C++ Qt 82 - Custom QGraphicsItem

Learn how to make custom object to display in the QGraphicsView

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Even though this video is 6 years old, it still helped me learn Qt. Thanks!
Setting it to isMoveable doesn't work for me...
A tip: In the header file, right click on class name MySquare > Refactor > Insert Virtual Function of base classes >(insert definition in implementation file)
How were you leaking memory?
Why do you add ? ._________.
When learning, video time length is no problem. thank you for the information.
Thanks you so much
10:16 I laugh so hard when I hear it first time :D. BTW, thanks A LOT for your work :).
Where can download src?
I dont understand that why are you adding the last line in mousepressevent and mousereleaseevent??What is the need of that line?
Thanks you are a life saver i have a problem it says : 'class Ui::Dialog' has no member named 'graphicsView'      ui->graphicsView->setScene(scene);          ^
Hi, do you have an example about resizing QGraphicsItems with the mouse?
Understood, although I do not speak in English.
I cant get the release event to work :( I'm working in ubuntu
Thanks buddy..
Thank you Brian!
Thanks man!

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C++ Qt 82 - Custom QGraphicsItem