C++ Qt 04 - Signals and Slots

Learn about QT signal and slots, very easy and very powerful

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Is there any chance of you doing a tutorial on the new qt5 signal format. I am finding it difficult to understand compared to the old version
Ну вот почему я не знаю английского =(((
I noticed around 2:35 that the progress bar doesn't actually go to 100%. But it does go to 0%. Is that a design decision, or a bug?
Is there any disadvantage to just connecting them via the UI/Form rather than coding it manually other than less control and possibly needing to code it anyways?
I need a tutorial on how to connect a signal and a slot from different classes, say, the slot is in the mainwindow and the signal is in the child modal dialog.......
I had no programming skills of any kind.. before watching all your videos.. then I made my own program... I would like to thank you for taking the time to make them all... I was wondering if you know how to take the source files from 2 programs and make 1 program with it... I want to combine pcsx2 emulator with cheat engine... or at the very least I would like to have my program attach to the cheat engine memory or to the pcsx2 memory.I want my line edits when I click a button to change a value at an address in the emulator... let me know if you can help me out... my program I made is update Npc maker... my YouTube channel is under Dustin Faxon....
I'm glad you're actually showing us the design method instead of directly jumping into the coding part. To me, the syntax was always bizarre and seemed very artificial and felt too user-made for me to feel comfortable with. There's such a huge list of keywords that it's easy to forget everything and not be able to make heads or tails out of it. Not to mention how the fact that everything in the window from the buttons to the sliders are referenced using the 'ui' pointer is strange enough.
Lovely tutorial! Thanks!
Pretty well explained, there goes my like :)
The first time I understand something in c++ tutorials. Nice👌
Oh my god. You're awesome dude. Greetings from Mexico!
Dude what's wrong with your cursor xD
Well, I always thought that programing in C++ will be too hard for me, but after Mirosław's Zelent tutorial and your, is getting much easyier :D
It's so relaxing listening to this guy talk. I feel like going to sleep now.
I think connect is a function that derives from QObject, not a Macro.
How can i make the slide-bar and progress-bar signal-slot disconnect on a click of a button?
Finally a tutorial that uses more of the excellent features Qt provides instead of using the code, which is unbearably hard to remember. You have a new subscriber in me :)
Thanks you so much
It's so quiet. i can hear your clock ticking
7:06 lets say, i will make a button that disconnects prograssbar how i do it ? (how i say the button, if you get clicked run function X ?)
Good tutorial.  It would be nice to see you have one class emit a signal and another consume it.  This example is within the same class.
Amazing tutorials! Thank you!
Really useful tutorial on Qt.. really appreciate your efforts... could you upload tutorials thats more specific to the new Qt5 versions which might also help a lot of people.. Keep up the good work
Can i support you in some way? Maybe a paypal or flattr link? Your videos helped me a lot. Keep the good work up. :-)
Note that there is a new syntax for signals and slots in Qt5: Instead of: connect(ui->horizontalSlider, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)),               ui->progressBar, SLOT(setValue(int))); You can now write:     connect(ui->horizontalSlider, &QSlider::valueChanged,                   ui->progressBar, &QProgressBar::setValue); Read for pros and cons: 
Great lectures..thank you Brian!
This series is great! I finally understand how to do things, and not just learning how to copy-paste examples!
Awesome tutorials. Thanks bro
Incredible tutorials, just super fast learning on the basics importances about QT
Skripsi ane nih gans...
Say if i want to connect slider and progress bar with another relation. for instance like progress bar is the half of the slider. How?
Where is created code for conenctions on UI?
Thank you very much for this video!
+1 from me
Thank you very helpful!
Very helpful, thank you so much!
Usign version 5 and still can figureout what is what.. Great video thanks for sharing! nice job!
Wow you make this seem so easy, thank you!
Hey, did you cover, in one of your tutorials, if I run the program, how I can input a parameter in terminal for let's say a dial and it changes it in my QWidget app?? I'm really having trouble with this.
Why would you write connect and disconnect? Is there an actual reason or are you just showing us that it is possible to disconnect. I was thinking you should just not connect in the first place if you are going to disconnect later.
Can i support you in some way? Maybe a paypal or flattr link? Your videos helped me a lot. Keep the good work up. :-)
Tutorial #4 and there is still no real core code...
Great videos .. thank you!
Hi Bryan, I'm using Qt 5.4. When doing this tutorial I encountered a couple of error. 1) Undefined reference to MainWindow::on_horizontalSlider_actionTriggered(int). 2) Id returned 1 exit status. Can you help me check what is the problem? Thanks
Good job buddy

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