figure out who's lying? They don't know you're not possessed. What, are the pair going to be surprised that both decided to answer the same way, so they'll look at each other, thus giving themselves away? How do you know the king and queen are even expert liars? Maybe they twitch or look away when they lie. And how do you know these ghosts are the type that has access to their vessel's memories? Maybe they don't know the name of the poor Joes they're using, so they won't be able to correctly answer the question "What's your first and last name?", thus giving themselves away.
The possessed students have their hands behind their back!
I would've asked each person individually if they were the king or queen and lie to them and say I was the other one and find out who's cursed. That's my way anyways
It would take a couple mintues to work it out tho
Just continually ask if they're lying
Lol guessed it first try
What if the 2 posessed students are in the trios so you have to agree with two of them instead of the other one in the trios which is the one who telling the truth
What if you sent 3 set of 3 people down each path. Tell each group that if you don't find the exit to come back and if you do to stay outside. If any of the 3 groups is missing when you return go down the path they went. If all three groups come back use the passage that was not used the first time. Even if 2 cursed people were in one group at least 1 person in a group is not cursed and would stay outside. This solution should work even if you didn't know whether you were cursed or not.
0:48 Totally looks like he is flipping the bird to the rumbling xD
Yay! I was correct! Who else actually figured this out with out cheating?
(I'd like to point out I think EVERYONE IN THE ROOM would know which two assholes touched the thing)
Why don't you just keep asking the whole group "IS ONE PLUS ONE TWO?!" over and over until two of them crack, then you'll know
I was guessing this: I go alone while two groups of three students go together and one of two too, all through different ways, we'll set a rule that, if the students get out, they don't come back, if five minutes pass, they go after the hall that people didn't come back from, if a group is missing its full number of people, that group has a possessed person, if the group of two comes back and all the other groups also come back, the group of two is possessed, meaning that the correct tunnel is theirs.
Or, you could split in to groups of 3 and then go down a path each. When you return, each group says if they found the exit. If one person in a group says they did, but the other two say they didn't, then ask ever other group I they found the exit. if there are no more disagreements between the other groups, then the two from the original group were cursed and lying.But if there is another disagreement,whoever was by themselves in the disagreement is cursed and lying and so is the person who was by themselves for the first disagreement. Then you just go down the right path. If no one found the right path, then you just go down the one that none of the groups explored. sorry if that was difficult to understand, im not very good at explaining things.
I found something wrong with the answer: it says the possessed students may tell the truth or lie. But then the answer just assumes that if the possessed ones were lying or telling the truth, both would have the same answer.I also made my own answer. So, assign each person (yourself included) into 3 groups of 3 because yourself included, there is 9 people in all. Each group should go down one path. The fourth path doesn't need to be explored. When all 3 groups are back (yours included), observe each group (yours included as always). If the possessed ones tell the truth, all groups should be in agreement. In this case, if all of the groups say that they haven't found the exit, go down the fourth one. If there is one conflict, then you know who to trust in that group because one student have a different answer, meaning he is the one to trust. If there is two conflicts, then do the same thing but trust the two students that have a different answer than the other student. And of course, go down the path that a group claims to be the exit ( you will always be right every time)
Well, there is another teorry that works even better without checking all the tunnels. So at first is the same, you go alone in a tunnel and then you split the 8 people in 2 groups of 3 & 5 students. Every time you would figure it out where are the possessed ones, from the group of five. If 2 guys would argue with others 3( in the group of 5), then you know the possessed ones are there(2),and take the right answer of the others 3, completing the riddle by elimination. If the possessed ones are split in the 2 groups then you would know from the fact that in the group of five there is one guy with an opposite answer. And then u know the correct answer from the group of 3 and would be by the 2 people that would agree on the answer. And in the last case with both possessed guys in the group of 3, you would guess by the fact that in the group of 5 are all 5 people agreeing on the answer. So the right answer of the group of 3 would be the opposite of the majority( 2 from 3) that they are actually possessed, and find the way again with the procces of elimination. Sorry for my english.
Send 3 people down 3 of the paths, and if none of you find it then it's the last remaining path

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