C++ Qt 13 - Resource Files

How to create and read from QT resource files that are compiled in your application

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I fucking gave up trying to fix "Could not reading"
Thank you so much
Hi, I am wondering that is  there anyway to  use ifstream directly in QT ?
Ua sound changes to a very pleasant tone when u said my files :)
Thank you very much ! ;)
Can you write to a resource file?
Cannot open output file debug\abc.exe: Permission denied. I cannot open that file.
The document isn't displayed as formatted in console why
Add "INCLUDEPATH += ." to pro file and rebuild the project solves the "Could not reading" problem
Really like this kind of video. Very quick efficient and informative. Don't waste time to explain something very basic and treat us like knownnothing. 
Brian, you're tutorials are just fantastic. thanks very much!!
@ Chetan ..........Just change the name of the resource from Myfile......because in the previous tutorial you may have saved the txt file from the same name..........that is why just change the name and it will work.
I love your videos.
I watched this and tried to use QIcon where file comes from the project resource file. First it didn't work but I solved it by first copying my icon files manually inside the project folder and then add them using the "Add exisiting files". You used existing project files in the example. Your example could have been better by using files that were first somewhere else in your filesystem. Still thumbs up! Thanks.
For some reason I can't add the prefixes the way Brian did.  The fields are greyed out. If you have a similar problem, in the project explorer, under resources, you can right click on the .qrc file and select Add Prefix.  there you can enter the prefix name. Then in the project explorer the prefix will be added under the .qrc file.  Right click on the prefix, and you can add a file.  Bizarre, but it works.  My problems might be due to my using Windows 10 - QT5.4 (QT creator 3.3.0) doesn't seem quite Windows 10 ready yet.
Love your tutorials
Extremely useful tutorial. I have been using resource files in my projects to store images and some other types of files. The problem I'm having is playing a sound file that is inside a resource file. Does anyone know how I can do this?

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C++ Qt 13 - Resource Files