C++ Qt 06 - layouts, tabs and buddies

Learn how to rapidly and graphically set-up a simple dialog

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You videos are really helpful... I am trying to a label where I can display my image and above it a label to display text but when I put them vertical layout text moves to left. I also tried aligning the text to center but it doesn't work.
Now how can i change the color of the background?
Thanks for the concise explanation! Did you ever do a video like this on how to edit an existing form? I can't seem to find a way to e.g. add a third button without deleting the layout and creating a totally new one. That's a lot of work in a window with a number of objects. I tried to drag around some elements, and I get some insertion mark, but the elements end up in weird positions at weird sizes.
For those who don't have the 'accept()' slot available, you probably have created the project with a "MainWindow" instead of a "Dialog".
Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial
Sorry if this is a stupid question, my buttons and form are quite square and sharp yours seem rounder in the corners, is this from a setting?
Thanks for sharing!
Very good tutorial, Thank you so much. It is good to have people like you helping us.
Why do you keep saying "gooey application" :'(?
Thank you
Hey thanks for your vids i love then and please keep being awesome it is so help full because my highschool has no coding class and i love to do it! thanks!!!!
Thank you very much ! Very helpful tutorial :D
For those who don't see accept() in the slot list: To display it, you must check the "Show signals and slots inherited from QWidget" checkbox.
What headset are you using? I like the sound very much, would like to use it for audiobook recordings. Thank you!
"Buttons. You push 'em." Ohhhhhh.
Layouts don't seem to automatically resize when I resize the window.
Question: Is it possible to make the pushButton larger along y-axis and have other button(s) conform to the same size? This is possible in VS2010 but I haven't been able to figure out in Q tCreator
Almost 100k view and not a single comment?....I am sorry, but I have to do this...FIIIIIIIIIIIRRST!!!!
Why is your screen soooooo small? Are you using an ipad?

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C++ Qt 06 - layouts, tabs and buddies