C++ Qt 56 - QSqlTableModel

Learn how to display and edit data with the QSqlTableModel

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Nice tutorial but I got a problem. If I use QSqlTableModel I can edit my table, but there is no where clause. If I use QSqlQueryModel I can use a where clause and I can filter different columns, but then I can't edit. Is it possible to add a where clause to QSqlTableModel so that I can edit?
Again, this is a nice video! Do you know what is the equivalent in Qt for "DataTable" in C#?
Hello. first I would like to thank you for all the videos you have made. I am making a program and could use a little help. I have the same database set up and I need to do a search using lineEdit. I want to type into lineEdit and if returnPressed it will search the table for column 0 and show it. I tried modal setfilter ("Name = 'Tailor Bariston'") and that works perfect in my code but I don't know how to use the lineEdit to do the search. and way you could help? thanks. I could provide my code if that would help.
If I would like to show only some specific columns from a table, how could I do that? Thanks.

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