C++ Qt 59 - ToolTips with HTML styling and images from resources

Learn how to work with tool tips in Qt

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Pretty neat, huh?
I am running your 59th ToolTip and having bit of trouble.I am swapping it out for graphicsView but nothings shows.Trying to show a picture.What am I doing wrong??? Code:ui->graphicsView->setToolTip("");
+VoidRealms It's possible to make a button with images in standard Qt application
Nice work!
Hi Brian. I'm having some trouble with html image styling. I'm writing a text doc using html. When I open the doc generated by my app, I noticed that the image tags (except with the file location - src) have been ignored. The tags I'm using are alt, width and height. When the image is not found, the alt text won't show; and images are all stretched to the page size, instead of being the size I determined. Here's part of my code: applogo Am I missing something? Thanks
Nice ;)

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C++ Qt 59 - ToolTips with HTML styling and images from resources