Can you solve the bridge riddle? - Alex Gendler

View full lesson: Taking that internship in a remote mountain lab might not have been the best idea. Pulling that lever with the skull symbol just to see what it did probably wasn’t so smart either. But now is not the time for regrets because you need to get away from these mutant Can you use math to get you and your friends over the bridge before the zombies arrive? Alex Gendler shows how. Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Artrake Studio.

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I bet somebody came up with this sht in shower.
You said only 2 people could cross the bridge so if a horde of zombies take it then wont they all collapse making cutting the bridge completely irrelevent?
I actually solved it
The lab assistant looks like she's not wearing any pants.
The zombies wouldn't be smart enough to cross seperatly
Why is this the most popular upload from Ted-Ed.
Take the lab assistant and repopulate the world on the other side, who needs the other two?
My way take the scissor and kill the zombie
I was right yey :)
Or you use the professors skin as a sail for a ship boom
I'm slow
Chop everyone's heads off except the grampa and walk across with him done and done
Why do you need a lantern to cross a bridge? Just go strait till you're off it...
2 minute and 10 minute cross. 2 minute meets 1 minute in the middle and passes the lantern. 1 minute crosses with 5 minute. = 17 minutes
I think they all would die, I would get desperated waiting more than five minutes, without knowing if they were able to cross safely
Anyone else think this was easy?
Came here just to see if any shitkicks trying to make out they figured it out without watching to the end
Does to time stack? Cuz if it isn't, (let me use numbers) You have 17 mins and bridge can hold 2 person. You have a 1min person, 2min person, 5min person and 10min person. 1min goes first and 2min behind him. After the 1 min guy passed, there's 16 mins left and 2min is 1 min away. 5min person enters. After 1 min, 2min person passed, there's 15 minutes left, 5min person have 4 mins left and 10min person goes in. After 4 mins have passed, 5min person already crossed the bridge, 10min person have 6mins left and there's 11 minutes left. 6 minutes later, they all have crossed and there's 5 minutes to spare.
I said give them piggybacks😂
This is meant for kids, right?
I thought I had it, but I forgot about the lantern.
I managed to solve this only because I encountered it in a game long ago and looked up the tutorial for it
Got the answer the min. I heard the question
Carry the professor then take the janitor then have the other person walk over
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You don't need a lantern to cross a bridge. The ropes can guide you and your eyes can slightly adjust to the darkness
Don't make one take a different perspective
My English teacher show me this
The zombies all come in a group,the bridge can only hold two at a time,so why cut the bridge? in seventeen minutes,just look at the zombies fall since as I said,the zombies come in a group
Take the lintern, cross the bridge with the old man, then go back and now cross the bridge with the blue man and here comes the hard part... go back, take the assistant and throw him to the zombies so you can have more time to scape
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There is another way to solve this. The fastest and slowest go together. 10. the fast one goes back again to deliver the lantern. 11. He then runs back. 12. The remaining to walk across. 17.
The zombies would make the bridge collapse on its own. no need for schissors.
Question can be improvised. There's no need to cut the rope as someone can say that time allotted was only 17 min so we can just cut this part.
What's the answer
LOL his face at 1:55
I find it easily
Sub to me say done in the reply and I will sub back
Let the janitor and the assistant cross first then u take the lantern and come back and go with professor
I solved it in a different way
1st: I+A -Icosts 2+1=3 2nd: P+J -Acosts 10+2=12 3rd: I+A -nullcosts 2+0=2
I Almost got it 😂
Professor wrong
Sub to me I will sub back with 3 accounts
I solved it cause I did this in 2nd grade wit my teacher
Or...: You take the slowest on your back, as he's holding the lantern over your shoulder so that you can see, then you run back and take the second slowest on your back as he does the same thing with the lantern. Then you run back with the lantern in your hand so that you and the second fastest run together. This would take about 6 minutes if you could keep up the tempo with the persons on your back. It would probably still be faster than if you do as the video said.
Or you could take skies and slide down the mountain
See my problem is how do you get to know how long it would take them to cross over eh so you can predict how long I must say that is some going being able to predict how fast they would be before you get to a bridge they never seen beforeha ha
This is actually pretty simple, just have the prof and you go first and then run back to give the lantern, if the zombies cetch you, then you'll probably have a good amount of space inbetween you and them, so you cut the bridge WITH the zombies on them
Why not carry the slow people? In case of the Professor this should cut the time in half The janitor can be held by his hands to support him and then you can still run with him.
Pretty easy
Just abandon the janitor and profeser Acually the professor should live he calculated the time it took for the zombies thanks for wasting time profesor
