C++ Qt 19- QComboBox

learn how to use the QCombobox

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Sexy voice :)
These tutorials are awesome. I like how you build on top of the previous ones and keeping it clear and short.
Awsome tutorial ! Thx for your work and share ;)
I think what was happening in your first bug was that the compiler was doing pointer math.It was taking the pointer to the contant string and adding I to it.That's why the items were hello, ello, etc.The unprintable stuff happened when you indexed past the end of the string into random memory.
Showing the index of current combo box (example): void Dialog::on_pushButton_clicked() { QMessageBox::information(this, "Title", QString::number(ui->comboBox->currentIndex())); }
Thanks for sharing your expertise!
Excellent vidoes...
Which tutorial should I review to determine how to add an action to the combo box?

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C++ Qt 19- QComboBox