C++ Qt 58 - QT Book reviews

What books I have read to learn Qt and my thoughts on those books

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Hi my friend.Your all videos is so great. ı will watch all for learaning. but want to this program for embeded design gui.for my kit(stm32f746nghx) how can ı use qt for that,you know? Thx for your works.
You are very informative guy, thanks a lot and deeply appreciating your efforts, cheers to you from Sudan
An Introduction to Desing Patters With Qt is a awesome book too
TM112 -  didn't Brian say those were the books he uses???
Anyone know if any of these books have been updated for QT 5?  I also wonder - because I read somewhere that the basic widgets are now obsolete, is that true, or did they just add extras to QT.  I hope this isn't like Java where I learned the AWT, and then it was all replaced by Swing. 

C++ Qt 82 - Custom QGraphicsItem

Learn how to make custom object to display in the qgraphicsview

QT: Book Titles

Books have all the answers. just ask hermione granger.

C++ Qt 01 - Introduction to QT programming

Using the qt framework with c++ and the qt creator ide

C++ Qt 02 - hello world

A simple hello world application in qt

C++ Qt 03 - Intro to GUI programming

Everyone has to start somewhere, here is the intro to qt c++ gui programming

C++ Qt 04 - Signals and Slots

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C++ Qt 06 - layouts, tabs and buddies

Learn how to rapidly and graphically set-up a simple dialog

C++ Qt 12 - QFile

How to work with the qt qfile class to write and read files

C++ Qt 13 - Resource Files

How to create and read from qt resource files that are compiled in your application

C++ Qt 33 - QThread part 5 Waiting

Part 5 of the qthread series, learn how to wait for a thread

C++ Qt 41 - QHash

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C++ Qt 42 - QStringList

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C++ Qt 55 - QSqlQueryModel

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C++ Qt 56 - QSqlTableModel

Learn how to display and edit data with the qsqltablemodel

C++ Qt 58 - QT Book reviews