C++ Qt 83 - Basic and Advanced Animation with the QGraphicsItem

Learn the basics and a bit of advanced animation with Qt all in one video

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Awesome Tutorial.
Still the best QT tutorial video!
Thanks you very much, I was able to do program and it looks funny. I give sub and like.
BTW you pronounce it like 'anti'+ 'alias' +'ing'!
Graphics question:How would you go about doing real-time color-cycling in Qt, given that it doesn't havea general palettized color mode ?Color-cycling can be used to enhance visibility, andd create flows such as running water.
Thanks so fucking much!
"We haven't really discussed this shit" haha 83 videos without watching the guy curse just makes that hilarious
Btw is amazing that Qt4 already has amazing stuff like collision detection and some so-called game engines lack those stuff. Also the scene is an incredible framework.
Thanks for making all these videos, making my coding issues so much easier to understand !
I'm getting this error: "invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'MyItem'" Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Please can you share the code
Awesome dude! thank you..i learn so much dude, hope can learn more from u sensei :)
Very useful, thanks from Russia man, good job!
You should set the seed for the randomizer with qsrand(uint seed) in the main function and change the boundingRect of MyItem to (-10,-10,20,20), so it rotates in the middle also use qrand() % 2 instead of % 1
Thanks, useful and quite fun :) ".. so people will don`t have to type all this garbage" made me fun :)
Thank you very much for your courses! It is the best help in gui programming study I ever got. I suppose it's new standart in distance learning.
What would happen if I use a Qwidget instead of a QDialog beginning this video work the same.? please answer me...
How do you set your MyItem coordinates to be displayed in a TextBrowser? My problem is MyItem cannot be a sender in connect() because it is not a QObject. Is there a way to solve this? Thank you.
As you said, it's for advanced... Really good tutorial, but... Before I completely understood, I watched this video for about 4 times, plus reading documentation. IMHO, it would be better, if you have done this video much longer, but it would be easier to understand, and it would save time by watching once, not 4 times. But anyway, thanks from Russia for the tutorial, I have not seen such full course of videos about Qt and C++ at all.
Hi guys, I'm quite new to the Qt world, I've been watching Brian's videos as I'm trying to make an identical project where I've to draw a robot (circle+line) and do the collision event as in this video. The problem I'm facing is that I created my "robot" defining it as a QGraphicsItemGroup (wich Brian taught in a previous video) so I could join an ellipse with a line, and now I wanted to animate it as it's shown by the rectangles in this tutorial. Is it possible to create a new C++ class like "MyItem" and use QGraphicsItemGroup instead of QRectF boundingRect();??
Hey Bryan, Visual Studio allows fine easy refactoring of symbols (.NET Environment/Project). QT IDE also allows the same. Check this URL: 
What if i don't want square , i want circle what i should change ??? please rep 

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