C++ Qt 47 - Intro to model view programming

Introduction to Qt model view programming

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Man, you are the best! I made my university project with your videos. Thanks a lot!
Thank you very much
Brian, thank you.Watching this made all the documentation clear to me.
Thank you!!!!
Man, i love you
Superb tutorial on MV programming in Qt... Thanks for sharing
Very nice, thanks.
If i understant it correclty, the only "main" feature why to use it, is becouse you can have the data in 2 objects ? 
Kittens and cats are different.  lol
Tutorial above can arguably Model View Delegate in Qt C++?
Like the way you keep it simple. Thanks for sharing all this! Cheers.-
Hi Brian, I don't really get it... Why don't you update the data instead of the model??
Good, thank you very much!
Do you have to pass the models reference to make it so you can edit it on another dialog? I cant quite figure it out.

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C++ Qt 47 - Intro to model view programming