I got it almost right except i paired the slowest to the fastest then 2nd fast to the 2nd slowest
First 1 min and 2 min peoples will cross. The 1 min person will then return. Then the 5 and 10 min peoples. The 2 min will then return. And finally 1 and 2 min peoples will go. In total, 2+1+10+2+2 = 17.
I saw this at school lmao
Just carry the professor and dip then wait for the others
Who would even be friends with zombies?
What's with all these violent people?
"Either of you can safely wait on either side of the bridge in the dark" Me: "Ummm no thanks"
If he let the Janitor and the Professor go first, ran across to fetch the lamp and then ran back to fetch the assistant it would have been done in 14 minutes. Janitor & Prof - 10Min You - 1Min (Fetch the lamp) You - 1Min (Run back across) Assistant & You - 2Min Total - 14Min
This is a mood
How did it suddenly turn to night?
What if the assistant run away.
I don't know if this could work, but if you ran across with the two fastest and kept lantern there so they could see it from across the bridge then maybe they could cross within 12 minutes but idk if that counts as a trick, you could also leave the lantern half way, either way it took me a while but I was eventually able to come up with ted eds solution
I made it!!
Gardaş sırtında görürse olmuyormu
I love this riddle
Have the one minute take the five and two across seperately then go back for the old man and have her carry him?
*Pushes old man off cliff while looking away* No problem, easy peasy...
Sub to me say done in reply andand i will sub back
The answer to this is "curiousity" can kill.
Your vidio was nearly 100% stolen by the germen youtuber "MADE MY DAY"
Tell the professor and janitor to quit being afraid of the dark and walk across the bridge without a lantern
Why do you need light cross abridge
*takes twenty minutes to think*
I'd go with the lab assistant and janitor and leave the professor behind as punishment for creating those atrocities
My solution: | \/Don't be a scaredy cat! walking across a dark bridge is way better than being attacked by zombies! Just have group A walk across with with the lantern so they can use it as a Signal for group B for wen they are off the bridge.
You dint say I couldn't in the military
People in the comment sectionbe like "You don't have to cut the bridge, it can't hold more than 2 people." Zombies cross the bridge in pairs.👥 Some people in the comment section dies.
There is another solution to this. 1. Fastest 2 cross. 2 minutes. 2. Send Lab assistant back. 2 minutes (4) 3. Send slowest 2. 10 minutes. (14) 4. Fastest guy to Lab Assistant. 1 minute. (15) 5. Both cross together. 2 minutes (17) Both of them work.
You and la (lab assistant) across you back janitor and professor across la back you and la across cut the rope.
You can do it in 14 minutes: the professor and janitor cross together which takes 10 minutes. Then, I run to get the lantern from them, and then back, which takes 2 minutes. Then, I cross with the assistant which takes 2 minutes. All together it is 14 minutes, which is quite convenient, regarding that most of us would spend about 3 minutes figuring it out.
What if I befriended the bridge?
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Can't the fast people carry the old one? fast guy - old guy = 1-2min (takes him longer because of added weight ) fast guy = 1 min girl -other guy =2-3 min girl =2min fast guy -girl =2min totaled = 10min Then you run because there is no way that those sizers can cut that rope
1 minute and 2 minutes cross. 1 minute returns. 5 minutes and 10 minutes cross. 2 minutes return. 1 minute and 2 minutes cross.
Easy way: the fastest man throws the others to the other side, then he runs. saved 16 minutes
Uh wut if the two fastest people carries the two slowest people on their shoulders then then woudlve got to the bridge earlyer
The professor and the janitor go first. Since the professor is holding onto the rope every step of the way, they don't need the lantern. His other hand is holding the janitor's hand. So it's 10 minutes. Then it's me and the lab assistant's turn. We use the lantern. 2 minutes. Total = 12 minutes.
I have a better idea. You and the assistant run, 2 minutes, you run back to give the lantern to the other 2, 3 minutes, you run back to the other side, 4 minutes, the others get over, 14 minutes.
Plot twist: There are zombies at the other end of the bridge lol
I was right!
Why did you have to cut the rope of the bridge when you said only two people can cross if they on it they will fall
Umm You Take Yourself And Then The Lab Person and then take the Laturn and then run back alone then grab the janitor then go back and then leave the profeeserr
The professor and the lab assistant go first then the lab assistant comes back and you go with the janitor and then you come back and go with the lab assistant I have no reasoning that's just completely a guess
Actually it can be done in 14 minutes instead of 17. how? I'll tell uh , see first let "Janitor" and "Professor" go . They will reach there at 10 minutes. now you go and take lantern back means it take "1+1=2" minutes. now total time taken is "10+2=12" minutes. now you have lantern so take "lab assistant" and cross the damn bridge and it will take around "2" minutes. so total time taken is "12+2= 14"minutes. 3 minutes before the answer. at that crucial time , that 3 minutes means a lot as my point of view. peace !!!!

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