C++ Qt 41 - QHash

Learn how to use the QHash in Qt

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So, I guess QMap was something like a treemap?and QHash is a HashMap?I'll have to look this up when I have time.
I ran QMap and QHash versions of the program with a timer and I generated the same 10,000 items. The QMap version took 567 ms to run. The QHash version took 561.
Sounds like a perfectly balanced tree.
And for what is then QMap ? why that doint get removed ?
I think hashing does not work on divide and conquer algorithm but they are implemented using different techniques like making there hash using there ascii value so these can be directly accessed with out any search in constant time O(1) (If we don't have many collision)
Great video. It's been 10 years since computer science degree and I needed a refresher. This was practical and concise. Thanks!

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