C++ Qt 12 - QFile

How to work with the QT QFile class to write and read files

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Your tutorials are the best! Could you please comment how to write the console output? thanks
It seems better for console application to just... return 0; //a.exec(); else I get exit code-1073741510.
The mode flags for the open() method now seem to be defined in QIODevice userspace, so instead of QFile::ReadOnly, it needs to be QIODevice::ReadOnly and so on. At least this is my experience in version 5.8.
"...rather than blindly following tutorials that you find on internet..." oh wait. ahahahahaahah =) keep up man, really good videos!
This guy really deserves a BIG thumps up for great tutorials. Thanks buddy for detailed and part by part tutorial.
The use of flush() is excessive there, close() performs flushing automatically. Great tutorial!
Thank you
Why does "Hello world" appear in the file mFilename only once when you re-run the program a second time. Is there a way to specify WriteOnlyAppend vs. WriteOnlyReplace [my nomenclature] when writing? I couldn't find anything in the help resource.
Not only is this educational and entertaining, but this this is in the best format for me! Small screen so I don't have to be in 1080p full screen to read the text and I can have QT open next to it, short videos so I don't lose the will to live, and finally you have a really nice voice XD its not normal us people from Britain enjoy an America accent XD
How can I read a variable instead of a String?
Hello you too my man brian
I stopped going to google to find something I need to know about.  I just go to youtube and look for one of your videos.
My biggest question is why is a bitwise or ( | ) applied between QFile::WriteOnly and QFile::Text. 
Thanks bro, best wishes!
I got this error following your tutorial... any idea? I'm using Qt 5.2.1. error: C2512: 'QDebug::QDebug' : no appropriate default constructor available
For the newest version of QT ; Qfile file;file.open(QIO::Device::ReadOnly) or file.open(QIO::Device::WriteOnly) was succesful.
What does the qDebugfunction do?? is it the same as cout in c++??
Function names starting with uppercase letters! is this wrong or a standard in qt?
These tutes are great. I'm a C# guy delving into the world of C++. I'm finding your explanations really helpful. It's really interesting seeing the difference in environments of the two languages/runtimes. Thanks!
Your tutorials have been saving my butt more than once, or to be more specific saving lots and lots of time I'd spend getting through countless chapters of documentation... I.e. in this case I basically forgot how to read a line from file and you do that indirectly by using QTextStream which works great! QFile on its own can only return int64 which is... well... unuseful
Could not open file ? why? I set the path of file in D:\test.txt But I cant open the file. My function is:void Write(QString pathFilesName) {     QFile files(pathFilesName);     if(!files.open(QFile::WriteOnly|QFile::Text))     {         qDebug()<<"Could not open this file!";         return;     }     QTextStream stream(&files);     stream << "Hello World";     stream.flush();     files.close(); }
Hi . Can you please show how to use AutoCloseHandler. I am trying to modify a file outside the program and read the contents but my program is reading the old contents :( (

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